Holy shit guys @biggfootdesigns made a #SerialChillersPodcast ring!! Go follow him for details and when and where you can get one!!

I got this prototype done last night for the @serialchillerspodcast themed ring. This is still a work in progress as I continue to dial in the color of the red.
Blood red suspended in clear with a white liner. The liner glows purple, a nod to the UV lights used to find forensic evidence. *Stay tuned as these will be available in a very limited quantity.
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This week we cover this smug looking S.O.B Dale Anderson. He lived in his own delusions and made other people suffer because of it! #SerialChillersPodcast

Remember the time we realized thriller was our favorite song? Had a great night off seeing @newfoundglory !! Ready to get back to work on the show! #SerialChillersPodcast

One of the many varying lists of victims of Gerald Eugene Stano. This one according to the book “Blind Fury”. He has admitted to as many as 41. Several unsubstantiated in any way. This story is wild. #serialchillerspodcast

Episode 51 is out now. Gerald Stano and his incredibly slappable face are the subject of this episode. #SerialChillersPodcast

....the episode is out! @t_earp @chroniclesofafox and I joined @hellagreg and @serialchillerspodcast on the best game show ever. Listen to see who won!! 😉🔪🔪🔪 #poopkiller #serialchillerspodcast #serialkillers #geraldstano

@serialchillerspodcast @t_earp I know you can't wait for #episode51 of the #serialchillerspodcast from #SUPRNetwork it's out, it's live, go give it a listen. #podcast #newepisode #fridayfeeling #itsearly #truecrime #gameshow

A few out of town guests travelled to the @SUPRnetwork studio for this one!! Excited to bring the story of Gerald Stano! #SerialChillersPodcast

When @serialchillerspodcast asks me a question mid show and I wasn't quite listening...
#waitwhat #serialchillerspodcast #howdidibecomecohost #podcast

If you’re a lover of the side stories episode 50 is for you! All of the best side stories voted on by the fans! #SerialChillersPodcast

Donate as little as $1 per month. Stop anytime. This is how the show keeps moving! Thank you everyone! #SerialChillersPodcast

Episode 50!! We hear some of the stories you guys loved the most!
The Missing Sodder children by @jxzxph. The Lacey Peterson case by MaMa Chey. Bloody Dickless winnie the pooh by officer Jon. Steven Stayner by @biggfootdesigns. Lastly his personal experience with the Jasmine Fiore murder by @geddrickphineas. Thanks everyone for all the support and here is to 999,950 more!! #SerialChillersPodcast

An actual photo of @hellagreg tooling away on episode 50 to have it ready when all of you sleepyheads wake up! He’s the real hero! #SerialChillersPodcast

@biggfootdesigns set them. We knocked em down! Episode 52 will be a wild one when you hear it. #SerialChillersPodcast 🍻

Visited the @suprnetwork to crash an episode of @serialchillerspodcast last night with a nickel bag of funk from @sonomaspringsbrewing #digableplanets #serialchillerspodcast #craftbeer #sonomaspringsbrewing

Robbie joined us again for the recording of episode 52 at the @SUPRnetwork studio! He also took, easily, the most “Jesse” picture I have ever taken. Thanks for the memories Robbie! #SerialChillersPodcast #SUPRnetwork

Some Ed Gein photos no one should miss. By the way, these are the non-graphic ones.
1. Human Skin Gloves.
2. Shot from the inside of the gein home after ed’s arrest.
3. A collection of Ed’s macabre accoutrement.
4. Ed’s final resting place (supposedly) I don’t believe it still exists even if this is authentic. Episode 49 out now. #SerialChillersPodcast

So excited for episode 50 this week! In the meantime, one of my favorite episodes is still going strong! Join me @dustinl1217 and @biggfootdesigns for a fun one!! #SerialChillersPodcast

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