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And then there’s this asshole.
Meet Tharan, an arch demon- and literally ‘that one guy’. He’s the reason demons have a bad reputation.
... but damn is he attractive...
#demon #archdemon #rugged #sketch #handsome #messyhair #longhair #shirtless #sephiroth #trenchcoat #casual #evil #sinister #smug

“I will...never be a memory...”
I can’t even begin to express how much fun I had cosplaying and attending a con for the first time!! Y’all haven’t seen the last of me.
📷: @a.writer.with.a.cat
#katsucon2018 #katsucon #cosplay #finalfantasy #finalfantasy7 #finalfantasyvii #sephiroth #sephirothcosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayer

《children of Etro》
"The promised time is upon us! Behold the harbinger of destruction! Return to Chaos our mother!" —The Children of Etro chant as they prepare to kill another victim

When Lightning arrives in Luxerion, the authorities are investigating the murders of several pink-haired women. The murders are linked to the Children of Etro, whose cult centers around a prophecy contained within an Oracle Drive that states the savior seeks to destroy the world, but will be killed by the Shadow Hunter. While the savior's identity is a mystery, the members of the Children of Etro believe the title belongs to a pink-haired woman. Lightning is asked to aid the Luxerion authorities in their investigation, and as a part of her mission, she must find the code which permits access to the cult's secret gathering place in the Forsaken Graveyard.

As the cultists are about to kill another captured woman, Lightning storms their gathering. Noel Kreiss appears, dispersing the cultists with a wind spell. The cultists venerate Noel, the Shadow Hunter, believing he has appeared to fulfill the prophecy and kill Lightning. Noel rebuffs them, saying he wants nothing to do with a cult that kills innocents. The leader tries to appeal to him by saying the Children of Etro did everything to help him, to summon the true savior from hiding for the Shadow Hunter to confront. Noel and Lightning join forces in fighting them, and soon soldiers from the Order appear to arrest the fanatics.

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