"Music will tell you more about me than I ever will. "
Thx so much to @dutchrebelle for teaching me so that I can become better. You are my mentor for life! #Salutethequeen👑 #unicorngangovereverythannnngggggggggggg #yaaaaasssss #loveya❤️

My wife has barely been working out for a WEEK & is already showing out 😤😤😣
#Goddontlikeugly #andHeainttoofondofpretty 👊

In 2016, I was attacked by every single one of those blocks! I will not give 2nd chances to naysayers, haters, character Assassinators or fake friend wannabes! Ladies, If you know a strong sista, grab her hand by tagging her! Give the gift of #Empowerment. #SaluteTheQueen👑

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