The Book. Lyrics by -JNoel. 《☆♤☆》.____.

Wide awake in a pale dark room, illuminated by the pictures in my mind.
Of times long ago and every "once upon a time". A day in the past of times at last and so the stories goes. A photograph and a simple song that nobody knows.

Where is the outside when everyone's lookin in? What is time to tell when it comes back from where it has been?

Does it stop turnin? Does anyone really know? The spinning of the record machine at the bar once it does close... Does happiness just fade away or does it stay locked in? Does a simple sentiment mean you've been graced by God's right hand?

Wide awake in a pale dark room illuminated by the pictures in my mind.
Of times long ago and every "once upon a time". The beauty ends with the beast, or at least that's what I am told. The wolf does growl, but doesn't eat them in the end.

The edges simply fade away, but the mind will color them in. With times and thoughts from yesterday, because the truth didn't make it in the end.

The book it sits over there on that chair. Do I pick it up or do I stay over here? Do I flip through it for my disgrace or check the margin for my second place?

It says it all from the rise to the fall. The book of scars, fast cars, white knuckles and bars. The Ex's and the 0's. The years I was broke. The enviable hope. The undefeatable one.

Born to love, but never to fight. The son born into the morning light. The fallen and the given up. The rising and the standing up. The friend and the brother, to the sinning and the others.

That book that sits over there on that there chair. It's the book of me, my love, my life and my despairs. My ups and downs and all arounds and the things I hide upstairs.

It's my life full of loves, my first fill of joy and here's to an million more. The story to come of a kind old man, with a story of forgiveness and life turned around and you get what you put in. A time and a place where he found his grace and became a stand up man. An ending to be enviable of, as he entered the promised land".

Out walking and then playing a little guitar in the park this evening. Beautiful Iowa sky. 《☆♤☆》

"Guitar Time". Lyrics by-JLN 《☆♤☆》aka "The Lincoln Line
"It's guitar time
The being alone just for me time
The only time I used to mind
Before my days went astray... The times at home with Mom & Dad
The times I missed and never had
The second hand is my design
That time before you went away... The time and the friends I used to have
The time in the sun when I was glad
The mysteries of a life gone bad
The hours of a second chance... The memories of a life so full
The one I missed right before I knew
The one where I settled on down
That is my guitar time... The time and the past I wish I had
The future I want to bring it all back
The evolution of things gone down
It'll come back when the sun comes around
That is my guitar time... I turn the pages in my old head
The notes and the chords where do they head?
What goes up, must come down
When you step aside, it keeps on goin" around
This is my guitar time... The wood and the strings help to figure it out
The deep down worries and a headful of doubt
If I move my fingers like I did before
Will it come back? Walk in through that door?
A million hours and a second away
Looking for tomorrow right through 'til today
A mask full of echos and each "knew that you should"
That's what I find in each day that I look.
That is my guitar time..."_______
____________ Copyright 2018-Joe_Noel_The Lincoln Line_《☆♤☆》_________
•☆Aka "Joe_Noel" aka "The Lincoln Line" aka "Joe "The Bull" Noel" aka "Hillbilly Funktify" aka "《☆♤☆》"

"My Dusty Song". Lyrics by -JLN 《☆♤☆》___. "In the END, it does beGIN, with some SIN.

DOWN the only road I knOW,
Are the dirt tracks and the ROads

With miles and miles to Go.
Where this REBel meets his HOme.

Come on SHOTgun ride along.
We'll SING that DUsty cou-ntry SONGgg..

We've got miles and miles of friends
Some from right now and back then.

This is my dusty song from the country to the dawn.

How will it end?
Will it be right now or as friends?

Will we cut bait and our loss?
Or give it another toss?
I got miles I can put in
This job it never ends.

My guitar is around here too
But with him ain't with you.

This is my dusty song and how did we get along?
The brake lights and rear view,
Of being there without you.
Again,..This my dusty song and a shotgun ride along... with you.
In the END, it does beGIN, with some SIN.

DOWN the only road I knOW,
Are the dirt tracks and the ROads.

With miles and miles to Go.
Where this REBel meets his HOme.

Come on SHOTgun ride along.
We'll SING that DUsty cou-ntry SONGgg..." ____

A dirt road to celebrate. A little past a quarter too late.

A tailgate to lay on down or a pickup that's half put down.

A 7 mile corner too long or a cool ride morning dawn.

What's it gonna take? To delay this or hit the brakes?

This is my dusty song of a way past a little too long.
A night time morning view of a love that's a little to new.

This my dusty song of a shotgun ride along. Livin' life out a bit too loud and being a little too proud.

We all got a little to go through, but man... look at that morning view... This is my dusty song of life as it comes along. A dusty country song as dusk as it is to dawn"...________
___.Copyright. Joe_Noel. aka The Lincoln Line. 2017. 《☆♤☆》

"Words". Lyrics by -JLN. 《☆♤☆》.______"Beat me down
and I'm coming back in.
The name of the game
in the land of the sin.

You know my name
and you know where I been.
The devil is back
to the land of the men.

Knock me down
until I get back up.
Momma didn't raise no quitter, raised me tough.

They lift me up
and they break me down.
They make me rough
and they kick me around.

Got no love until
I stand up high.
Crawl down low
then they bleed me to dry.

Walk on tall
into the glorious land.
The bringer of the truth
and the line in the sand.

Paving the way
for the ones left behind.
Giving the thanks for the
righteous and the blind.

I write my stories
and I bleed my words.
I show them all
the pain and the hurt.

Like those before me
and after again.
I rise on up
and grab the next one's hand.

The stories, the truth,
and the words so clear.
Share them all
and my soul to bare.

We rise on up
when we are so down.
After the fall
and before we do drown.

The strength inside
and the courage out there.
Dig deep down
and assassinate the fear.

The endless hopes
and the dreams of the land.
The mighty have fallen
and we will make a stand.

To show the truth
and the power of the words.
The ones that burn
and the ones that are heard".____Copyright. 2017. "JLN" aka The Lincoln Line. 《☆♤☆》Aka "Joe_Noel" aka "Joe "The Bull" Noel"

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