Some days I love my bike more than usual. This morning we had a nice calm slow relaxing casual commute and really got to listen to each other. Figure out the needs. This machine is getting love in the afternoon, that’s for sure.

So I rode for nearly 3 hours and paid close to 20$ in tolls just to sit by a lake and make myself a cup of coffee. Well worth it.

Quite coffee by the lake.

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It all goes back to this.

Not much beats a long cruise with the homies - the longer the better. When the only thing ahead of you is 100’s of miles and an ice cold beer. Cracking jokes and talking shit, all day. It’s the epitome of joy, I tell ya. Huge shout out to my bros @nevets_dethroy, @rightthingmotos and Greg for taking this journey with me.

All day. Every day. Vloggy vlog life.

Imagine if I never met the broski. Gods plan.

Smart Turn and Break Module Systems came in woohoo. #smartturnsystem

Last year this time I was camping. Behind schedule. Need to get my ass in gear. Anytime now. 🔥🏍🏕

Shadow for now. Back to light soon. Walk slow and don’t miss anything. Fell asleep again, despite reminders in ink.

Down, but not out.

Warm days are here 🙂☀️🏍

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Commuting to work. Finally. 🤘🏻🏍 #Spring

Fukn Cruzn ❤️

Giving tire ruining lessons to @djmotovlogs

Would you? 🤘🏻😎

Different angles.

Double Duc Action with @jens11238

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