Women that ruin lives by lying about being raped make me fucking sick.

#liberals are #sexist as fuck. #homey dont play dat. i thought they werent as well? liberals, you done changed, mane.

Dirty talk 4.

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“If you’re a working woman, you’ve likely been inundated with advice about how to ensure that gender double standards don’t impede your brilliant career. Assert yourself boldly at meetings in an appropriately low tone of voice, yet purr pleasingly when negotiating salary. Be smart but never superior, a team player though not a pushover, ever-effective yet not intimidatingly intellectual. Calibrate ambition correctly, so that none are offended by your sense of self-worth, but all seek to reward your value. Dress the part.

Inevitably, even in the most allegedly enlightened workplaces, women contend with subtle biases. And so the fairer sex gets the message that we can’t just work. We must also contort and twist and try not to seem bitchy as we lean in.

But the obstacles that come with working in a sexist culture are beyond any individual’s control. And so advocating a do-it-yourself approach to on-the-job equality may actually be a kind of gaslighting—just one more way for institutions to deflect blame and make women question themselves and doubt their sanity. It’s the society we operate in that needs fixing, not how we ask for money, the tone of our voices, or our outfits.

In fact, research by Duke University...” Read more of this article through the link in the bio! 🌸
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I was talking to this one dude (FaceTime) and I just randomly told him that I sometimes eat uncooked noodles as a snack or out of boredom. He instantly started getting aggressive and loud and told me that I’m ugly and he thinks I should take care of myself more because I’m a woman and women are supposed to be attractive (I’m overweight and have multiple problems with eating) and I told me that it’s not funny to eat noodles and that I’m too loud and women should shut up for a few minutes and I tried to explain him that I have adhd and not all women are like that but he literally just keeps being an asshole. Just,, because,, I told him I eat uncooked noodles?? #flop #flops #sexism #flopaccount #bigotry #sexist #sexismflops

Honestly, doctors not believing women is just a weird concept to me. You'd listen to a man when he has concerns/diagnosis, but not a women? - Rowan
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