Place for the night

off with the fairing

two monsters (i’m so annoyed that i didn’t take 4 extra seconds to center my bike properly, grrrrrr)

Never leave your signal on again once you have the Smart Turn System in your life💡Reach out to us and find out more!

@nevets_dethroy kicking rocks

Will find it.

Love treat #sts #smartturnsystem

Waterproof-ness of the @tcxbootsusa tested by the Atlantic Ocean. Passed with flying colors. Comfy, light, good lookin. 10/10 would smash again.

6:40am jump into the murky 40F harbor will wake you right up. Wore Vans to protect the feet, air dried them on the road, 50km later they were 👍

Nerding out in Montreal. Oh how I love these long moto adventures into the unknown. Already planning, scheeming and awaiting the next one.

Ride all day until its beer o clock.

When it’s 2am, and you have to be up at 6, but you can’t sleep - so you go outside and hang out with your bike for a bit

whole thing. 35k now.

There are still a few hundred miles left to go, but it’s safe to say I will be returning to Nova Scotia on my moto asap. Best. Place. To. Ride. EVAR. Brapolicoous.

8 mile long Prince Edward Island bridge. Epic.

Dirty bumpy Canadian backroads roads

A Buell, a Scrambler. Savages. J knows. Anyone near by that knows Buells and rear bearings? Buds rear right bearing shattered 😞

A beer specially brewed to honor a fallen Ducati rider.

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