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Amazing. The next generation stepping forward. #september11th

Family visit to NYC brought us to the site of the horrific 9-11 attacks, AKA Ground Zero. We've seen videos, pictures but until you come to this place, you won't realise how many scars still remain. As we stood in the shadow of the New World Trade Centre, amidst all the pain, there is always hope that arises from suffering. Let freedom reign, God bless America 🇺🇸 #newyorkcity #september11th #hope #love #oneworldtradecenter

On September 11th, 2001, NYPD Deputy Chief James Molloy was driving to work when the planes struck Towers 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center. As both towers burned and eventually collapsed, James fought his way through the darkness of the debris filled Brooklyn Battery Tunnel until he finally was able to reach Ground Zero. He helped lead the initial recovery effort for survivors, as well as subsequent clean up operations. He was tasked with identifying the remains of NYPD officers that perished when the towers fell. James also found himself comforting officers that were overwhelmed by what they witnessed that day. For months, James breathed in the dust and toxins from the site. As the years passed, James began to develop vision problems. Doctors diagnosed him with having a brain tumor as a result from inhaling toxins that contaminated the air at Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks. On January 30th, Deputy Chief James Molloy passed away from his cancer. He was 55 years old. James served the citizens of New York for 35 years. At the age of 28, he was the youngest person in the NYPD to ever reach the rank of Captain. James was a husband and a father of two. Although the exact number is difficult to determine, it's estimated (as of Sept 2016) that nearly 1,200 people have died from illnesses directly linked to the attacks. The Officer Down Memorial Page has 114 line of duty deaths listed for "9/11 related illness" cause of deaths. #nypd #deputychief #jamesmolloy #september11th

#tbt pra um lugar pesado e leve ao mesmo tempo, onde a cascata representa as lágrimas que não param de cair. #september11th

I Rep That Double M Just Like I'm Rick Ross💯♎ #September11th

Cool Video Of The 9.11 Tribute I Did. Thank For Watching. #911 #September11th #NeverForget #higharttattoogallery #CBKFOREVER (310-894-8668)

For the Yamaha Superbike Championship of New Jersey, the #RideHMVC Freeman Racing Ducati was outfitted in livery paying tribute to New York City firefighters’ heroism on #September11th
"We felt it was absolutely necessary to do something to really honor the brave men and women of the F.D.N.Y.,” said rider @corey23alexander, who came up short in Sunday’s race. #NeverForget
Photo: @bnitto55 of 55 Productions


✈ ▌▌NeverForget ✈ ▌▌the victims of 9/11
World Trade Center

It has been at least eight years since Siew-Nya Ang saw an R-rated movie. Ms. Ang relished family time and since her daughters Jeanee, 8, and Winnee, 4, were too young for movies with grown-up themes, she only watched family-oriented films.

Ms. Ang, 37, also discouraged her husband, Kui-Liong Lee, from doing yardwork when he could be spending time with the family. "She would say: 'Wake up early in the morning. You can mow the lawn when we're asleep,' " Mr. Lee said.
On weekdays, Ms. Ang left for her job as a technical analyst at Marsh USA while her family was sleeping. But every morning around 8, she called home to make sure her girls were properly equipped to handle a day of school and dance, piano, ice skating or gymnastics lessons.

Since Sept. 11, the girls say good night to a picture of Ms. Ang, which hangs on the bedroom wall. Some nights, they complain to it, too. "Sometimes I have to let them know that Mommy is in heaven and other than that I just don't know what to say," Mr. Lee said. "Sometimes if they say 'I want mommy,' I can't do anything." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 23, 2001.

#september11th #sept11 #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #andresbarrilatwin #911victims #andresbarrila #911tribute #twintowers #wtc911memorial #bleeckerstreet #thompsonstreet #victims #91101 #911wtcofnyc #911heroes #911nyc #northtower #southtower #fdny #nypd #11deseptiembre2001 #peaceonearth #hijacked #videooftheday #911remembrance #911memorial #911museum

Family visit to NYC brought us to the site of the horrific 9-11 attacks, AKA Ground Zero. We've seen videos, pictures but until you come to this place, you won't realise how many scars still remain. As we stood in the shadow of the New World Trade Centre, amidst all the pain, there is always hope that arises from suffering. Let freedom reign, God bless America 🇺🇸 #newyorkcity #september11th #hope #love #oneworldtradecenter

✈ ▌▌NeverForget ✈ ▌▌the victims of 9/11
World Trade Center

Why waste time on TV when you could read or bike or help somebody out? Jean Andrucki did not even own a set. Instead, she played on two Irish women's teams: soccer on one and Gaelic football on the other. She kayaked with her 3-year- old nephew. "She's paddling," said Laura Andrucki-Izzo, her younger sister. "And he's belting out 'Row, row, row your boat.' That says it all about Jean." Her job was doing risk assessment for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. After hours, Ms. Andrucki, 43, was usually either helping to care for developmentally disabled children or elderly neighbors in Hoboken, N.J., or she was jogging or hiking. Her passions were nature and animals ‹ the wildlife of South Africa and Peru, which she visited, and of Hoboken, which she fed. "The squirrels would climb seven floors to her terrace," Ms. Andrucki- Izzo said. "She loved animals and gardens and writing and poetry," she continued. "She had a British heart. But it was more Oscar Wilde than Jane Austen. More a smart, tough American woman with a soft spot." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 13, 2001.

#september11th #sept11 #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #andresbarrilatwin #911victims #andresbarrila #911tribute #twintowers #wtc911memorial #bleeckerstreet #thompsonstreet #victims #91101 #911wtcofnyc #911heroes #911nyc #northtower #southtower #fdny #nypd #11deseptiembre2001 #peaceonearth #hijacked #videooftheday #911remembrance #911memorial #911museum

Lets take a look at September 11th.
now we have the memorial to 9/11 as a black cube.
we’ve got emphasis on death at the memorial with human remains buried underneath…

The architects of the memorial includes Michael Aran, who is a citizen of Israel (strange it wasn’t a natural-born American citizen? Or not?… I suppose we’re a melting pot so maybe that isn’t so odd), and served as a commando in the Israeli Army! Take a look at what Wiki has to say about Aran’s involvement in the project: Unidentified human remains recovered from the World Trade Center site would be interred at the bottom of the north tower footprint at the site’s deepest point, 70 feet underground. At street level, with the help of landscape architect Peter Walker, Arad proposed a cobblestone plaza with moss and grass and planted with eastern white pine trees. “This design proposes a space that resonates with the feelings of loss and absence that were generated by the death and destruction at the World Trade Center,” Arad said in the statement.

Seems a bit ritualistic to place human remains underneath the memorials doesn’t it? Especially when you consider the Illuminati symbolism prevalent throughout.

Freeman discussed the Illuminati symbolism of 9/11, pointing out that magic rituals have been taking place since the beginning of time, and the Illuminati continue to do so. Having the towers come down on 9/11 was the result of the evocation of evil forces, since the magic beliefs are that jumping from the 9 to 11 on the Kabbalah Tree of Life indicates skipping God (the node of ’10’ the one and the zero) and instead finding some sort of ‘enlightenment’ without God’s help. Aleister Crowley believed in that exact sequence and you can see how many of his followers try to stay on that path nowadays. It gets deep and dark pretty quickly (and confusing), so if you’re new to these topics check out my post on the Kabbalah conspiracy theories.

While on my work trip I had the opportunity to visit Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon 9-11 memorial. I was incredibly moved. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, let's all enjoy our freedom and celebrate, but take a moment to remember the cost, take a moment to remember those families with an empty place at the table, those that cannot celebrate.
#memorialday #neverforget #september11th #arlingtonnationalcemetery #tomboftheunknownsoldier #pentagonmemorial #freedomisntfree #momentofsilence #celebratefreedom

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