Let me tell you what I know about Cancer. Sure, you can make them cry pretty easily if you push their buttons *just* right. BUT you can make them cry happy tears even more easily because they are proud ass parents, friends, and siblings. It touches them most deeply to witness the growth of a child/animal/plant, true love, and also random acts of kindness. Some Cancers may feel like they aren’t “doing” much with their lives if they are focused on raising a family. But that would be a huge underestimation of their power! Being able to be a strong parent takes a lot of strength and endurance. So do Cancers cry? Sure. But not often in public nor in front of children if they can help it. Adult family members are fair game for having to put up with a crying sesh, though (and you probably should listen because they work hard).💗😂😭
Contrary to the way most people view the weakness of the Cancer sign, I actually associate this sign with an ability to endure difficult things long-term. You see, Cancers make good parents because their emotional strength is actually quite dependable. No one should ever feel like they aren’t doing enough when they are raising children well. That was and is my mom’s soul purpose.... to raise thinking, spiritually connected humans. ⚓️
Cancers love creating things, especially anything with side to side rhythmic motions - dancing, crocheting, drawing to name a few possibilities. My mother introduced me to all types of crafts! I am forever grateful for this part of me, because it is often how I cope with the crappy things in life lol 😂🎨🎤👯‍♀️
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jurassic world: fallen kingdom wAS SO GOOD LIKE DAMN

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Hi y’all I’m back sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been very busy with school and I’m going overseas. I won’t be posting every 2nd day because it’s too much and I will try to still do themed posts on my account. Love you all ❤️❤️💖💖💚💚💙💙💕

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