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Tonight's Dinner: fried Yelloweye Rockfish, spicy sweet fish sauce, boiled water spinach with soup on the side and steamed rice

He is back to full health, and expected to make two of three starts on the road trip
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As a 19 year old entrepreneur I wanted to build a company that solves a problem in the world. I witnessed first hand my freshman year the abuse of prescribed focus medications among college students. Students used the medication for short term benefits of increased cognition, but neglect the harmful long term effects. These medications are harmful for the body and highly addictive. I saw an opportunity to use my natural born entrepreneurial skills to solve a problem. I spent months researching and working with some of the worlds top scientists to develop my formula @brainzpower to give students a natural alternative to the harmful substances in circulation. I then knew to reach my goal of helping students I had to market where their attention was, Instagram. I grew the brand to a following of over 100k in the first year of operation. I started this company to perfect my entrepreneurial skills and solve a problem affect people like me. I am personally obsessed with pushing my brain to new heights by being able to focus longer, retain more information, and remain stress free with this overload of work. I then tested every nootropic myself to see what makes me perform better, and only then I made that product public for everyone. This in my opinion is a product everyone needs and is on the cutting edge of cognitive enhancers. We take supplements for immune systems, weightloss, etc. why not have one for your brain?! It's the most important organ! Anyways that's a little about my company and journey, hope this inspires someone to start a company near and dear to their heart.

Lift your head up high, fix that crown and walk like a queen 👑 #baile #gerardoortiz #laseptima #sanjose #bestadvice #cousins #littleblackdress #ootn

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What I look like in my meditations, after I shower myself in gold energy 🙃✨⭐️💫 #OZELL #djozell
Body Art | @bodypainterrich

Camino a San Francisco para el partido de Estados Unidos-Honduras con mis comentaristas invitados Lucas y Tommy Balado. On the way to San Francisco for USA-Honduras with a couples of guest football ⚽️ commentators. #wcqualifiers2018 #USAHonduras #SanJose #Sanfrancisco #Soccer #Futbol #eliminatoriasrusia2018 #SanLorenzo #Elciclon #Cuervo

El día de #SanJose fue ayer, pero pa los que nos llamamos José, se celebra todos los días jajajajja Sí, Rafael José, ok?
P.D: si te llamas José, Josefa o Josefina, comenta y menciona a tus panas que también se llaman así jaja👇🏻


#sanjose #costarica with Mordor as background, who knew? #tico #puravida

Gracias a todos por ser parte de esta noche inolvidable #coronacion #reina #lgbt🌈 #fiestas #sanjose #2017❤️

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