it’s like this sometimes

I love this, but I’m not sure if what I’m lookin for is here.

They didn’t believe him until they saw this video.

Riding on the beach along Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Avem un pic de treabă astăzi 😊👌😎
Mulțumesc @smartturnsystem 😘
#smartturnsystem #smartbrakemodule

Es brauchte paar Testfahrten die Straße runter, aber nun funktioniert es. Freue mich schon auf das erste Anhalten von der Polizei, die mir sagt mein Bremslicht flackert 😂. Interesse was das ist:

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perfect peace

It’s a little bit like this

We make the bed we lie in. We choose our own adventure. Not a victim, a student.

the party ain’t over ‘till they’re kickin me out

a beautiful thing

doing a buck, who gives a fuck

pulling up to camp

any given sunday

Baby photos. About 2,000 miles in.

I think 6:30am is my favorite time of any camping trip. Everyone/most are still asleep, including the nature. Perfect, quite, simple moments. And after enjoying this feeling for as long as I can - it’s time to start the fire back up and make coffee. 😌🏕🔥☕️

Muhtar. The vicious guard animal.

Alone on these streets - and just the way I like it.

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