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"Yeah, I'm on my way now" I say over the phone and hang up. It was Demi and she wants to work on a new art project. We met five years ago, our junior year of high school, in one of our art classes and had an instant connection and started working together. When one of us gets an idea we just ring up the other so we can get to work. We are pretty popular on social media now that we made an Instagram page three years ago sharing our work and people fell in love. We have 600,000 followers now. And we make time lapse videos for YouTube and other stuff. *ding dong* I rang her door bell. "Hey babe!" She said pulling me in for a hug. "I figured we could eat some lunch then head to the studio" she added once we pulled away. "Okay sounds good, what do you want?" I asked Demi taking in her appearance. She wore a white spaghetti tank top and short jean shorts. Like ass cheek showing which I'll never mind. "Now that you've taken me all in, lets go get cheese burgers from in and out" I laugh at her because she's such a brat. She went and grabbed her back pack with the camera and her keys and my hand and dragged me to her car. We get in and i turn on the radio. “Strangers” comes on and we sing along to our girl halsey. She helps us out with out videos sometimes. After lunch we head back to Demi’s place and set up. Today’s topic was street signs and sayings. A full colored background with the sayings in black. We got it mapped out and let the first part dry. Demi started to paint on my leg and I giggled. “Stop that tickles” she stopped and straddled me. Push my back down. She leaned down and pressed her soft lips against mine. “Does that tickle?” “Nope” I pull her back against me and buckle my hips against her. She mumbled out an “eager” and I bit her lip. “Bed” Demi demanded picking me up. She laid me at on the edge of the bed and took her shirt off. She stood between my legs. “Demi, will you please just be my girlfriend. I just want you all to me” she leaned forward kissing down my neck and leaving a few marks. “All you had to do was ask baby girl” with that she slid my pants off. ((More below))


Leaving the elevator with the crew and Dem, some how fans got in the hotel even though Management told them not to let anyone in. Knowing Demi she's going to stop and take pictures with them. "Demi, Demi” We hear from different directions. There's only like seven. "Hey guys, thank you so much for your support. We can take pics super fast but I'm on a tight schedule." Demi said and these girls are fan girling so hard. "Alright how do you want to take the picture?" She asked the girl, she looked about 15. "Will you kiss me?!" She blurted out. "Sorry babe, I'm actually sick. How about cheek?" She smiled so hard at the consideration and accepted her kiss. "Oh my gosh! This picture is so cuteeeeee." Dem gave her a hug and went on with the rest of them and then they were escorted out of the building. Demi normally gets to arrange the car rides and she had her normal driver, mike, drive me and her then had the rest of the crew go in other cars. Mike was the only one she really trusted so I know that's why. The door was held for us and then the crew was split into three cars. "You look really good" I say once we are in the car and Demi put her hand on my thigh and said thanks. I grabbed her hand and held it for our short drive. Not much was exchanged considering there was no time for a full conversation. "Alright ladies we are here" Mike announced pulling into a blocked off parking lot and the crew followed in behind us. "Y/n go get set up while the crew blocks of paparazzi access. "Got it" I said. Demi gave my hand a small squeeze before letting go. I went to set up my cameras and lights, the alley had some awesome graffiti that's going to go so well with her look. Who am I kidding she can do whatever she wants.
Demi’s POV: "I thought you said it was all set up" I said to Mike confused. "It is but she still has to set up her cameras and they are blocking off any paparazzi access. Besides what's going on between you two?" I looked at him confused. "Have you never had a best friend?" I questioned. "Obviously I have and I guess you guys are girls. So confusing" I just laughed at him and got out of the car. ((More below))



"Y/n y/n" I hear my name and I am now being shook awake. "Wake up! Today's the day." I then feel a body on top of me so I give up and open my eyes. "What Demi? Also how'd you get in my room?" Her eyes look down at me and her beautiful face smiles "It comes out today, I'm so excited" "also we are in a joint hotel room so that's why I'm here" Now that I've comprehended it all, I can smile back. She climbs off of me and my joy slowly fades. I like what I have with Demi but I'll always want more. I know I'm her bestfriend and come before everyone else and we've had our fare share of drunk encounters but I just wish it was permanent. Today we are going on a show for an interview as she is dropping her newest album. "Shall we get dressed then head out to breakfast?" I ask her and she smiles "We should match today, get the people curious" she's on a roll today because of her amazing mood I suppose. "I'm just your photographer though" I add with a chuckle and she gets up walking away. "Photographer with benefits" she mumbles walking out to get dressed and do her makeup, she always does her own make up and picks her own outfits. Everything about her is so real and I love it. *knock knock* "Who is it?" She asked after I knocked on the door. "Who do you think?" She came and opened the door for me and looked stunning. "You wanted to match but didn't tell me what you were wearing, should I just keep this big tee shirt on?" "No silly, and you are more than my photographer by the way. You're that, my assistant manager, co writer, bestfriend, and the one that I love the most" I just kind of stared blankly for a moment. "Where is this coming from?" "Well you said you're just my photographer and I need you to know you're more than that. Now come with me and we will get you something black to where from my suit case." Demi was wearing a black dress, just loose enough for her to move in, properly. She wore a thin silver chain that I got her for her birthday, 3 rings, dangle silver earrings and ran some gel through her hair. She is so beautiful inside and out and still doesn't even have make up on. I don't think she needs it though. ((More Below))


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