🔥 🔥 Happy 51st Birthday to the Big Red Machine Kane 🔥 🔥 what is your favorite match from Kane’s historic career 🔥🔥 #MarkandMark #wrestlingpodcast #podcast #prowrestling #kane #bigredmachine #glennjacobs #undertaker #raw #smackdown #mark #follow #MarkandMark316

Brown stroman i wished to see you and sti and talk with you but i see you on another day winning is worthy of you my friend and good luck @adamscherr99 @wwe #raw #smackdown

Chris Jericho -First person i ever saw wrestling , It was around Wrestlemania 19 (First mania i watched) , and i loved the guy with his Long hair, blue tights and his attitude,i used to tune in to only watch him and then i began to love wrestling ,and started watching it regularly,Jericho is infamous as the guy who’s trying to put over young talent and doing it moderately successfully,Putting a guy over doesn’t mean just the 1–2–3 clean victory in the ring. There’s in-ring psychology, creative storytelling(a thing i look in a match and a feud the most), and most importantly that the feud is meaningful( he is second to none in making something meaningful).and Chris jericho has been doing it for years , Give him anything and he will show you how to make something entertaining and Meaningful, He is so fucking entertaining which is missing on these days ,What Jericho does so effectively is reel you in, and holds onto the line until he makes his message clear.,When he is with the company he is on tv every week and has great matches with the younger talent unlike other part timers who show up once a month (hey brock lesnar)and makes it worth watching And i am so pleased to say that my favourite Wrestler is making his return to the ring , does not matter if its only for one night

I just need testing to be over. Night 😴

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Sasha Banks Artist:Santana Featuring the product G&B, Wycliff Jean song: Maria Maria. #likefollowme #follow4follow #sashabanks @sashabankswwe

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