Just interacted with the magical VR experience ‘Where Thoughts Go’ by the artist/designer @_LucasRizzotto in this chill space at the #SiffVRZone

We are fortunate to work with some super cool clients - like @SIFFnews - and we’re also fortunate to provide print support to creative partners like @TriumphExpo to produce these clear window clings at the #VRZone installed on the main level at @Pacific_Place. You can’t miss these eye-popping graphics by the bank of elevators. These clings will be visible for the duration of the 44th Annual Seattle International Film Festival through June 10th! Don’t miss out on this amazing event. Tickets and more here: https://www.siff.net/festival #windowclings #eventgraphics .
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Shots from the #SIFFvrzone party last night with @notmarcocollins spinning tracks and a performance from @theposies who were celebrating their 30th anniversary of being a band. The SIFF VR Zone opens tomorrow—definitely make some time to go check it out! #siff2018

Just like the old days, except sitting down, no @michaelmusburger or @foxydavefox, and lots of virtual reality puns. #susieupfront #theposies #siffvrzone #vr

So much fun at the #siffvrzone with the coolest of Seattle media. #publicistlife #virtualreality @ashleyapineda #wondertek

Now that’s something you don’t see every day! 〰️
This afternoon I had the opportunity to preview some of the #virtualreality films and experiences at the #siffvrzone at Pacific Place. 👓 〰️
This was my first VR experience and holy wow does it transform the way you’re able to experience film. I was struck right off the bat when viewing a documentary by its ability to tell stories about people who live a world a way because the narrative becomes so tangible—you feel like you’re right there, the people in the film are speaking directly to you, and you could almost reach out and hold their hand. Not only is it immersive in the fact that it’s a 360 view, but for some films there is a physical component like being able to feel the subtle vibration of the car you’re “riding in” and interactive components where you can actually move and engage with the objects surrounding you. There was even one film where I became a character—a robot with fully developed AI. 〰️
My favorite film was part of the 360 Out of Africa series, a collection of films made by African film makers, called The Other Dakar, which I can only describe as a surrealist fashion film. The kid in me also had a blast throwing snowballs at cute little animated kids in a VR video game. 〰️
If you get a chance to check this out, don’t pass it up. I only got to see a small sampling of everything they had and I can’t wait to go back and see more. It opens to the public on Friday and you can get tickets at siff.net/festival/siff-vr-zone
Thanks for having me out @siffnews 💕

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