It seems like just yesterday we invaded Austin with bots, talks, parties and workshops for the tech-fueled fantasyland that is South by Southwest — and believe it or not, we’re already planning for next year!
The roster of speakers is determined largely by vote, so now’s your chance to help us get our sessions on stage and in front of the crowd (and even better, determine what panels you will get to see in Austin in March). Follow the link in our bio to vote for your favourite Fjord and @AccentureInteractive session. 🔝

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You’re out of rage. C’mon, I’ll bring it

forgot I even had this of you. last year at sxsw finding my old friend @trenubb in #austin 📍 #sxsw #photography #houstonphotographer #konfidentlife

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What does it feel like to finally do what you love on a huge stage in front of hundreds of people? In this episode of Career Relaunch, @DJLaniLove will explain how she relaunched her career from working in adverting to becoming a professional deejay in Los Angeles. Lani shares her thoughts on how to figure out which opportunities to pursue and how to balance your career with family. We'll also discuss the importance of giving yourself some credit, which isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when you constantly feel like you're falling short.
In the episode, I also talk about the areas in my life where I feel I've been falling a bit short, but actually deserve to give myself a little bit more credit. What about you? What's one area in your life where you've been constantly beating yourself up, but really deserve to give yourself some credit?
Hear the episode today 👉[podcast link in bio]👈🎧

Late night rehearsals 🌒 Getting ready for @sofarsoundsla in Venice Beach (8/18) & the Anaheim @packingdistrict (8/19) 🍾🍾🍾 ALL OF MY LOVE official song+video out Friday 8/24!

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The makers you need to transform your business are lurking in your ranks - our Matt Webb’s #SXSW workshop ‘Building A Maker Culture’ will show you how to find and nurture them. Click on the link in our bio to vote to bring @webgeekwebb’s panel to #SXSW2019 - you can also vote for our other Mirum panels too!
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