Always great to wake up to a great review. Especially when your muse on the next project is kinda talking slow🙂

Get to know more about the continent of Africa and its rich culture through faith based warm romances❤️

The Sons of Ishmael are fatherless sons who rose above their childhood circumstance but held on to the pain of the experience until they met women who showed them upon who to cast their cares.

Get lost in stories that span Africa and the diaspora weaving faith, romance and African Spice.
🔥Rasheed x Ibiso🔥
🔥Jabir x Damisi🔥
🔥Kamal x Ebele 🔥

My Saturday...purposefully living on my couch😉. I talked about giving thanks earlier at all times. That is required of us.•

In October I'll be releasing my 9th book, still running my company @kevstel_group_llc, podcasting, empowering and encouraging and maintaining a household and career. I write this not necessarily to pat my back but to tell YOU even though you are not where you want to be(I'm far from it) keep moving fearlessly. Conquer your fears in faith, let your passion and purpose wake you up with a renewed energy even when your eyes sees bleakness•

My first book was released 4 years ago and I remembered the fear was no joke. But the devil tried it...•

When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses... you will find a way•

I'm hanging out with Kamal and Ebele today, then Mass. What you got going on?

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