The quotes I think up when I’m trying to take a nap... 🤔 💭 #ineverstopthinking #imtired #brainshhh #shittoponder #backintheday #wishiwasakidagain

When someone tells me they added me on FB but says I didn't accept their request but I never actually received anything...did you really or did you try to add the girl with the same name as me? 🤔 #shittoponder #liesortruth #unsolvedmysteries

“If you don’t understand yourself, you don’t understand anybody else” - Nikki Giovanni #shittoponder #prettyinplaid #quoteoftheday

Some poor twerp had to figure it out the hard way. #manliness #lifequestions #shittoponder #lumberjacks

You were red, you like me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly realized I was lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn't for you. #colors #shittoponder

I've been thinking more and more about smoothies in regards to weight loss, gut health, and appetite regulation. As you guys probably know, I love my morning smoothie. It charges me up and keeps me satiated for hours... It also helps boost my hydration. However, it is technically processed - though fiber remains, so they're better than straight juice - and while I love being able to palatably drink down my fresh turmeric or dino kale, I am starting to question if smoothies make it too easy for us to 'eat' beyond our digestive capacity and I'm wondering how the blended fiber changes prebiotic delivery... #shittoponder #splittinghairs #firstworldproblems So here we have Smoohie: Deconstructed. Bananas. Strawberry. 10 pumpkin seeds. 2 tbsp freshly ground flax seeds. Fresh turmeric. 1/8th cup oats and the tiniest splash of hemp milk. More ingredients than any smoothie I've ever eaten, yet equally glorious. And it's a gorgeous, sweltering day in beautiful #hawaiinei #whatveganseat #choosecompassion

Learn all about what I think of Stonehenge

Working after I come home from work. It's times like these that I feel like I'm disappearing and I have a hard time seeing for what purpose I was put on this planet for. But enough of the heavy. • #gap sweater

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