Had a visitor at work this week.
#seekandsave #rescuedog #103sar

It was a great day. Love our church. Privilege to serve the city. #seekandsave #love desoto

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning! I Woke up Ready to Put On The Full Armer Of God, Ready To Get My Day Started Giving Jesus All The Praise & All The Honor! We Never Want to Start Out Day Without Speaking To Him First, Reading Our Word & Praying! Asking God To Be Your Mind, Eyes, And Feet. Thinking On Those Things That Are Of Him, Seeing Good In People Who Treat You Bad, Moving When He Says Move And Staying When He Says Stay! Everyday Is A Good Day To Love On Somebody, At The Same Time I Think Monday's Are The Best Day's To Just Love On People Because Most People Don't Like Monday! So Go Love On Somebody, Anybody, First Person You See! Tell Them About The Goodness Of Jesus And All He Has Done For You As Well As Tell Them That Jesus Loves Them The Same! Keep Them Reminded That They Are Chosen And Are Filled With A Gift That God Wants To Use Through Them To Build Up The People Of God! #LoveOnSomebody #Love #LoveNeverFails #LoveNeverFades #LoveEndures #GodIsLove #GodIsGood #JesusLovesYou #Jesus #JesusSaves #JesusKeeps #JesusIsLord #SeekAndSave #ThisGeneration #Chosen #GiftOnTheInside #HolySpirit #WordOfGod #LivingWord #Church #Praise #Worship #FridayMood #Friday #Morning #KingdomLiving

Up and at'em! Praise! Worship! Pray!! Get it in!!! God is worthy!!!!
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Why do i push youth pastors and leaders to be on school campuses with students through #FirstPriority
Because at your church you are not going to overhear one student say to another “my pee is dirty and i got to go take this drug test...” #lost #broken #reallife #justhappened #SeekAndSave #Nashville

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning! Thanking God For Another Day To Get It Right And Make It Better Then It Was Yesterday, Allowing Jesus To Have His Well And Have His Way In My Life! Learning How To Give Myself Totally And Completely To Him, Withholding Nothing Because I Know He Knows Best! Giving Of My Talents And Gift So They May Be Used To Glorify His Name With Is Above Every Name Jesus! Allow My Life To Be An Example Of The Way A Christian Man Life Should Be, Loving On Those Who Need Love, Giving To Those In Need, Witnessing To Those Without Jesus, Praying Always Without Fainting! Wanting To Hear God Say "Well Done, My Good And Faithful Servant" My Life And Not My Words Is The Only Thing That Will Bear Fruit, People Can Listen To You And Not Hear You, But They Can't Deny What Their Eyes See! So Let's Live In A Way That Pleases God And Glorify His Name, Let's Lift Up The Name Of Jesus And Teach People His Way! Love Love Love Love Love! #LoveNeverFails #LoveOnSomebody #GodIsGood #GodIsLove #JesusLovesYou #Love #LoveNeverFades #LoveWins #JesusLives #JesusSaves #JesusKeeps #ThisGeneration #SeekAndSave #GiveMyAll #ALifeWorthLiving #WordOfGod #LivingWord #YouAreChosen #Prepare #PlanoTx #DowntownPlano #DallasTx #DowntownDallas #ManOfGod #ILoveYou

#missionspotlight featuring our favorite statistician, Kendell - "God has taught me many things on my first missions trip to Romania and Israel. The first is to go where he calls me and going into this trip, I was a complete introvert and not sure how I was going to be evangelizing with people of another culture. In the first week we went out in groups of two to three to walk around the campuses to meet students on these campuses and I was more of a “shadow” in the first few conversations about Christ and stepped in with my two cents every now and then, but I was able to step out of my comfort zone and lead some conversations later in the week. The desire to want to love others the way God has loved me is what motivated me each day as I also realized how hurt and lost some people are from a relationship with Christ." Way to break out of your comfort bubble, Kendell. Praying that Jesus continues to cultivate your heart for the lost! #seekandsave #campusministry #tnlmasterplan #galatians6v9

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning! Up And Out Looking Forward To Whatever God Places In My Path! I Know It Won't Be Easy But I Do Know It Will Be Worth It, Staying Prayed Up And Keeping My Mind Stayed On Jesus! Knowing And Understanding Where My Help Comes From, Studying The Word Of God And The Lesson I Have Learned Being Filled Up With The Word, Ready And Excited About Pouring It Out By Preach To Whoever God Leads Me To Or Whoever Has An Ear To Hear From Me! Telling Everybody I Come In Contact With About This Man Named Jesus! How He Saved My Soul And Made Me Whole, How He Continues To Show His Love By Loving On Me Daily! Telling Them That They Are Important To His Plan And He Is Welling And Able To Bring Them Out Whatever Situation They Are In! How Long It Takes Depend On Them, All He Ask Is For You To Is Give All Of Yourself To Him! So Let's Get Out Here And Preach The Word Of God, The Word Never Changes And It Will Always Fit Wherever We Are In Our Life At This Moment And Time! Love! #Preach #SeekAndSave #LoveWorks #LoveNeverFails #LoveOnSomebody #GodIsLove #JesusLovesYou #Jesus #NameAboveEveryName #Peace
#PowerInTheNameOfJesus #Healing #GodIsGood #JesusSaves #JesusKeeps #LoveEndures #LoveNeverFades #Wednesday #BibleStudy #DallasTx #Texas #DowntownDallas #PlanoTx #BaylorHospital #Joy

Good Afternoon Good Afternoon Good Afternoon Good Afternoon! Headed To The House As We Speak, Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus And Thanking Him For All He Has Done For Me! Doing Better Each Day At Keeping My Face In The Word Of God, Allowing Jesus To Speak To Me Through Gods Word And Then Taking Action From What Was Told To Me Through His Word! It's In His Word Where He Guides Us And Directs Us To The Next Step In Our Life! It's Where We Learn Who We Are And How To Live In This World, Along With How To Go About Reaching People! The Bible Is A Living Word That Doesn't Change And Will Always Be Able To Help Us Deal With Anything In Whatever Year Or Decade We Live In! We Learn More About Jesus And His Way By Reading And Studying The Word Of God! We Understand Our Purpose Through The Word Of God! We Learn The Importance Of Loving On People And Preaching To People! So Let's Do Better At Staying In The Bible And Studying The Bible As Well As Allowing Jesus To Speak To Us Through The Bible! It's Our Weapon Against The Devil And All His Angels! #Read&;StudyToShowYourselfApprove #TheBibleIsOurGuidelineThroughLife #Bible #Jesus #Work #Read #Preach #JesusLovesYou #GodIsLove #Love #LoveWorks #SeekAndSave #Pray #PrayAlway #PrayAndNotFaint
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The Gospel is not what we do but what God did. Jesus came to seek and save those who would believe His Gospel: that He lived a perfect life in our stead, died in our place, and rose again to pay the wages of sin, the death we deserve. We were lost, Jesus finds us.
"For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost."
Luke 19:10 NASB
#Relent #Luke19v10 #SeekandSave #Salvation

Cleaning up the Community!! Thank you Sis. Terri Kennedy/Bro. John Kennedy/TOW Ministry!!! We appreciate your servanthood! #communityservice #seekandsave #servicethecommunity #loveneverfails #transformers #mountainoflove

I’ll never forget the day I took this picture . That day was a massive let go day, a breakthrough day and today and everyday should be a let go day until your free from whatever it is your letting go of. Today I let go, I let go of my wants and needs So Gods will be done, I break free from chains and shackles, I no longer am prisoner to worry and doubt, I let go of the pain from my past and turn the pain to power .. I let go of old friendships and make new ones. I let go of tears that fall from a hurting heart. I let go of pain and fear , I let go of bad eating habits and form new ones. I let go of my fowl mouth and Ill thoughts. I let go of a physical and emotional love that I yearn for from the opposite sex.. I let go of seeking approval from others ... I let go of anything keeping me from Gods Devine image and purpose he has planned for me .. .
What can you let go of? What can you give away to regain new ? To make space in our hearts and minds is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. What are we holding onto? Why hold onto the pain when it causes suffering? When we can let go it doesn’t have to be forgotten. I believe it’s purpose is so much more if we choose to see it that way .. let’s learn to let go of something today , make room for more love , light, and truth.
Father I pray for my family and friends and people all over! that they find strength to let go of anything that keeps them from your love, grace and mercies! Father guide us to our true potential, to our freedom, to your beautiful idea you have of us. I’m here to help you seek and save so that we can have your promised peace father! Father I pray you remove any way that is not your way and make us new father! We love you , in Jesus name . Amen 🙏 .
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The man on the beach was not discouraged by the vast number of starfish washed ashore. He continued to toss them back to sea. Like the man from the story, Jesus tenderly and lovingly rescued each of us.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” Luke 19:10
A delicate starfish set in sterling silver to remind you that Jesus is your Rescuer and Redeemer.

Happy new year @210_students !!! Remember your Rescue Mission: to seek and to save. #worldchangerschurch #seekandsave #basecamp2018 #newschoolyear2018

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning! Up And Out, Thinking About A Friend Who Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You! A Friend Who Died For The Sins Of The World, Who Loves Unconditionally, A Friend Who Knows All Our Secret Thoughts Who Knows Our Heart! A Friend Who Sticks Closer Then A Mother, A Friend Who Can Be A Father To The Fatherless! A Friend Who Loved Us Before We Was Born, Who Guides Us And Directs Us Daily, From The Time We Wake Up Until The Time We Fall Asleep! A Friend Who Has A Name That's Above Every Name, Who's Name Holds Weight And Has Unlimited Power! A Know That Brings Joy, And Peace, A Name That Bring Salvation, And Hope! His Name Is JESUS!!! We Should Be Out Telling People About Jesus, Jesus Saves And Jesus Heals! Jesus Bring A Smile To Your Face When You Completely Understand What He Has Done And Continue To Do For You And Through You! Things And Situations Change And Move At The Name Of Jesus, Everybody Says God! But When Jesus Name Is Called, Things Are Put Into Motion, Places Light Up When You Speak The Name Of Jesus, Darkness Can't Stay When You Turn On The Light! "Oh How I Love Jesus, Oh How I Love Jesus! Oh How I Love Jesus, Because You First Loved Me"! Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus!!! #PowerInTheNameOfJesus #Jesus #LoveInTheNameOfJesus #Love #PeaceInTheNameOfJesus #Peace #LoveWorks #LoveNeverFails #Work #LoveOnSomebody #GodIsLove
#JesusLovesYou #PrayAndNotFaint #Preach #SeekAndSave #GodIsGood #LoveNeverFades #LoveWins #JesusSaves #Saturday #FunDay #DallasTx #Texas #DowntownDallas

Tables with cuss words, and full of clutter.
Tables with lit cigarettes and soured baby bottles.
Tables that have never heard a blessing, or partaken of a home-cooked meal... May our light shine greatest and our love be strongest at these tables.
If not us, then who?

#seekandsave #looking #searching #iwillfindyouandlovethecrapoutofyou

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