Batch- 2018-19
Activity Number- 01

#treeplantation 🌲🌳
“Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”
If every person on our planet plants and help to grow a single sapling to a tree, our mother earth would be great- full to our race! 🌍🌲
#झाडें लावा झाडें जगवा😇
We planted 11 saplings in our college premises and will be taking care of them to grow to their fullest! 💦🌳 #nss #slrtce

Nostalgic Moments - 3 Years Back We Made It Happen !
We as a team did what we just had on paper to reality !
My Dream Was To Be Someone ! “ A Dropout Should Never Leave The College as a Dropout ! He should make his own identity ! “ Indeed Everyone Had a Very Good Experience !
The Efforts of each and everyone was worth being in the Top 20 All Over India in A Competition !
My First Ever Oppurtunity Leading a Team of 20 with support of Mr Arif ! We Did A Really Good Job Then !! Whenever i see a Gokart - These memories Just Flash By !
Miss You All !
Our Fights and everything were always the heat of the moment ! Its been long that Vortex Racing Hasnt met yet !
Cheers to Everyone ! All the Best !

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Throwback To The Epic Fashion Show Around 4 Years Back !
Shivaji and Aurangzeb
#slrtce #skit #fashionshow #villan #india #instagram #instagramoftheyear #villan #mumbai #maharashtra #college #engineer #actor #talent

When you lay there and you're sleeping
Hear the patterns of your breathing
And I tell you things you've never heard before
Asking questions to the ceiling
Never knowing what you're thinking
I'm afraid that what we had is gone....😢 - #flicker

Sometimes goodbye is the only way...!! - #LP #Slrtce #Extc #family 2014 -2018
miss you guys🍻

Batch 2017-18
Activity No 12

We reached at the NSCI Dome around 4pm.The event started with the felicitation ceremony of Various high profile personalities which include our respected CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Shri Nitin Gadkari ,Capt.Bana Singh ,Lt.Gen.Vishwambhar Singh and many more.This was followed by various performances.
11 stories of our Brave Martyr Indian Soldiers were recited by Celebrities with a actual video clip of the military base activity which gave us goosebumbs, also the videos of their relatives, friends were shown, which brought tears in our eyes and made us understand more about the life of an Indian soldier and the way they stand for our nation on any condition.
High Respect for our Indian Soldiers 🖖
💂🎖️🇮🇳 #NSS #notmebutyou #slrtce

Activity Number 11
#republicday🇮🇳 Our nation celebrated it's 69th Republic day on 26th January, 2018, Shree L.R.Tiwari college of engineering held a flag hoisting ceremony in the morning.As NSS volunteers, students of the college and citizens of this country, our NSS team proudly attended the flag hoisting ceremony.College principal, Dr. S Ram Reddy hoisted the flag.The tricolour was flourished and the national anthem was sung.After the ceremony, our NSS unit gathered near Mira road station for the second task of the day.Groups were divided and given areas to cover near station.We were spreading information on what to do with the flag when the day ends, how to reuse it, what is the procedure to respectfully dispose our national flag and not to show any kind of disrespect towards it by throwing it away.Peoples response was affirmative and they also shared their experience of how tricolour was found on the streets the other day.They promised to show respect towards our flag in every way possible, not only on this day but everyday of the year!

#NSS #notmebutyou #slrtce

Batch 2017-18
Activity Number 10
#YouthDay #mockparliament

On the occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti commonly known as Youth Day, our NSS committee organized a mock meeting on Parliament session.Smt. Geeta Jain, ex-mayor of MBMC president as speaker of this parliament session.The session started with the Question Hour where various topics regarding agriculture, sports and economic growth were questioned and answered in a flexible manner by the government.The next round was of calling attention motion.Here the opposition party accused the governments deeds mercilessly on current affairs such as Bhima-Koregaon roits, Ban on Padmavat movie, Jatt andolan and Ram Rahim case.
In the next and final round, problems such as unemployment, corruption and environment depletion were discussed.The main objective of this activity was to encourage students towards politics following our Prime Minister's vision and enlightening them on how the parliamentary sessions actually work.

#NSS #notmebutyou #slrtce

Performing "Tonight" - ENRIQUE IGLESIAS @fresher 2K14.
Watch Full video on YouTube link in bio!
#Singing #love #enrique #Tonight @enriqueiglesias @enriqueig16 #enriqueiglesias #slrtce

Proxy lectures - let's have a selfie ;) #SLRTCE

A camp without Memories is not happening!
Bad or Good!
Over time it would be a reason for smile on face!😀
The camp was concluded with open chat session! Wherein all the group members would put some words for their leaders and vice versa! Indeed that was the session to remember!
Thanks to all the volunteers who never gave up on the situation we faced in the camp!
Special thanks to all the group leaders @its_shaggy_d (AVENGERS) @pranjalimujumdar @sahil5968 (SPARTANS) @sachinvps (ARYANS) @abhi._.18 (TARGARYENS)💪💪 Kudos to the council members for all the pre-camp work, for arranging the stuffs and handling the camp and much more - 😎😀💪
Ayesha Shaikh
Pragati Pandey
PO- @im_vikas61 😀

#nss #SLRTCE

The second last day of the camp! The camp was attended by our senior volunteer (@_vishalmishra_ ) and mentor (@_v.suraj_ ). Early morning session was for self defence session delivered by @_v.suraj_
and @abhi._.18 .
Later we cleaned the nearby playground of a school in the other Village!
A moral boost, appreciation was the call of the day!


How clean do kids keep their nails ?
This was the initiative taken by us to spread awareness on keeping the nails clean!
Our volunteers went door to door, kids offcourse were hesitant 😅! But our jolly volunteers 😀 managed to achieve what was intended!
Also a drawing competition ✏️ was conducted! Gifts🎁 were given to all but the top 3 winners got special ones!
Where kids are, games has to happen! 😁
Every small step will make a difference for the betterment of the society !

#nss #SLRTCE


These two days were #SkitDays for us!
पथ नाट्य or street play on
On 5th day, we performed a play on #womenempowerment in a school function.
मुलगी शिकली प्रगती झाली। The skits were designed in a very funny manner but the objective was very clear which was reflected from the reaction of the audience!
#nss #SLRTCE

After the previous day #shramdaan the third day was more of #gyaandan !
In the #PreCamp preparations our volunteers had researched on various diseases ( which included the causes, effects, prevention etc). So now it was time to spread the awareness! As there is no doctor or medical facility available at a shorter distance, all the villagers felt very helpful after talking to our volunteers! We were divided in many groups and went door to door! People are lacking with basic knowledge! Whenever you get an opportunity to enlighten someone who needs it, never take a second thought for it!


स्वच्छता असे जेथे, आरोग्य वसे तेथे|
Health is where, cleanliness Is!
With this motto, our second day was dedicated for #swacchbharatabhiyan !
We noticed the problem of open garbage disposal, so for that the volunteers created awareness in the village with slogans and with Action! The work was carried out for straight 4 hours! And every nook and corner of the village was cleaned by the hardworking volunteers!
The appreciation and the realisation from the villagers was the trophy for us!
#NotMeButYou #swacchbharatabhiyan
@narendramodi @devendra_fadnavis


So here we started our annual 7 day camp in our adopted village. Zambudpada is a small village in Vaitarna.
Our 38 dedicated volunteers and PO reached the stay area before noon. First day was a light day physically as we had a introductory session with the villagers!

Since the very first day of the college (11August 2014)
Very first bench....
Very first lecture...
Till the every last one of you....
Thank you so much guys for being the part of such a wonderful journey without you guys I could not imagine how engineering life would have been,
I could not ask better than this...
You'll be always in memories which won't be getting corrupt.
I wish you all a prosperity life ahead and achieve your goals!
BE-EXTC (2014-2018)
Full video on YouTube link in bio!

#SLRTCE #farewell #farewell2k18 #BEEXTC #EXTC #FAMILY

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