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Dear shin chan,
Well,I realllllyyyyy can never express what I feel for you😂😍😍😍😍But still,writing this to let you know how much I love youuuuu!💙
My childhood would have been boring or say incomplete without you man😍
You truely are a star👑🌟
Though I am 18 now,and alot of people laugh when I say I love you and I still watch shin chan everyday,everytime😒😤
They call me 'kiddo','grow up girl' etc etc😒
But I know they are jealous😏they aren't as cool as me😏😜
I cannot put in words my feelings when I switch to 'Hungama' and see you are gonna spend time with us all day long!!!!!😭😘
Trust me that makes my day!😍
You know I am not like rest of your lovers😏 They see you when they are free😶
But me,I take out time for you😋I see you ASAP! Whenever required,no matter if I have exams the very next day! I just cannot get over you😘
I have heard several stories regarding your reality😔
People say you aren't anymore and that your story is a real one😢 It broke my heart the very second I heard this!!!!
People say you died in an accident,while saving your sister 'Himawari'! If this is for real,I reallllyyy love you for that amazing human you are!!!😘 You have given me lessons on being a good person!
The way you treat your grandparents,this is something our generation should learn!
You respect them,I really enjoy when I see you playing with them,It really feels so good😄😄
Most of all,you reallly take a good care of your grandparents😋
My father says he is really proud of me as I behave really nice and humble with my grandparents!
And you know what I say!?
I tell him,Shin chan taught me so🙈
I am so in love with you,that people tell me I have became alot like you😂🙈
But trust me NO ONE can be you😏
Only you hold that kind of power!😘
I love you like you love 'Action Kamen'
And and your choco chips seems so yummmmyyy😋
You know you really look good in your night suit😝 with all those shape on you,
I love the shape of you😍😂❤❤(ONLY SHIN CHAN LOVER WOULD UNDERSTAND)
At night,when it's time for dinner and my family members have different choices for TV shows,
I hide TV remote 30 mins before the dinner😜
So that I can easily switch to you😋
(Continued in comments👇)

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