Getting sun light and some fresh air has so many great benefits!!! Go to @sarahs_day and look at her resent post it says all about the benefits and how they effected Sarah.💗😊🤰🏼 #sarahsday #lovesarah #healthmamma #healthymum #healthymummy #health #goodbenifits #babytobe #babycoming #17weekspregnant #sarahsdayxwfa #sarahsdaysquad

If anything this year has taught me is to not stress over anything you can’t control. I mean I didn’t even get upset when I was told I had to stay on steriods as much as I want off whereas a couple of months ago I would’ve cried and been angry with the world #babysteps.
I had my monthly measurements done at my gym and DOCTOR SCALES LIE! Everything went down besides my guns 😏 I ain’t mad

Today has been a good day! My experiments in the lab finally decided to work today and I made these delicious coffee chocolate protein balls 👍
These are my favourite things to have around for when I really need a sweet snack throughout the day! Almost all of the protein balls you can buy contain nuts, which I am unfortunately allergic to! Nut allergies can make buying already made foods that are vegan/gluten-free pretty tricky but luckily I enjoy working out how to make my own 😄
400g packet of dates, soaked
Sunflower seeds (I don’t really measure these, just tip about 1/4 cup in)
Buckwheat groats (same as with sunflower seeds)
2 tspn instant coffee in 1/4 cup boiling water
1/4 cup cacao powder (I use @natavasuperfoods raw cacao powder)
1 tbsp maca powder (also @natavasuperfoods)
1/2 cup protein powder (I use @balancesportsnutrition plant-based vanilla protein powder)
1 tspn vanilla extract ~Instructions~
Put the soaked dates, coffee, sunflower seeds and buckwheat groats into a food processor or large bowl and mix. I use a stick blender because I find it works better for me. Once the seeds are blended to your liking, add the desiccated coconut, cacao powder, and maca powder and mix.
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well-being wednesday a bit more appreciated this week. stress levels are high in the nation atm T-2 days until we battle it out for chem prize 2k18.
making your week extra sweet by sharing the love for frozen bananas right now!!! get on it if you haven't already!! i guarantee you will never look back. using a frozen banana in your smoothie will sweeten it soo much and creates a flavour and consistency that I actually crave, not to mention the satisfying vids you can get as shown above #triplethreat #gamechanger. also super gramworthy so you dont even need to post it on your secret grid account beforehand or anything. make the change NOW to stay motivated to get that summer bod. 67 days until summer and roughly 302 until the ball so you can get ahead. just saying.
- Justification Jasmine 🐥
Made this one only using frozen blueberries, banana and minimal liquid - super simple and your mind will love you for it hehe 💓 overall 10/10 as isn’t off the scale because ran out of coconut water hmmm

How good would this be!!?! 🙌🏼
As good as never having a period again sounds, our period is actually a vital sign of our health! A healthy period reflects a healthy body! When things become irregular with our period, or even if it goes missing all together, that is our cue to LISTEN to our body, and support it to have more balanced hormones and better health!
🙊 I explain all about HOW to listen to your period signs and symptoms in my new ebook! Keep your eyes peeled - I’ll be announcing the launch date THIS WEEK!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Everyone needs to go out and get their hands on @loving_earth ’s cashew choc ASAAAPP- so creamy and good #whoneedscadbury 😏💜

Lunch from the plan was a Mediterranean scramble with olives, cheese, onion and topped with a bit of Siracha 🙌😌 @josefrakich I also added a bit of spinach on the side!

Thank you @healthade for always curing my indigestion and tummy troubles ☺️ For those of you who don’t know, I have a very sensitive digestion system and it always seems to get irritated by the littlest things. However, the one thing that I have found that actually makes a difference is kombucha! Also, I really like the taste and it is beneficial for your body in dozens of other ways! Lately my favorite one has been the @healthade lemon ginger or @toneitup rosé! Who else likes kombucha?!?

Breakfast was an omelette, bacon and avocado with a bulletproof coffee with a wafer of cacao butter mixed in 😍

when it’s not even 9pm and you’re already in bed... anyone else?! 👵🏼⁣⁣
These are my top 3️⃣ ingredients that I use for sauces when I cook— coconut 🥥aminos, nutritional yeast, & tahini. I always prefer making my own sauces because many of the store bought ones have preservatives 😵, added refined sugars or just other things that you most likely can’t ❌ even pronounce! ⁣⁣
I especially like the combination of all three into a cheeeezy inspired sauce with a touch of sweetness 🧀 😋⁣⁣
let me know if you’d like me to make a post about the recipe for these cheesy zoodles (I sometimes use brown rice pasta instead) 🤤 I usually add other vegetables & tofu to the dish as well 🍝⁣⁣
hope everyone has a great night :)) 🌃much love, xoxo, nat 💕

My all time favorite superfood company has blessed me with my goodies today I order a couple weeks ago!😍 I love the pure ingredients they put in their products and I always feel good after eating them. Forever grateful for @sarahs_day introducing me to @tropeaka 💙

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🌱NOURISH BOWLS🌱 I am definitely the last person who'd go for a salad but being vegan and eating out with friends- sometimes it's the only option. I fell head over heels with this nourish bowl though because it tasted amazing. This bowl has green beans, avocado smash, falafels, brown rice, pumpkin smash, purple cabbage, chickpeas, assorted nuts and seeds and some dressing with sesame seeds. Absolutely delicious, healthy and helped me realise how yummy a salad can actually be! Have a great day everyone ❤️ #vegan #veganrecipes #veganfood #veganlunch #veganbreakfast #veganbodybuilding #veganbodybuilder #protein #instagood #plantempowerment #tessbegg #sarahsday #health #healthy #cleaneating #raw #rawtill4 #yum #design #art #vegetarianrecipes #paleo #weekend #food #vegetarian #healthyeating #happy

The sun came out a bit yesterday and we went on a walk and saw the lighthouse at Byron Bay.
🌧 It has been a week of non stop rain, so to get outside and go for a walk was so nice!

Positivity is in the air today and I feel great || I’m honestly loving my new way of thinking and living. I’ve never felt so content with my life ☀️ #livingmybestlife #mindsetiseverything #healthylifestyle

hello & happy happy Tuesday! 🌈🤩💫I apologize for the absence of a post yesterday, I ran a bakesale with and for @heal_miami , so I've been cooking up a storm... ⁣⁣
I ~attempted~ to make Pumpkin Fig Newton bars 😋 by @cleaneatsbytay however I didn't quite stick to the recipe sooo they didn’t turn out as sweet as needed... I liked them but I don’t think they would’ve sold... so I kept them for myself 🙃 is anyone else frustrated that the whole not cooking with a recipe does't really apply to baking?!⁣⁣
I also made @bitesbymi Walnut Chocolate Chip Oat bars 🍪 that turned out SO GOOD... 🤤🤤🤤 However, I didn’t succeed on making them look thaaaat pretty but the taste is what counts amirite? ⁣⁣
I am so into cooking but definitley need to work on my baking skills (aka an excuse to make and eat desserts all the time so.. I am not too mad about it 🤷🏽‍♀️)⁣⁣
ALSO in terms of cooking, @jhurdontcurr and I did our weekly dinners last night and made @minimalistbaker Vegan Pumpkin Mac & Cheese... and it was incredible. Instead of pasta we used zucchini noodles, soo yummy & put me in the fall mood 🎃🍁🍂⁣⁣
Because I need to practice baking... what're your favorite healthy dessert recipes? 🍪🌰🥜🍯🍫🍩⁣⁣
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day👋Much love, xoxo, nat ❣️⁣⁣
Pants: Free People⁣⁣
Shirt: Free People⁣⁣
Phone Case: Amazon

Reminiscing about this amazing salad I had from @cafelandwer not too long ago 🤩❤️ Your girl is salad obsessed and I am always trying out new ones!🤷🏽‍♀️😊 A tip for keeping salads and bowls actually healthy while out is asking for the dressing and/or any sauces on the side. Also try going for grilled chicken made without oil instead of fried/crispy chicken. If there’s no protein in the salad already, I always add to make sure it is filling and keeps me satisfied 🤗🔒 I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on what fitness programs to try out next - i have decided to give @sarahs_day (my fav person ever... check her out!!) sweat it to shred it e-book a go⚡️💪🏼 I’ll be testing it out after completing BBG week 24 which will be today 🙌🏻✨ Also, if you have yet to watch it, my grocery haul video has been uploaded onto my channel and the link is in my bio❣️ {@lanibfit} Happy Tuesday and stay positive loves xx
deets: chicken salad (front) and mediterranean salad (back)

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