How does this Triple Chocolate Terrine by @rawbychris fit into the Truffles and All Things Underground theme of our last Secret Supper? On top of the white chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache is a sweet potato brownie.. Potatoes.. from the underground. Once again blown away by the creativity of Chris!
Photo: @ryantranphotography

Did you know that stylist @styledbyshima hand letters all of our event signage? Impressive steady hand eh?!

It was a pleasure to host this private networking event for #allenslawfirm recently. Our core purpose is to connect people and to help connect them with what is on their plate. Finding and sharing the stories behind the produce is our passion, so we hosted a meet the producers canape session where guests could meet with Kia from @belowandabovewine and Dion from @stonebarntruffles. Both of these Pemberton producers, who are hugely passionate about their wine and Perigord truffles shared stories with guests who enjoyed their wine with truffle based canapes.
Event team:
Styling: @styledbyshima
Furniture: @owlandbearperth
Lighting: @festoonlightingperth

The challenge with curating a themed event is ensuring that all of the details, the food, styling, lighting and effects fit within the creative constraint of the theme. For our Truffles and All Things Underground event, @rawbychris did not go for the obvious and make a chocolate truffle dessert but instead pursued the 'underground' component of the theme using root vegetable elements in the dessert, like this Beetroot Red velvet Tirimasu with raspberries and brandy.
Photo: @ryantranphotography
Dessert: @rawbychris

Esta Noche de ligeras lluvias de Agosto regala lo mejor de sí para una cena en comunión con las estrellas.
This Noche of summer rain lends the best of itself for a dinner in communion with the stars.
#nocheundergrounddinnerclub, #secretsupperclub, #secretsuppers, #cenassecretas, #paladarapuertascerradas, #summerrain, #summerdinner, #leticiaalaniz

Fermented Honey Vinegar is the by product of the honeycomb produced in our hives

Absolutely loving these shots taken by @lifewithl0ve at our Truffles and All Things Underground Secret Supper. Despite challenging lighting conditions for photography, the shots beautifully capture some of the courses at our event. @lifewithl0ve is the winner of our Instagram competition and has won Truffle oil from @stonebarntruffles!
Table scape: @styledbyshima

Love this shot taken by @mustangsallyoz at one of our corporate Truffles and All Things underground Secret Suppers last weekend.
Venue: @perthcityfarm
Styling: @styledbyshima
Lighting: @festoonlightingwa

● The light that shines twice as bright burns for half as long ●
A tribute to our beautiful friend and Secret Suppers hostess, Alice, who we said our final goodbye to today. Her bright, bold and beautiful soul will be forever remembered with love.

Take me back to the days of breaking open oysters on the rocks with pops

When you have the best produce you don't have to hide behind fancy garnishes and gimics.
~ Wild Red Kangaroo | Fermented Honey | Nasturtiums ~

Recipes are passed down through generations. Our Lemon Tart has been made for over 60 years and now it's our turn!

Each course tells a story...but this course represents multiple stories
~Chicken Hearts | Horseradish | Weeds~

This is how I make a Mexican Mostachón cake for Noche Underground @nocheunderground.dinnerclub .The mostachón is a strawberry merengue cake. It’s creamy, nutty, not overly sweet and very fruity. It’s so good!
Así es como preparo un Mostachón mexicano para Noche Underground @nocheunderground.dinnerclub . El mostachón es un pastel de merengue. Es cremoso, con un sabor a nueces molidas, no tan dulce y con mucha fruta. ¡Es exquisito! .
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A fabulous dinner of Truffles and All things Underground at a secret location revealed 24 hours prior @perthcityfarm #perthcityfarm organised by @secretsuppers #secretsuppers
100 guests mingled and shared their love of food .. great wine pairing. . Lots of laughs.
Thanks for a great evening.
#truffles #rootveggies #winepairing
#beefragu #handmadegnocci #gnocci
#salmon #toffeeonions #fennel
#perthdining #pertheats #secretlocations #secreteatinglocations

Bohemian dinners until the late hours are livened up with our star guitarist Fico Argüello at Noche Underground.
Cenas bohemias al son de la guitarra se convierten en un evento inmejorable con el guitarrista Fico Argüello del Ecuador en Noche Underground. 🇪🇨 .
#NocheUndergroundDinnerClub, #secretsuppers, #secretdinnerclub, #paladarapuertascerradas, #cenassecretas, #popupdinners, #foodieunderground, #foodietrail, #vinocopasycenas, #liveguitar, #bohemiandinners, #peñitamusical, #cultura, #leticiaalaniz

Had such fun and delicious food at the first Secret Supper we attended! Would go again n recommend #secretsuppers #secretsupperclub #suppers #lovesecrets #yummyfood😋 #funtimes😎 #newfriends #pertheats

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