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Surgical Strike Day!!
29th September 2018

Today the NSS unit of SLRTCE thank the solders for their bravery and express our gratitude to the Indian Army for taking care of us.

A call to duty is sent out
And the strong and the brave reply.
They do it for love of country,
So there's never a need to ask why.
They leave behind all that they love,
Their families, their homes and their lives,
Because to preserve these precious things
Is the goal for which each soldier strives.

So God bless our troops,
The courageous women and men,
Who fight to make sure
The bells of freedom peal again.
#nss #slrtce

#NSSDAY (24th September, 2018)

With Devotion, comes Responsibilities!
That's what our team worked on!
All the plastic, non-degradable waste was collected in sacks and collected at a collection point. Let's keep our surrounding clean, lets keep the ocean clean! The aquatic life is something which common people have been underestimating. Beach Soil ( sand) erosion and degradation is something which all beaches in India are facing.
Put your thoughts and devotion in right direction! Mother Earth will surely bless you with bright future 🌏

#swacchbharat #nssday
#notmebutyou #nss

Day 2 of selling the bamboo rakhis made by the Tribal women in our college premises.
Several people were convinced and before giving it a second thought they started buying it, as told before it is ecofriendly.
Even today we got a great response.
And we the N.S.S unit of SLRTCE are proud to say that we sold around 112 rakhis out of 150 in two days on Tuesday as well as on Thursday. We collected ₹3,360 with the sale which will be given to the women's who crafted the rakhi's. We are pleased as we were able to give a helping hand to these tribal women who are trying to earn a living by running a small scale business.
#nss #notmebutyou

So here's how we helped the tribal women, by buying and selling the bamboo Rakhis made by them! We got a great response today and we are expecting the same on Thursday!
Just remember the collected money will be given to the women's who made this piece of art work!
Amount : 30 Rs per piece.
Date/Day : 23.08.2018(Thursday).
Venue: College Lobby near Xerox centre.
Time: 9:30 am to 3:45 pm
We support #womenempowerment

#nss #notmebutyou

Heavy rains, water logging, heavy loads, slippery floor
Nothing has stopped our volunteers!
1.Men's T-shirt & shirt - 5 big boxes+6 sacks
2.Blankets & sweaters,bedsheets & towels-7sacks+1box
3.Biscuits -5 boxes
4.Sanitary napkins -2 boxes
5.Toiletries & Soaps [2Box]
( Soap-60pcs
Toothpaste-5 packs Toothbrush-22,shampoo-50,air freshner-2,moisturising lotion-4,sanitisers-1,1 hair oil,1-hand wash,mosquito repellent,comb kits,tissue paper,Scott brite- 2 big packets,harpic-4,floor cleaner-2)
6.First aid -1 box(Savlon,Tablets,Cotton band-aid, antiseptics,cotton,mask,hand wipes),1 bag(tablets,band-aid,7balm packs)
9.Oil-1pkt,1 bottle,10 ltr oil can
10.1 bag - flammable stuffs ( candles,matchboxes,torches)
11.Rice - 184 kg
12.Women's wear-19
13.Kids wear- 5
14.Men's jeans -8
15.Mineral water bottles-480(40packs)
16.Men & women undergarments-1 sack( New 36 men and women panties , 30 women lingeries
17.Salt-6 kg
18.Red chilli powder-1 kg
22. Coffee-42 pkts
23.New cooker- 2(5 liter each )
25.Groundnut -1kg
28.Total 2 box of groceries

Thank you to all the people who donated ! - N.S.S TEAM
#nss #notmebutyou

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