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Hello Unique Soul ! Embrace you ! Show off your Divine colours ! Love you - embrace you - Vibe you ❤️♥️💖💓💕#loveyourself❤️ #loveyourselfmore #yourunique 💕#becolorful

I think I will always need to live close enough to some kind of water... just because of views like this 😊💕

I dreamed last night that a guide led me out of the back door of my home, took me down a crooked wooden walkway with a forest on one side, and showed me a lively little courtyard where the walkways from lots of houses met. People were walking along all the walkways. “There are no plants here,” the guide said sadly, pointing to a bare ledge. Why not plant some? I thought.
The courtyard was the collective unconscious, the numinous place where magic happens and gods live. Plant things here, the guide was telling me. Make things grow.
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In our Sessions I work mainly with my Spirit Guides, the Azez who are a group of souls that are not incarnated into physical bodies, and they are Spirit Guides as well as angelic Healing Beings – meaning, they can see all of your dimensions (e.g. your soul, your body, your emotions, etc.), they can help you understand who you are and why you are here, and they can send you healing vibes. Spirit Guides are like your imaginary friends. It’s just that in that case, your imagination is a reality and that these beings are here to support your well-being. I will occasionally also connect with beings who are not souls, meaning they are pure light, pure spiritual beings who support your personal growth and evolution. These beings are Angels, Devas (the "architects" of everything that exists), Pan (who is the chief nature spirit) or other Healing Beings. If you are unfamiliar with the presence of these beings, you will get to know them step by step in our Sessions and sense how different they are. I am very interested in giving you a very clear experience of there being Spirit Guides, Angels, Devas, Pan and other Healing Beings. The reason why I connect with all of these beings is because they have energetic information for you which I translate into something that you can easily understand. This energetic information helps you to invite healing into your life (physically, emotionally, energetically) and to re-connect with your soul’s original LOVE, relatedness, intuitive knowing, sensuality, femininity, masculinity and magic.

Be gentle with yourself 😊💕

Let’s Get Meditated:

It should come as no surprise that on this auspicious day, Moose energy is stepping in to lead the way. Why? Moose symbolizes self-esteem, confidence, and feeling joyful over accomplishments.
Now let’s work with this energy, shall we?

Take deep breaths in, with even longer exhales

For at least a minute, consciously breathe deeply while focusing on the image of the moose

When you feel more calm and ease, say “Thank you Moose for showing me how to celebrate myself and know my worth”

Feel your worth today. It’s 2/22, which is an auspicious number itself, but in numerology it’s an 8 day (2+2+2+2+1+8=17, 1+7 = 8) which symbolizes infinite abundance. “Bright” and unexpected joys will arrive today, and you might go into the mind set of “Do I actually deserve these really good things?” Be cautious with this mindset - a lot of you think this is humble, but it’s actually toxic. If you don’t feel you are worthy, the Universe will pull back. Then, you will get yourself stuck in a cycle of boredom because you aren’t seeing the positive change you deserve simply because you didn’t believe you were worth it. You do not need any prerequisites for good things to happen to you. Allow yourself to be in the present, and in the joy of good news and things finally manifesting for you. It’s up to you whether you celebrate yourself or torment yourself over “worthiness.” Celebrate today, you deserve it. Period. 🌟

Today, I pulled a card from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck.

This is a message from the angels telling us that sometimes when we feel like we are furthest from where we want to be, it may be a sign that we are closer than we think we are. This oracle also brings the message to us that we are living in perfect synchronicities that are taking place in our lives. When we live from our hearts and honour our creative centre and choose unlikely but lovingly  rebellious ways to be in the world, we will begin to notice synchronicities everyday. We don't need the anxiety that comes from rushing towards our destiny. Try not to worry quite so much about the future. We will attract what we want and need so much more enjoyably if we relax and deal with the here and now. ♥️🌿🕊️
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Join us this S A T U R D A Y on 2•24 from 1:30 -3:30 ‘Channeling with your Spirit Guides’ with Dharmata Tara.
 In this time of transformational awakening and profound upheaval, you are invited to share in the wisdom of Spirit and ask the questions that are important to you. You can meet your spirit guides and receive the personal msg they have for you. Dharmata Tara has been channeling for almost 40 years, guiding people to their inner wisdom and exploring past-life lessons and future unfoldings. Her work is based in a personal commitment to a strong spiritual path and meditation practices, having studied deeply in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and shamanic traditions. For further information, you are welcome to visit her website at MalibuMudra.com. .
Workshop fee: $33 - Space is limited, download our app to reserve your space now.
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