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✨✨MY CURRENT FAVORITE AB EXERCISES✨✨ Remember, abs are 90% diet and maybe 10% training. I personally train abs multiple days a week simply because I LOVE training abs. I love the burn and I love seeing that muscle when my diet is in check. I usually pick three exercises and throw them in at the end of one of my upper body days. These are some of my current favorites.

1. Plank - I HATED planks back in the day and was forced to do them for physical therapy after my dislocation. I could only hold them for 15 seconds. After adding them into most of my ab workouts, I can now hold them for well over a minute and weighted for about a full minute! Make sure you keep your back straight - no arching or rounding - and engage your abs! Don't let your arms do all the work.
2. Side plank with a twist - Again, engage your abs. Don't let your hips dip down, and don't let your arm hold all the weight. Concentrate on your abs helping move the weight during the twist, not your arm and shoulder.
3. Cable crunch - Most people do these on their knees, but I personally find that for some reason my legs start to take over for some of the weight. Bracing myself against the back of the cable machine helps take my legs almost totally out of the equation, as well as gives me a little deeper range of motion.
4. Hip raise with a twist - don't use your momentum, this should be done using your abs. You might see people going all the way down to the ground with their legs. I don't do this for two reasons. One, while the stretch is also important for building ab muscle, the crunch is more important. Two, when you lower your legs straight to the ground, the act of bringing them back up engages your hip flexors much more than your abs. I feel it a ton in my hip flexors, so I take those completely out of the equation.
5. Cable unilateral crunch - This one always makes my abs sore! Make sure your choose a weight that is challenging, but that you can perform without losing your form.

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Happy Saturday, my IG family. 🌼
I've been thinking... I am growing very tired of uncertainty. And, I haven't quite figured it out yet, but all I know is that right now, I want a life filled with radical authenticity, courageous vulnerability and passionate love and support everywhere I look and every corner I turn.
A favourite poem of mine says,
"If you want gardens, become the gardener". 🌻
This is my Saturday affirmation to become the gardener of this life I am yearning for. ❤
I will commit to the radical authenticity of my self.
I will commit to being courageously vulnerable.
I will commit to offering my highest level of passionate love and support to the people, places and activities I hold dear to my heart.
I will cultivate my own certainty by becoming that of which I wish to receive. 🌹
By the way, these giggles ^ were totally natural and that's not my joint. 😏
📸: @carlyclose

These transformations have changed my life! 😎 Let’s get ready for another. 🙏🏽 #love

Day 2 #GirlsOfAdonis having a deadlift party at #MountOlympus yesterday booth J21.⠀

Last day of the @ausfitnessshow. Come by and party with us , try out the challenges, get some IG worthy vids or pics lifting heavy shit.⠀

Also, take advantage of the Expo Only Offer that Adonis is offering !⠀

@adonisathleticscastlehill @adonisathleticsgranville @adonisathleticscampbelltown

Nothing is more calming than listening to ur favorite music and taking ur time doing ur makeup

First day of my Level 3 PT course completed... can’t wait to get fully qualified over the next few months 💪🏼 @premierglobalnasm

"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn't give up." Keep working hard! Your life only gets better when you do. Work on yourself and the rest will follow. Happy Saturday!!😙😙

Droooop I‎t dooown lowwww! Swiipeee videos 🍑 It was a quick workout so Low squats on for the winnn today 🙌🏼 SLOWAND CONTROLLED MOVEMENT AND YAAAA CANT FORGET THOSE BANDSSSS 💪🏼 Do you see I don’t move anything but my cheeeeks!? YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES BUT, IT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! 👊🏼💪🏼 😈 @motiv8performance
WARM UPPP: [3X10] [[of your choice]]
-leg kicks, high knee jumps, fire hydrants, stairmaster, negative leg kicks
✔️ FIRST VIDEO 3 Low frog walk step backs (each leg) into a low squat that you if you need to face a mirror for practice and go back down then frog back ✔️SECOND VIDEO low curtesy lung SS 3rd vid ✔️THIRD VIDEO low squat pulses ✔️FOURTH VIDEO go into low squat hold for 2 sec then back up to 90 deg hold for 5 sec go back down repeat #abs #legworkout #fitness #homevideo #glutes #shredyourself #bootypump #trainhard #fitness #hustle #fitspo #allnatural #stayhealthy #stayhealthy #trainhard #justdoit #fit #fitgirl #abvideo #workoutvideos #wwsfitness

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