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Speaking of #alabama #southernpovertylawcenter is a seriously important organization and I’ve contributed to a Paddle8 auction organized by #mergerecords as a benefit. 25 great artists and artworks. tomorrow, dec14, is the last day to bid. Buy art for a great cause

Tonight's mood ♥️ Incredible news of this iconic couple donating $1m today to combat bigotry, hate & extremism.
#LOVEthem #amalalamuddin #georgeclooney #southernpovertylawcenter

Yay for #Sheetcaking this morning with #GoldenrodPastries. This bakery has the most delicious treats, and steals my heart with their great values! #Support #SouthernPovertyLawCenter

"Hate is a cancer,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a memo to employees, noting that Apple must be “unequivocal” about fighting and denouncing bigotry in all forms. #Cook called for unity among Apple employees regardless of political views and affirmed the company’s commitment to inclusion. Most notably, Cook came out strongly against trump’s press conference remarks on Tuesday afternoon. “I disagree with the president and others who believe that there is a moral equivalence between white supremacists and Nazis, and those who oppose them by standing up for human rights. Equating the two runs counter to our ideals as Americans,” he wrote. According to Cook’s memo, Apple will be making two separate $1 million donations to both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The company will also match employee donations to these and other groups two-for-one until September 30th. Cook also said that Apple would soon offer its users a way to contribute to the #SouthernPovertyLawCenter through iTunes. >> Setting a good example for other corporations. #apple

last week @theradder asked me some questions about my new book (link in their bio to read) it's been fascinating getting to reflect on this project of self care
my online shop is on hiatus until september while i finish up some other projects, but both @theradder & @otherwild have my book in their online shop & both of them are donating 100% of today's income to the #southernpovertylawcenter @splcenter
grateful to friend @karentempler for starting this wave & putting action and feminist business principles to work
the splc also has a great resource article about 10 ways to fight hate
consider donating to black orgs on the ground in Charlottesville or in your local sphere 🌙 also read about how eclipse season is affecting the US as a whole & our personal selves from @chaninicholas
photo by @caitie_metz

@shop_belljar -. Because I'm so inspired by my fellow shop owners and because I don't won't to just talk about fighting injustice, I want to combat it, today in solidarity with my neighbor @otherwild, my friends at @theradder and the good people @fringesupplyco who started this, today we will donate 100% of proceeds to the @splcenter #southernpovertylawcenter - We stand firmly against violence, discrimination and hate. You can also donate directly to them if you feel so inspired! Thank you to my fellows for continuing to make me a better shop owner and human. I stand proudly with my community.

I am teaming up with @triplestamppress in Richmond, VA to raise money for @splcenter (Southern Poverty Law Center). The SPLC does amazing work fighting against intolerance and racism, hate, and working to obtain and uphold the civil rights that all peoples deserve.
So next week please join @triplestamppress who has generously donated their time and skills, and me, by purchasing this tshirt. ALL proceeds will go to SPLC and help fight the hatred and bigotry that was seen in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.
Details on shirts forthcoming! We are still picking out blanks. (: #resist #fightracism #southernpovertylawcenter

Check out unreleased tracks by #transamband and others at #roughtradepublishing all proceeds go to #southernpovertylawcenter

Lots of nazi rallies this weekend. Pick an anti-racist group and donate in David Duke's honor. (Make sure to include his email address and thank him for inspiring your donation!) #FightHateFriday! #blacklivesmatter #southernpovertylawcenter #NAACP #fighthatewithlove


Speaking of #alabama #southernpovertylawcenter is a seriously important organization and I’ve contributed to a Paddle8 auction organized by #mergerecords as a benefit. 25 great artists and artworks. tomorrow, dec14, is the last day to bid. Buy art for a great cause

Thank You All Who Came to Our Last Meeting & Largest Event, Very Special Thank You to @scherly_temple for Being Our Incredible Guest Speaker Flying All The Way From Washington DC to Come Speak to Us 🙏🏼🇺🇸

#tpusa #csulb #calstatelongbeach #southernpovertylawcenter #splc #csun #csuf #calstatefullerton #calstatesanmarcos #sandiegostateuniversity #sdsu #socialismsucks #biggovsucks #prageru #litmas #lbsu #studentlife #turningpointusa #guestspeaker #limitedgovernment #graditute #taxationistheft #iloveamerica #merica🇺🇸

6 days left to bid on #mergerecords #benefit auction for @splcenter #southernpovertylawcenter @paddle8 @mergerecords @macsuperchunk amazing artworks and album!

#didyouknow #10waystofighthate #fightracism #racismsucks #knowbetter #dobetter #southernpovertylawcenter #splc #selfawareness #selfregulation #bethechange #payattention #SHARETHIS
A presidential candidate wins election after denigrating Muslims, Latinos, women and people with disabilities. A young white man opens fire and kills nine African Americans who welcomed him into Bible study at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, telling his victims, “I have to do it.” A Muslim woman is seated on a bench in front of a coffee shop in Washington, D.C., when a woman begins screaming anti-Muslim epithets. A swastika and other anti-Semitic graffiti appear at an elementary school in Stapleton, Colorado. A lone gunman carrying an assault rifle and a handgun storms a well-known gay club in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. ​Bias is a human condition, and American history is rife with prejudice against groups and individuals because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. As a nation, we’ve made a lot of progress, but stereotyping and unequal treatment persist.

@macsuperchunk graciously displaying his insides (while supporting artists and humans less fortunate, simultaneously). 🤯 wow- consider me moved, for obvious reasons. Also, skip steps 1 & 3. #superchunk #merge #southernpovertylawcenter #nada

Givenchy’s printed backpacks tend to retail for around $1,850, so I think the best way to obey their Pre-Fall 2018 message is to donate that money to Planned Parenthood or SPLC instead. 🖤
#fashion #givenchy #plannedparenthood #leather #style #southernpovertylawcenter #splc #backpack #dying4it

A very unfortunate picture but I wanted to celebrate (and kind of brag, lbr) hitting my 50 plus #voluntears hours for 2017! This means I can have my work convert my volunteer hours into a donation to an approved charity. This is my third year doing this but the first where I’ve accrued over 50 hours. I decided a long time ago that this donation will be going to the #southernpovertylawcenter for all of the good work they’re doing. Just a little goes a long way! I often feel bad that I can’t contribute more monetarily but hopefully by doing these small deeds I can make my mark and leave the world a little brighter 🌎

Now at #remezcla: For Trans Immigrants, the Road to Asylum is Filled with Abuse and Frustration

S.A.C. knew of the anti-discrimination laws for LGBT individuals in the United States, but felt she could find safety away from corrupt Guatemalan police and drug cartels who targeted her for her gender identity. “I wanted to change my body and marry someday,” she tells me in an email interview facilitated by her lawyers.

A Guatemalan drug cartel beat and threatened S.A.C. with death when she refused to collect extortion money, according to her legal team at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s new Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative (SIFI) – which provides pro bono representation to detained immigrants in southeastern states. In a SPLC press release, the organization said Guatemalan police raped and tortured her, and coworkers sent her death threats because of her gender identity.

She fled Guatemala in October 2016 and turned herself in to US Border Patrol agents upon crossing the border in early December. Officials placed her at the Stewart Detention Center – an immigration center for men in Lumpkin, Georgia, which advocates say has a reputation of treating detainees poorly.

Living under these harsh conditions came after a lifetime of enduring humiliation and bigotry in Guatemala.
While at Stewart Detention Center, she once again withstood intolerance and prejudice “I told (one of the managers) my preferred female name, and she told me that I am not a woman,” S.A.C. explains. “I was sent to solitary because they said I was crazy.” A psychologist determined she was mentally fit and sent her back to the general population at the detention center within a day. She began focusing on her asylum case.

About the photo: Immigrants sit in their housing cell in the women's wing of the detention facility for illegal immigrants on July 30, 2010 in Eloy, Arizona. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images News

#transgender #transgenderrights #immigrantrights #southernpovertylawcenter #stewartdetentioncenter #latinx #ice Link in bio.

Got to speak to this lovely audience about economic and racial justice issues with #ProgressiveNeedham, #SouthernPovertyLawCenter #StuckonReplay and #FirstParishofCambridge

@gingermc3 so I was inspired as it happens, when I wake up at god forbidden early hours, of the morning!!!! #White #WOKE #LIT #EqualityForAll abd not just for some as some #WhitePeople do understand #systemicracism and #unequalplayingfield and speak out against it. #AndrewGoodman #MichaelSchwerner
#MorrisDees #SouthernPovertyLawCenter

To hate is an easy lazy thing but to love takes strength everyone has but not all are willing to practice. #RupiKaur
I made this painting to commemorate the rainbow flag and to honor those massacred in Orlando on June 12th, 2016. Some conservatives are arguing against #LGBTQ rights using the 1st Amendment which is hard to fathom, hard to stomach. All proceeds of this painting will go to the @splcenter #SouthernPovertyLawCenter.
http://bit.ly/IsaCattoWatercolors LINK IN BIO
#isacattostudio #coloradoartist #loveislove🌈

Tomorrow night in Pawtucket, RI we’re playing this soon to be legendary benefit concert for the southern poverty law center!!! Join us at 8pm w/ @funeralcone @electricstreetqueens ms.fits (misfits cover band) and -1. @splcenter #misfits #benefit #southernpovertylawcenter #punk #flyer #pawtucket #newscafe #party #partytime #partywithme @the_news_cafe

Giving Tuesday! Get these AMAZING safety pin tees—100% of proceeds go to ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center! And show your support for humankind! Do you know we also have postcards and 8x10 prints, too? .
#givingtuesday #aclu #southernpovertylawcenter #safetypin #equalrights #trump #trumpsucks #fucktrump #holidaygifts #amusedlifestyle #tenthmuse

If you are looking to give and touch the lives of others, the organizations below have made a commitment to edifying and healing lives in meaningful and lasting ways.
Southern Poverty Law Center:
The SPLC is based in Montgomery and has an office in Atlanta. They work diligently to battle racial and social injustice through fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice. www.splcenter.org.
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation:
The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding the cures for Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. www.crohnscolitisfoundation.org. .
#GivingTuesday #love #family #community #build #friends #friendship #hope #compassion #empathy #health #justice #one #connected #bijoumovement #splc #ccf #crohnsandcolitisfoundationofamerica #southernpovertylawcenter

Giving Tuesday

#Repost @splcenter (@get_repost)
[Link in bio] Wayne Bonam had a heart condition when the police burst into his home. He was hospitalized weeks later, and never recovered.
To take his home, prosecutors and police didn’t need Bonam to be found guilty of a crime. They didn’t need him to be alive. They seized his house through #civilassetforfeiture—a process that turns “innocent until proven guilty” on its head.
No argument can be made that the forfeiture of his house disrupted any criminal activity whatsoever. The state must protect the rights of innocent property owners and bring transparency to the process. #TheMarchContinues [📸: Stephen Poff]

Tuesday is GIVING TUESDAY!!! Donate $40 to Black Lives Matter, Southern Poverty Law Center, Sound Outreach, Tacoma Urban League, or ACLU and I will send you a FREE pair of minis (my color choice). Donate $50 instead and I will send you a FREE necklace valued $20-30 (my choice). Or donate $75 and get BOTH!!! Send me a screenshot showing Tues/Wednesday's date, the organization and the value of the donation, as well as your mailing address, by Thursday, to redeem. Thank you items will be sent by next Tuesday at the latest. THANK YOU for being the best customers ever and helping me use my social media voice for good (what better use is there, when it comes down to it?)
#shopforgood #givingtuesday #etsy #slowfashion #blacklivesmatter #ethicalfashion #modernmaker #giveback #shopforgoodsunday #southernpovertylawcenter #aclu #resist #jewelry #urbanleague #dreamer #daca #momboss #socialjustice #ecofriendly #soundoutreach #psimadethis #handmade #momtrepreneur #livelikethemountainisout #handmadejewelry #notmypresident #ally #westcoast #seattle

#Thankful for the folks at #southernpovertylawcenter fighting hate & spreading tolerance! Send ‘em some backup? I am 🙃 donate link in bio

This work is more important than ever. #southernpovertylawcenter #downwithhate

May we suggest some attire for your Thanksgiving dinner party?
So far we have raised $473 for Southern Poverty Law Center selling these shirts from @kittykoppelman and donating the full proceeds. They are printed on upcycled blanks and promote wonderful conversations about white people’s responsibility to end white supremacy.
#kittykoppelman #psychicsister

Mississippi 1955. Stop hurting others. Stop hating one another. #stophating #stopracism #southernpovertylawcenter #martinlutherkingjr #civilrights

LAST CHANCE! Today is the final day to place those bids in the @_stillwerise auction. Hop on over to their insta to check out the goods!
#myjanuarymoon #stillewerise #plannedparenthood #southernpovertylawcenter #giftsforher #christmasshopping #modernmom #babygifts #shopsmallbusinesses

Today is the last day to take part in the @_stillwerise community supported auction. We are honored to donate our Maya Brocade Small Carryall to this great cause. Rise up and make sure you place your final bids today! Click the link in our bio to support this great cause!

Tomorrow is the last day of the @_stillwerise auction. Head on over to bid on items from over 130 incredible makers with 100% of proceeds going directly to @splcenter and @plannedparenthood. ✌🏽

Auction bidding is ON for our $150 Shop credit on @_stillwerise ❤️All proceeds benefit @plannedparenthood and @splcenter but hurry! the auction ends November 20th! Visit @_stillwerise to bid now! #stillwerise #stillweriseauction #plannedparenthood #southernpovertylawcenter 📷: @rollence_photo

We've decided to boycott the big boxes this holiday season and shop independent! .
My girl @lindsaymeyerharley owns the most darling online shop aptly named @shopdarlingclementine. Her shop turned SIX this month and she's offering 15% off all items in the shop through November with the code: darlingclementineturnssix. Go and support her!
She's also one badass activist who uses her platform for REAL ACTION! She's running her THIRD fundraiser, this time for #plannedparenthood and #southernpovertylawcenter. Check out @_stillwerise and go bid some dollars on an unbelievable selection of goods...some of the best and brightest makers in all the land are offering up their goods. All proceeds go to @plannedparenthood @splcenter. Now, GO BID!!!

We donated this set of 10 buttons to the #stillweriseauction to benefit #southernpovertylawcenter and #plannedparenthood. Check them and other items out at @_stillwerise !✌️✊❤️

“Who Will Speak For America” ( Temple University Press, 2018) Edited by Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkin with all these Lit-Stars *So glad to be here with my poem, “Domestic Terrorism” *all proceeds from anthology will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center

#Resist #WeThePeople #WhoWillSpeakForAmerica #templeuniversitypress #JusticeForAll #southernpovertylawcenter #domesticterrorism #cynthiaatkinspoet #ArtForJustice #instapoets #impeachtrump #LitJustice

🎼 "So right now I'm asking you to join our side and take a stand to fight for what's right..." 👓

#WhoWeAre #Descendents #ACLU #PlannedParenthood #SouthernPovertyLawCenter #Punk #Rock #MiloAukerman #BillStevenson #KarlAlvarez #StephenEgerton #ManhattanBeach #California #Music

#unionsquareholidaymarket is open come visit #kayrock at C51 today until Christmas eve!y

THANKS @splcenter for a fantastic event #SPLCinATL, and thanks #RichardCohen and #MorrisDees for this beautiful #TeachingTolerance art! ❤️💛💚💙💜🇺🇸⚖️💪🏼 #SouthernPovertyLawCenter #FightingHate #FightingBigotry #SeekingJustice

There was a good crowd last night at Georgia Tech for the excellent presentation by the Southern Poverty Law Center. #southernpovertylawcenter

Feeling a little sluggish this week, and looking to all the incredible women out there to share some of your amazing energy! 💪🏻✨👯‍♀️

The @_stillwerise auction is live (through 11/20), hosted by the most amazing @lindsaymeyerharley, this time to benefit Planned Parenthood & the Southern Poverty Law Center. Head on over there for the rules and make sure to bid and support some awesome causes.
✨I’m giving away one of these banners in black, plus some other items, so don’t miss it ✨

With thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, it truly is the season of giving.

For all dream catchers ordered between now and New Years, a portion of the proceeds with be given to the Southern Poverty Law Center @splcenter as well as United We Dream @unitedwedream

Message or email me to support these two important populations who are in need of some holiday cheer. ⛄️✨🍃🌥✌🏻💗

#dream #dreamers #daca #peace #unitedwedream #southernpovertylawcenter #justice #equality #nature #crafts #dreamcatchers #standup #werise #united

My Glass Ball Rings are up on this Instagram auction. @_stillwerise *Expect listings throughout today with a few more later in the week. FAQ is listed on the Instagram page @_stillwerise 100% goes to @plannedparenthood And @splcenter artwork by @aolanow #stillweriseauction #resist #dumptrump#womenshealthcareisaright #plannedparenthood#southernpovertylawcenter #keepshowingup #stopthehate#spreadthelove #janedarensbourg @janedarensbourg

BENEFIT AUCTION! Follow @_stillwerise to see all the amazing shops + brands. @morningtide.shop has a $75 gift certificate to use in store or online. Spread the word and bid generously--perfect for holiday shopping and shopping for a great cause 💪🏻
#morningtideshop #stillweriseauction

We believe that we make the world safer when we speak up. This is why we're thrilled to be teaming up with @_stillwerise and other amazing brands, artists, shops, and creatives to raise awareness and funds for important organizations that have been negatively impacted by the current political climate in our country. Rise up with us and join in on Still We Rise's latest auction, running November 13th - November 20th. It's a perfect time to shop for a cause. (Art by @rajovilla)

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