This morning’s office views... @roccorulestheroost is helping me answer interview questions. I definitely think he brings an extra flair of creativity. It’s must be those ears... 🐶 #donttellOsman

Running away together... there’s no one else I’d rather skip out on Mother Nature’s mood swings with, than YOU Hubs! #FloridaBound for family time, then it’s a long #henweekend with my girls! ✈️

When did you realize that you’re madly in love with yourself? •
I tell people all the time that my 30s are the absolute best, because it took reaching my 30s to recognize that I’m really freaking proud of the woman I have become. 🖤 •

Friday means it’s #datenight with my favorite. ❤️ What’s your fav thing to do for date night?! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut... inspire me, please! 😘

#mrandmrs #thehondos

I had the opportunity to attend the HER Women’s Luncheon at @thehotelatkirkwoodcenter today, put on by @crgazette. There is nothing I love more than plugging in to the community & having the opportunity to connect & collaborate with the amazing women we have here in The Corridor! •
After getting all dressed up for lunch, & mixing/mingking with women dedicated to luving theur best lives, I had things to do! So I made it a sweatshirt-&-jeans sort of afternoon... while still making a fashion statement. •

Out of curiosity: where do you receive your style inspo? Glossy mags, Instagram, Pinterest... when you’re putting together an outfit, where to you turn to give you fresh style tips? #askingforafriend #signedM

& our last one... #BellaBean. She’s most definitely Dad’s fav girl. (Even over me! 😜) #NationalPetDay

@thewonderfulworldofos gets a lot of attention, because he’s so freakin’ handsome (he gets it from his dad!)... but #NationalPetDay has us celebrating our crazy #bengals, Johnny & Skinny Girl.

Well, his birthday happens to fall 2 days prior to #NationalPetDay... so @thewonderfulworldofos is filling my feed this week! • I believe that dogs are my spirit animals... this little furry guy “gets me” better than anyone! & look at that smile! 🤣 #OsmantheGreat

become the fire. 🔥 Self Love is the best love. #LinkInBio

Five reminders for you today:
1. You are enough.
2. Your dreams matter.
3. Miracles are natural.
4. Authenticity is magnetic.
5. You’ve totally got this. •
What do you do to practice #selflove?! Comment below, I’m always looking for new ways to spoil myself!

Reflecting on developing a loving relationship with myself today on #signedM. {#linkinbio}

You. Me. Us. Three sisters. Three journeys. One place to call home. Everything’s better when we’re together. 🖤#nationalsiblingsday

It’s @thewonderfulworldofos’ birthday today! & now we enter the “terrible two’s”...

Pop over to Osman’s page & give him a follow! Then with him the happiest of birthdays! #OsmantheGreat

I’ve said this before, & I’ll say it again: Sundays are my favorite. • Sunday afternoons are when I play catch-up on all the things I ran out of time for during the week... & prep for all the things I need to do in the upcoming one. I 🖤 Sundays. • What are you doing today to help you kick your week off on a high note?! 🎶 • #sundayfunday with #signedM.

cheers to the freakin’ weekend... 🙌🏻

Friday feels... 🤟🏻. • This week flew by... was jam-packed full of great meetings for even greater things to come in the future. This girl is PUMPED about what she’s got going on in life right now! • Whatcha have planned for this weekend?! ✨Cheers to it being Friday!✨

I'm on... then I fall off... I'm on... then I fall off... never completely, but I know myself well enough to know that skipping a single day of my workout regimen is dangerous! •
Today on #signedM ... How To Inspire A Daily Workout! {#linkinbio}

I seriously think that Monday’s might be my 2nd fav day of the week. Is that crazy?! I’m just over here executing on my to-do list like crazy, & I’m loving it. • You’re half-way through Monday... are you loving it, or hating it?! #signedM

Hello, Q2. I have BIG plans for you. #goaldigger • I love that Q2 is kicking off on a Monday. • I love breaking down my big goals into smaller, measurable chunks. • I love rewarding myself when I look back & see that I freaking nailed what I set out to do. • & I really really love cheering others on along the way. • Talk to me, rockstars: What is the #onething you are going to focus on over the next 90 days?! Is it personal? Is it professional? Will you eat healthy? Are you going to going to hit a massive sales goal? What’s it going to be in Q2?! • Here’s my goal: Commit to conscious clarity & organization for SignedM.Studio by implementing a content calendar for each client. {no more “winging it”!) • Comment below with your goals, & I’ll check in with you to hold you accountable & cheer you on over the next 90 days. XO! #signedM

Currently snuggled up with @thewonderfulworldofos, reading through all of my birthday texts & messages... I have the most supportive & loving family, friends, & followers! Thank you to each & every one of you that reached out, you sure do know how to make a girl feel like a queen! 😘 #xo #signedM

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