Via #SuperLeagueTri - The cheeky dutch herself, @rachelklamer!! Find out more about her this week as she powers through a tough training block in Flagstaff 😎💪 #IAMRACHELKLAMER #IAMSUPERLEAGUE

Two days before the race. It’s gonna be my second TRI, this time 1/8# 🏊🚴🏃 #tri #triathlon #poznan #poznansuperleaguetriathlon #poland🇵🇱 #superlague #superleague #superleaguepoznan #superleaguetri #superleaguepoland

Summer Cook is a great swimmer, great runner, inexperience is her current Achilles heal. She has the potential to win everything she does, but needs the commitment and confidence to believe she can. @sums01 On Track. Check her out! #IAMSUMMERCOOK #IAMSUPERLEAGUE

Check out some of @sums01 's best moments from Super League Triathlon Jersey. She's one to watch this September! Come and @visitjerseyci this September and cheer her on. #theislandbreak #IAMSUMMERCOOK #IAMSUPERLEAGUE #Triathlon

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Summer Cook 's favourite quote is "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart" #IAMSUMMERCOOK #IAMSUPERLEAGUE

I'm not sure the specifics but earlier today I got an email from Super League claiming that they would like for me to compete in one of their competitions. So now I'm super excited and hope all goes as well click the link in my bio to check out the video or copy and paste this link👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
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COMING UP this week we share some of the best from Super League Triathlon 2017 as we countdown to the first Super League Triathlon Championship Qualifer in Poznan. We also get to know one of the real stars of the future, a huge dog lover, who believes nothing is impossible even after being hit by a car TWICE #GUESSWHO

"My dad is the person I always look for when I have crossed the finish line, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bad race or good he is just as supportive and the hug doesn’t change." @jodiestimpson
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"Super League Triathlon Jersey is amazing, the course is fast and unforgettable. Come join me and give it a go" @jodiestimpson
NOW is your chance to race like a Pro at Super League Triathlon Jersey! Father's Day Special 10% discount by using promo code SLTSUPERDAD. Click link in bio to find registration page and get ready to race! (Promotion ends 24 June midnight GMT) #TheIslandbreak

"My dad inspires me to reach my goals because he has been a massive part of my journey since I started and has been there throughout, he believes in me and what I want to achieve." @jodiestimpson.
Father's Day Special is here. Come race like a pro at Super League Triathlon Jersey! 10% discount by using promo code SLTSUPERDAD click link in bio to register and get ready to race! (Promotion ends 24 June midnight GMT) #TheIslandbreak @visitjerseyci #IAMJODIESTIMPSON

Although it was great seeing everyone do so well at WTS Leeds, it was tough watching everyone compete over the weekend knowing that I could have been out there myself.

#IAMMATTHAUSER and this is an update on my #ROADTORECOVERY

I managed my first bit of exercise in the gym this week on a recumbent bike. Celebrated my Gran’s 81st birthday with the family on the Sunshine Coast. And was honoured in Maryborough by the Mayor and the Fraser Coast Council with a civic reception from the Commonwealth Games.
Even got to fire the time cannon as well!
AND finished off my final Business Assignment for the Uni Trimester.

I learnt to be thankful for the opportunity to celebrate and spend time with my family, time which I wouldn’t of had if I was overseas racing. @matt_hauser #IAMMATTHAUSER #ROADTORECOVERY

Super League in Jersey - Get your chance to compete!
🏊🚲🏃 #Repost @superleaguetriathlon
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Super League Jersey age group format breakdown. Registration is now open and space is limited. Give it a go and experience something unforgettable. #Theislandbreak @visitjerseyci
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What is Super League Triathlon?
ACTION PACKED and UNPREDICTABLE! New formats, challenging courses, SLT tests the athletes instincts and keeps the fans guessing. #IAMSUPERLEAGUE

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