Few months ago I had the privilege of Meeting the Executive Director of one.org Nigeria (an Organization aimed at alleviating Global Poverty), Serah Makka-Ugbabe, at the International Youth Day #SafeSpaces celebration which held in Kwara, under the aegis of Brain Builders' International.

She happened to be the keynote speaker and I was personally motivated by Her lecture on How Youth can be engaged for Development Causes.

Aside from Her high IQ, She is got an amazing and friendly personality – I recommend Her for any youth who wants a Mentor.

I also recommend one.org to every youth out there. @one

If the world must change, change must begin with the Younger Generation.


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A child who reads will be an adult who thinks! #worldreader #ghanareads #books #children #safespaces

“Hurt people.. hurt people”
Adolf Hitler’s dad was considered as an “illegitimate” child with the name of his father listed as “unknown.” He was known to be a hard man and was a strict,emotionally and physically abusive parent to Adolf. I’m not saying that growing up with a harsh parent would ever, ever justify Adolfs actions later in life. But there has always been this part of me that just wonders if maybe that man that slept with adolfs grandmother would have decided to make the honorable decision and stick with her after she got pregnant, or maybe not sleep with her in the first place until they got married, and if adolfs dad was loved well in a good family, then maybe he in turn would have loved Adolf well.
It’s always a domino affect of reactivity- hurt people hurt people. It just makes me that much more passionate about the work I do- to stop that one domino from hurting the next by bringing it into a safe space of love and healing and helping that person grieve over the love they deserved but were never able to receive. And then just maybe that person would feel loved, and then they would create a domino affect of love into the world....

Hi there! 👋🏼 my name is Lisa Tannehill and I’m a registered marriage and family therapist associate ☕️🛋 I decided to start an instagram as a space to encourage conversation around pursuing mental health in our world today, and share some perspectives on common mental health topics such as depression, anxiety, addiction and codependency that saturate the world we live in today.
Hopefully I can be a source of hope and encouragement to you or give awareness to your loved ones who might be struggling with mental health. Either way, I’m glad you are here and hope we can all journey together to make this world a little more hopeful, a little more safe, and a little more joyful 🌿✨

Never wish them pain...💔 artist: @travipayne

Safe space for me.🍏 #safespaces #journalism

We’re planning our first event!!! More updates tomorrow!

"Living with panic disorder feels like my soul is being sucked out of my body. During my first panic attack, I really thought I was having a heart attack. It's the most terrifying feeling I've ever experienced."

Sometimes, young women we work with come by just for a break. We take this #safespaces thing seriously.

Ibrahim Hyderi is a Multi-cultural society which is considered, “Mother of Karachi” because of innumerable Sea and Fishing industry that generat a huge amount of GDP. Everyone in Ibrahim Hyderi either youth male or female are connected with the particular fishing industry, and used sea, means for their earning
azme naujwan which is a consortium of 8 Civil society organization Initiated a solidarity/uniform program for the youth of the Pakistan which believe Pakistan will be the better place to live,the communities which dwell in Pakistan needs to be push on towards the track of development,in the perspective of awareness, these communities have somehow sense for themselves that they are in swamp of darkness, but these societies need a plate form to sit together and to talk about the things which are making societies more worst.
This imperative become the reason of existence of Azme Naujawan program. Which is being run in 6 districts of Karachi.
And in the Distrit Malir Mehrdar Art and Production (MAP) which is a Karachi based Film Production house which aimed to raise awareness, encourage conversation and foster debate on issues related to
extremism and peace building within the general public, both online and offline.
from the year of 2017 MAP is hosting A safe space for the diverse and enthusiast youth from fishermen community and the space is dedicated to learning,discussions and the appreciation of Art & Culture.
Individuals,Stakeholders,CBO's and organizations can utilize this Space for the multiple purpose and energetic activities.

Please feel free to approach us for any queries
Thank you :-) #hyderikibehteri #joinhands4thebetterment #MAP #AeN #safespaces #Fishermencommunities #peace

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For today's #AwarenessWednesday, we are promoting @restorenyc, an NPO dedicated to ending sex trafficking in New York and restoring the well-being and independence of survivors. Trauma, shame, and documentation status often make it challenging for foreign-national sex trafficking victims to come forward and get help. When they remain in the shadows, victims continue to be exploited and abused. Restore uses a four step strategy of 'Identify, Serve, Measure and Train', to help end trafficking and free survivors of this crime. Check out our instagram story to find out more. #AwarenessWednesday #OurWomb
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‘We were kings and queens. Never porch monkeys’ artist: @denisiotruitt

Muse: @iamteenisha ❤️

Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, UNICEF and WOSM together making the world cleaner, greener and peaceful.
Scouting promotes sense of responsibility in youth!

For full video... inbox us! .
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We were so busy with meetings this weekend that we didn’t get time to tell you what we were upto! We had previously posted about our project in Hanoi and here’s an #update:

Safetipin presented the findings of the safety mapping study for the Hanoi metro line 3. The meeting was hosted by the #ADB and attended by officials of the metro, city officials and the team and volunteers of #ADB and #AIESEC. The audits were done so that the streets are more gender inclusive and for last mile connectivity at every metro station.

It was a 3 month study which has been received very well by #Hanoi. We hope to see the suggestions incorporated in the planning and for a long lasting relationship. It’s been such a great experience. #swipeleft to see more of the meeting.
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