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They keep telling us '1984 was a LONG TIME AGO, we should FORGET it and MOVE ON'. But, when a man in 2017 who raises awareness of state atrocities is kidnapped, falsely imprisoned and then tortured by the Punjab Police, then what has changed? In 1995 we could not save Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra for his brave actions, let us ALL please raise our voices NOW against the SAME OPPRESSION, which is being committed against our brother Jagtar Singh Johal Today. #FreeJaggiNow #NeverForget84 #Justice #StandUpforTheTruth #Truth #Freedom #Love #Solidatory #UnitedWeStand #Protest #Defiance #Righteousness #PrayForJaggi #Corruption #HumanRights #News #WorldNews #Punjab #India #Democracy #Coverage #SpreadTheWord #InHumane #SpeakUp #Torture #Abduction #FairTrial #Awareness #PleaseShare #SikhMovement @artofpunjab

Hey guys, let’s talk about something that really matters. Trump just reserved a ban that will now make it legal to hunt Elephants (who are endangered) and bring them back into the US as trophies. This will lead to even more poaching and devastating outcomes. Trumps kids have a history of barbaric hunting practices, paying thousands of dollars to hunt and kill cheetahs, elephants, crocodiles and more, so it’s no surprise Trump thinks this is okay. 😡 Let’s stand with @theellenshow and the countless other celebrities and people and show them we will support this by reposting the second pic and using hashtag #bekindtoelephants. Pics from my trip to @elephantnaturepark in Chiang Mai Thailand. #Repost @theellenshow (@get_repost)
I’m determined to do something about this. Please repost it. Use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @DSWT #elephant #elephantconservation #wildlifephotography #elephantnaturepark #chaingmai #elephantlover #sosad #speakup #wecandosomething

before somebody says, "you don't have to be rUdE" or something ignorant and dismissive like that, here I did the work for you: .
.Numerous studies support the claim of women who argue that men interrupt them far more often than the reverse. Here are a few of them;
.(1) A study by Don Zimmerman and Candace West, sociologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara, analyzed 31 two-party conversations that they had tape recorded in public places such as cafes, drug stores, and university campuses. Of the 31 conversations, 10 were between two men, 10 between two women, and 11 between and man and a woman. In the two same-sex groups combined, the authors found seven instances of interruption. In the male/female group, however, they found 48 interruptions, FORTY SIX of which were instances of a man interrupting a woman.
.(2) It was shown in a 2014 study at George Washington University that when men were talking with women, they interrupted 33 percent more often than when they were talking with men.
.(3)In 2014 Kieran Snyder observed 900 minutes of conversations between men and women working in the tech industry. The study found that men interrupted others twice as often as women did and were nearly three times as likely to interrupt a woman as they were a man.
.(4)According to a study released earlier this year, 2017, male Supreme Court justices have, over the years, reacted to the increase in women serving on the bench by upping their interruptions of them. The study examined periods of time when there were one, two, and three women sitting on the bench, respectively. Predictably, it found that as women's representation on the Supreme Court bench increased, so too did the rate they were interrupted by men.
.Moreover it is also shown by various studies that men generally speak more than women but they perceive women to be speaking much more than they really do:
.(5) A study by Dake Spencer in Australia showed that men perceive the discussion to be equal when women talked ONLY 15% of the time. And they perceived the discussion to be dominated by women when women spoke only 30% of the time.

What a difference a year makes. I look so young! So much life has been lived in one year.
This photo was taken one year ago today, post-surgery to remove a mass that was suspected to be cancerous. It was a failed attempt because the lymph nodes were entangled in nerves and arteries, which explained my worsened nerve and muscle pain on my right side.
If you have strange things going on in your body, see someone. And if they don't care (which they very well may not), keep looking for someone who does. You are the expert on your body. You are made to thrive and to be and feel healthy.
My cancer was likely a result of having a chronic parasite for ten years (none of the doctors I saw thought it wise to do a stool test for some reason), which compromised my immune system in partnership with adrenal fatigue from a couple straight years of emotional stress and trauma.
Be kind to yourself. This is your only body. Feed yourself real food--what you put in feeds every cell in your body. Support your immune system. It is fighting unseen battles for you every single day. Don't make its job harder by being careless about stress and nutrition and exercise. Take care of your sweet self because the world needs you REAL BAD. #thedeathoflawrence #cancerfreekarianne #allthefeels #greyzonelymphoma #lymphoma #loveyourself #speakup #beyourownadvocate

Say her name!! #iamYalala #JesuisYalala
She is just 15 years old ! She was arrested because she was protesting again the actual President of Congo DRC Joseph Kabila!!! Her father is also a militant from the group La LUCHA and was also arrested!!! Yalala was shouting “ Free my father” and was handcuffed!! Shame on all these police officers and this regime!!! Shoutout to you fearless young black queen!! #yalala #congodrc #congo #dictator #kabila #stop #nomore #freedom #freedomofspeech #change #blackqueen #blackgirlmagic #protesting #iknowmyrights #africa #afropolitainmag #newvoice #speakup #hero #policebrutality #fightforyourrights

In case you don’t know yet, dolphins are dying in captivity! This is happening because people are paying to swim with them. Please stop. They need us to save them. 🛑 #dontbuyaticket #emptythetanks #animalliberation #swimwithdolphins #dolphins #animalactivist #kidactivist #animalfriends #animallover #speakup #crueltyfree #veganfamily #boycottdolphinaris #boycottcruelty #bethechange #dolphinaris @dolphin_project #dolphinfreeaz @dolphinfreeaz

*Disclosure* This is from a couple holiday seasons ago and not recent. I am a fairly private person and try to keep things very “light” on social media. The reason I am posting this today is this week with my amazing company we attended a training on harassment /bullying which resurfaced this particular issue. This can happen to anyone at any given time. I was completely blindsided with no chance to defend myself which is often the case in these circumstances. Everyone please stay safe this upcoming Holiday and if you hear or witness any form of abuse speak up and take action. #stopviolence #antibullying #speakup #lovenothate

You can either accept the way life unfolds for you or you can start deciding how your life will be unfolded by projecting your dreams into reality.

#Repost @felixferguson_ ・・・
'Mural from a Refugee Child' by @rojemillo is coming out tonight on Facebook! Please make sure watch, such a powerful poem with an important message. It was a pleasure to film it and work along side my friend Rojé!

#poetry #spokenword #speakup #instagood


November 19-25, 2017 – Ontario students, school staff and parents are encouraged to learn more about bullying and its effect on student learning and well-being.
Bullying is defined as a form of repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and/or harm to another person's body, feelings, self-esteem or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance. Follow us on social media this upcoming week to learn more about how we can have the courage to stand together to prevent/reduce and eventually eliminate bullying from our community. Wear something pink to show your support and to show others that you care about this serious issue! #bullyingawareness #stopbullying #couragetostand #bealeader #leadbyexample #helpothers #dontbeabystander #speakup #zerotolerance #weareinthistogether #love #instagramers #sudbury #ontario #police #communitypolicing #school #pink

The fear, the all-too-clear memories, the long sleepless nights, and the daily struggle to get through the even the simplest of tasks. These and a whole host of more problems are just some of the ugly repercussions from a sexual assault.
It’s been nearly a year now and I’ll be honest- I’m still struggling, scared, and embarrassed. Personally it’s the heartbreak and utter betrayal that hurts the most, since the incident happened during a routine doctor’s appointment. Someone I trusted quite literally with my life.
I’m obviously never going back but even the thought of any doctor terrifies me now. Not exactly the best thing for an epileptic, since my seizures have increase tenfold without medication.
To those of you I made up excuses as to why I couldn’t attend things I truely apologize. 🙏🏻 Please know that I never did it to be mean or disrespectful- the truth hurt too much to say out loud.🤭😢
And to the many of you who reached out/sent messages to see if I was okay, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could never put into words how touched I was by your messages and how much they made my day a little bit better.
So why post something so personal now?
It’s a fair question and it’s certainly not for the shame filled attention. All I can say is this: I want better for my daughter. This code of silence, needs to end. Be heard, know that you’re not alone. 💖💖💖
Much love and peace to all. ✌🏻❤️😘💋💋(And I’m really very sorry if this post was too hard to read.) #jbpop#metoo#end420shame#speakup#lost#lonely

Stay true to you and you will be incredibly happy.. Boom.. Good morning instafriends.. How y'all do up this morning? • • • #happy #peace #joy #free #travel #staytrue #behonest #beopen #openmind #speakup #lifeblog #indtablog #lifequotes #lifecoach #life #live #christian #happysunday #happyday #work #working #winning #victory #hero #lifehack #godismerciful #love #learn #read #dream

The Throat chakra is located in the V of the collarbone and it governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It is the centre of communication, and sound via thought, speech, and writing. It is also connected to our career or vocation.
When it is working well it acts as a communication hub that facilitates both inner and outer communications. At an outer level, this manifests as the ability to fully express our truth and creativity in the world. At an inner level, it is an access point to the higher mental planes through which we can receive inspiration and guidance from our soul.

When the Throat Chakra is not working well we can experience difficulty knowing or expressing our personal truth or being able to access our intuition or inner knowing. Other common indicators are signs of a withdrawn personality and suppressed emotions.

Colour: Blue.
Area of Body Governed: Throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, teeth, gums, ears.
Gland: thyroid.
Purposes: Communication, expressing creativity.
Life Lesson: To be heard and understood.

Physical imbalances
Sore throat
Speech problems
Sinus infections
Sore shoulders or arms
Neck problems
Mouth problems

Emotional imbalances
Inability to express self in words
Feeling of not being heard
Lack of honesty
Lack of willpower

Nutrition: Lemons & Limes, Apples and Peaches and vegetable juices. -Aromatherapy: Rose, chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang. -Make it a point to be open and honest with all you say. Take time to listen to yourself with all of your senses. Be willing to hear what the world is communicating with you.
I Speak only words of love and encouragement.
I Speak my opinions with ease.
I Speak with confidence.
I Speak my needs.
I Speak my desires into existence.

This Essence is a combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences designed to open and balance the Throat Chakra


#chakra #throatchakra #speakup #loveyourself

Veganism is activism@Regranned from @theunapologeticvegan - Don’t just be an observer, get out and do something. Go talk to people, attend vigils, be part of an AV Cube of Truth, hold a vegan food outreach event. The options are endless and there is a form of activism for everyone. #animalrights #animalliberation #animalactivist #anonymousforthevoiceless #outreach #thefutureisvegan #speakup #action #govegan #vegan #vegansofinstagram #cubeoftruth - #regrann

Act normal it's his birthday, und der Tag am dem deine Periode zurückkehrte. Es ist wie es ist: Freud und Leid liegen nah beieinander. Wollt ihr mal wissen, was richtig surreal ist?
Wenn du zuhause auf der Couch sitzt und weißt, dass am anderen Ende der Stadt, deine Eizellen mit den Samenzellen deines Mannes in einem Reagenzglas zusammengebracht werden. Deine DNA vermischt sich mit seiner und zwar außerhalb deines Körpers. Zuvor wurden deinem hormonell hochgezüchtetem Körper operativ zehn Eizellen entnommen, wovon nach einem Tag, fünf haben sich befruchten lassen. Letztlich waren an Tag fünf noch zwei Eizellen übrig. Herrlichste Blastozysten hieß es, A-Ware sozusagen. Schon als die Ärztin diesen Satz ausgesprochen hatte, wusste ich: Das hätte ich lieber nicht gewusst. Denn wenn es A-Ware ist, kann es ja nur an dir liegen, wenn es nicht klappt. Dann fiel einer weißer Punkt, in unserem Falle zwei, in meine Gebärmutter und alle Anwesenden waren sich sicher: Das klappt. Gefehlt haben nur noch die Glitterpompoms und eine Fanfare, die den Enthusiasmus der Damen visuell und akkustisch untermalt hätte. Das war alles lieb gemeint, versetzt dich aber in einen Zustand der Hoffnung, dem du dich nicht entziehen kannst und der dir leise, leise, leise und ganz tief drinnen, immer wieder das Herz bricht. Dann ziehst du dich an und gehst nach Hause, immer im Bewusstsein zwei Embryonen spazierenzutragen. In den folgenden zwei Wochen bis zum Schwangerschaftstest nimmst du jede noch so klitzekleine Regung deines Körpers war. Du vergisst nie, wer hier die Verantwortliche ist. Das erhöht den Druck maßlos, ein normales Leben ist quasi unmöglich. Ich bin jetzt 39 Jahre alt, seit 26 Jahren (krass!) bekomme ich meine endometrische Periode, die an Schmerz kaum zu überbieten ist. Die Endometriose wurde operativ entfernt, was bleibt ist ein undurchlässiger Eileiter. Du denkst: Ok, es liegt am Eileiter, den kann man ja mit einer IVF/ICSI-Behandlung umgehen. Funktioniert aber nicht! Bleibt nur offen, was dir keiner beantworten kann: Warum?

They say god resides in children. Why abuse the Almighty?
Let's stand up for children, speak up for children, help them find their voice to say 'NO'. Not just 19th November, let everyday be a World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.
#children #godlivesinchildren #worlddayforpreventionofchildabuse #speakup #NO #enoughisenough #stopignoringit #society #welfare #antiabuse

We HAVE to speak up and PROTECT these beautiful animals 🐘 While in Tanzania earlier this year I absolutely fell in love with these animals and don't want to imagine a planet without them. Please repost and use the hashtag #bekindtotheelephants so we can save the elephants. @theellenshow has pledged to donate to the @dswt for every repost of this pic and hashtag. Thank you to those who are reposting already. Let's kill this! Get reposting now!
#Repost @srimati
#bekindtoelephants 💜We must protect these magnificent beings. They are conscious feeling creatures and they are our fellow earthlings. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏@theellenshow for making a contribution to @dswt for every repost with this hashtag #bekindtoelephants Rise up! Speak out! Let your voice be heard. #Repost 💜🐘💜

Jana was trafficked at the age of 13. “My story happened in #Ljubljana, #Slovenia, where I moved in September 2004. I moved there to continue my university studies. I was alone and distant from all the friends I had, from the world I knew. And then I quickly found myself surrounded by strangers. One of my new friends, a girl—she said her name was Romana—offered me to stay in her apartment, since at that moment I did not know where I’m going to live. She was very kind to me, and supportive, so I entirely trusted her. I was looking for a part-time job to support myself during the school year. One day in October 2004, she came home and told me that she had organised an interview for me at an accounting firm. After that, I never saw Romana again. The next morning, I went to an office where I sat down for an interview with a woman. The interview had lasted about 10 minutes when two men entered the room and dragged me away to a car. I was screaming and resisting. I was taken somewhere, blindfolded, raped many times, and beaten because I was resisting. I was drugged with heroin. All my things were taken, and I was forced to wear sexually provocative clothes. I was forced to do prostitution in Ljubljana for about four months. I was repeatedly threatened in order to obey them, especially by the life and freedom of my little sister. I was constantly reminded how easy it is for them to put her in my place. Today, we live in times where slavery is still all around us. As we move forward or strive to move forward in providing more freedom and equality and basic human rights for all, we have on the other side this horrible fact. Do we really need millions more victims in order to experience a true wake-up call? I really wonder. How many more 13-year-old girls—your daughter, my sister, our children—need to be forced into prostitution?”

I love animals, all animals! I wouldn't hurt a cat or a dog or a chicken or a cow. And I wouldn't ask anyone else to hurt them for me. That's why I am vegan! A life is a life! Show compassion and respect for all the beautiful lives we share this planet with! 🌍❤ #highlandcows #babies #nature #naturelover #standupforanimals #voiceforthecoiceless #speakup #animallover #standupforanimals #stoptestingonanimals #stopeatinganinals #stopwearinganimals #vegan #veganism #veganfortheanimals #l4l #redhead #ginger #girlswithtattoos #loveyourlfe #likeforlike #veganfortheplanet #veganforthem #love #compassion

Thoughts on Islamophobia. Read our new blogpost in our Journal. [Link in Bio]

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