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New video where I share with you my 5 super easy hairstyles that are perfect for when you're in a rush with wet or dry hair. Here is the first one: twisted updo with a side messy bun ・
@pureologyus Colour Fanatic for leave-in conditioner ・
▹ Music: @jonarekulsveen "Memories" ・

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Last day of finals and the last day before my freedom begins for spring break! I can't wait to have a weeks and a half to finish preparation for Sakura-Con and relax 👌🏻
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#NoMakeupMarch day 22!! Just over three weeks in and I've noticed my skin improving a little it makes me so happpy I've got a lil glow. But I am missing playing with makeup a lot and I've got a stack of things I'm waiting to wear 🌹 overall, I am thankful for doing this challenge because it's taught me to be a lot more comfortable in my skin and I will embrace that and not feel the constant need to wear makeup all the time. Thanks for always leaving me sweet, supportive comments and messages guys 💫✨🌞

Good morning! You got this💪
Glasses are @warbyparker Percel

Pixie versatility tutorial from @sarah_louwho 💁 hair by @thisgirlmichele


Exactly 10 years ago.
Funny that I am seriously thinking to get a similar cut & dye now, no fringe this time though 😂
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Healthy and shiny hair doesn't always have to be expensive. Know how you can avoid unruly hair with #JustVitress on the blog today! :)
Their Instant relax variant is perfect straightened hair and I also love the Hair protect which I use before ans after styling my hair with hot tools!
@OfficialVitress has been my go-to hair care since high school!!! 😊
Who can relate? 🖐️
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m o r n i n g . 💋

Edgy 80's fun times ,black and white texture contrast fringe : colour brandi cut Andy #brisbanehair #shorthair #paulmitchell #8o'hair

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