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Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio

Pleased to see my work on the melting away of the Lewis Glacier on Mount Kenya featured at the f2 Fotofestival ( @f2_fotofestival ) in Dortmund which opened yesterday, (22 June) and runs until 16 July.

Here, from that series, a visualisation of glacial retreat using long exposures made in the middle of the night. The resultant images stem from the simple act of walking with a flaming torch along the glacier’s previous boundaries to illustrate a ‘layered’ history of glacial recession on the mountain.

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I believe we're in the middle of huge changes but don't realize how far along we are, we think this is the beginning but we are already so far into it.

The best part about Kaitlyn forgetting how old I am and getting the wrong balloons for my birthday is that I didn't need to go out and buy new ones for hers .. Happy birthday beautiful. #recycle #savetheplanet #32looksgoodonyou

Did you know these tips to picking the best fruit? ❤️
Enjoy! #veganfoodvideos @goodful

So what do we use instead of cling film and tin foil? We are vegan 🌱 so we aren't really interested in beeswax wraps 😉. And to be honest, I feel like we often overthink and overly complicate things 🙈. Over time we realized we simply don't need any kind of foil at all!
We just use plates and bowls to cover things (here we used the glass lid of a #weckjar to cover half an onion). We are vegan, but yes, this also works for cheese (or just keep cheese in food containers).
Some food like wraps or burritos 🌯we just wrap into a tea towel. Sandwiches 🥙we put into one of our stainless steel food containers. In Germany, we used a glass tray with a lid for preparing food in the oven.
If you are making a cake 🍰and want to cover the top with tin foil to prevent the top from burning before the rest of the cake is done, just insert another tray over the top of the cake to shield the top of the cake from too much heat. When we BBQ, we don't wrap anything into tin foil either, but use (reusable!) skewers🍡, a tray, or just put long thick (marinated) veggie slices into the grill.
Did I forget anything? What do you guys use "instead of" cling film and tin foil?

Nice Cream Jars 🍦🍒 by @oatmeal_stories 💫


Greenify! Don't you just looove these tracks? 😍🚃 I saw them in bella #barcelona a few years ago, and now I wish every city track would look like that! // Grønificér! (beklager undersættelsen, hehe) Er du ikke bare vild med det her baneanlæg? 💚 Jeg så det i smukke Barcelona for et par år siden, og nu ville jeg bare ønske, at alle by-skinner blev anlagt sådan! #greenify #tram #train #gogreen #grass #grassmatazz #greencities #urbangarden #gogreener #greenliving #environmental #miljø #the99percent #sustainability #bæredygtighed #savetheplanet #thinkgreen #actnow #verdensmål #instagreen #grønomstilling #gogreenguide

SWAP OUT SATURDAY ....my own little version of SOS....where I share with you one swap I and we have made in our house and our lives to live healthier, less toxic, BETTER lives. Today's swap out...cloth napkins. Nope they aren't just for fancy restaurants they are for YOU. With the exception of large family gatherings where we do still use paper napkins, we exclusively use cloth napkins. These are some of our 'fancier' ones but most of ours are just old scrap fabric or clearance remnants. Some I've sewn others I just cut with pinking shears to prevent fraying...it is a simple swap that saves you money, saves on waste for the environment, and yep it can make your meals feel a bit fancier :) I find that when people visit they are always afraid to use them, ha ha, but they wash just fine and the best part you can reuse indefinitely! SWAP them out today!

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O planeta grita por socorro. 📣📣
Você está ouvindo? Você está correspondendo a esse grito?
Consciência , educação, respeito ..
"Amar a Deus sobre todas as coisas , 1°mandamento
E ao próximo como a ti mesmo ,
2° mandamento

lowkey obsessed with petco -🇮🇪

“Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement.” ~Jack Kornfield

In Paris taking climate change with President Macron 🌈
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