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That's 150lbs loaded on the bar that I just benched. That's 5 lbs less than I did over three months ago. That's still probably more than a lot of you can do. That's also not bad considering that 3 months ago, I weighed 10 lbs more than I do now. That's really good after not training bench at all for over 6 months. That's still bad ass considering I still have tendinitis. I've been made to feel bad about my strength, as if I have no skill because of it. Strength IS a skill. I put the work in, I reap the rewards. I actually got in trouble in Thailand when it was found that I hide my strength "More Power! More Power" lol. I'm fucking proud of my strength and I will use it because I train it therefore, it's mine. Even if my shoulder hurts, it felt bloody good to embrace the iron again and fully acknowledge: Damn right, I'm strong... But that's your problem, not mine. That being said, that was a base test tonight... Ill start my strength training back up from zero again because form builds the skill and form is queen. I can't wait to see where I am in 3 months. I still have not peaked yet and that awesome. #strengthtraining #fitness #strongfirst #strengthisaskill #bjj #muaythai #wmma #mma #showingyouhowitsdone #comeatme #embracewhatothershate #itsonlygetsbetter #iron #lifting

Chicken and shrimp stir fry and chili. Not pictured: cornbread muffins, split pea soup, steel cut oatmeal, brownies, pre-made smoothie packets of fruit and vegetables. I meal prepped the FUCK out of my kitchen this weekend. Going back to my pre-surgery ways. Plus I got a bigger frudge/freezer so I can pre-make and stock better. #whatsheupto #showingyouhowitsdone #epicandawesome #stilltheempress #watchmeown #itsonlygetsbetter #surprise

Let's talk about a hard angle to take a photo from. This is the reason why I came to Chaing Mai- traditional bamboo sak yant tattoo by a real Monk, nor Aran. Monks typically won't tattoo females, Arans will. I had to do some searching. I could have just gone to any tattoo shop in Phuket and gotten a sak yant but wouldn't be the same. If I do something, you know I 'm going to go all the way and do it right. That's why no photo of monk actually doing it on me... Because I'm a chick so, uh... Let's not have photo evidence, lol. But how bad ass is this? And I picked one of the WORST places for it. Yes it has a blessing and it also has some "magic" protections and there is a reason why I have a tiger in this position... It goes back to my aggression and how I "step forward" into things be it on the mat (my coaches are groaning right know but know it's true about me) or how I get forward in life. I love this tattoo... And -I love that I am leaning out again. This was my little side adventure to Chiang Mai and it was a total success. #thailand #muaythai #traditional #fighter #epicandawesome #showingyouhowitsdone #adventures #idome

And you thought they just walked around saying hump day. #humpday #mascot #showingyouhowitsdone #thethingsyoullneverunsee #suadi #thanksandy #missyou #yourewelcome

We did not stop with just a Custom Windshield for this build we added the AM Hot Rod Glass Acrylic Hood Cover for “Maybellene” by Kindig It Design. Which installation would you do...Through bolt or adhesive/glued in w/out hardware? #whatwouldyoudo #hoodscoop #kindigitdesign #protouring #cool #glass #supercharger #enginecover #58lincoln #lincolncontinental #lincoln #custom #gm #pontiac #fiat #chrysler #sorrynotsorry #carbling #final #amhotrodglass #showingyouhowitsdone #classiccars

Brass knuckles The Speakeasy!!!!!! Come join The G Spot here!!!!! #showingyouhowitsdone #itsstillearly ##1vape #knuckle up

Issa vibe...💚 #oldschoollove

I have a special #DIY treat for you over on my FB page!! Head over to www.facebook.com/blingnfit or click the link up 👆🏻in bio to get there. #HappyHalloween 👻🕷☠️

Just now going through my photos/videos from the London Open. There are few candids or photos or videos of me doing my thing because I rarely have friends there. When I do London is actually the only time I have company. I appreciate this photo... this is the moment of rest=catching breath before I fight for gold (which I lost but I learned something huge on that match that I'm going to use in the future). I just like how honest this photo is. People are posting their "anniversary" photos. I've been a blue for a long time. But if you knew how hard my path was/is, I'm just happy to still be in the game. Thanks Clare and Mike for keeping me company and taking the photos, video. #bjj #mstek #fitness #showingyouhowitsdone #mycomback #itsnotoveruntilisayitis #londonopen

I may be sorry I posted this once my coach sees it- I'll pay on Monday morning. Since I've been cutting weight and going back to combat sports training full time, I dropped doing my traditional lifts- my FLAT BACK ( not totally flat but none of the severe arch shit) bench, my deadlifts etc. I haven't lifted in almost 3 months and I've lost 20lbs since then. I've also been sick... but I managed to go to jits earlier and later on, decided to lift. I can STILL bench at least 155lbs (I worked up to it which means it's not my max). I was so happy. I feel my most sexy/attractive/powerful when I do the thing most people hate me for. I'm not ashamed of my strength but stuffing it makes me feel sad because strength is a skill and for me, also a gift. So even though I have more to cut, I'm bringing my lifts back because they make me happy and I GOOD at it. But that's not all... I decided to run 5k on the treadmill afterwards. I've not run 5k (3.1 miles) since surgery... I wasn't sure I could do it. I did it at 6.5 and 6 mph! IT SUCKED ASS!!! I'LL LIFT ALL DAMN DAY INSTEAD OF RUN. Lol. But... I am capable of "both". Let me also tell you something- 5 mph used to be "fast" to me. Now it's too slow. I used to hate running- now I never complain about it because I wasn't sure for a bit if I would be able to again. I'm going to pay for that run in the morning- but I'm going to jits just the same!!! Lol. I also want to thank my coach Nate again for giving me the cardio and augmenting my strength/skills. #fitness #fighter #bjj #showingyouhowitsdone #epicandawesome #empireandaces #truestrengthfitness #wanderleybjj #roufusport #acl #comeback #watchme

⏩Respect. That's really all that's needed to be a human being. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make them any less worthy than you. Respect the decision and move on. Respect is earned, not given.
⏩Empathize. Put yourself in someone's shoes. You don't necessarily have to agree but empathize and respect will give you peace of mind. 🙏


Gonna add two more (at least) to this pile before the year is out! #bjj #showingyouhowitsdone #comeback #watchme #idontfuckaround #bionicleg #aclcomeback

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