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Emmy award winner #LizzyCaplan (#NowYouSeeMe, #Cloverfield) has reportedly joined the cast of #ChanningTatum's #Gambit, landing the role of female lead.
#LeaSeydoux (#Spectre, #MissionImpossible) was previously attached to play the female lead, but that does not seem to be the case any longer.
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It’s funny....All that travel for Thanksgiving rang a distant dinner bell....And now this evening it makes perfect sense....welcome family and friends...it’s been a long time...but finally here we are. What took you so long? Gobble...Gobble.... #jamesbond #007 #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #spectre #turkey

'This is not what it said in the brochure'

Date = 21/11/2017
Day =  7
Location = middle of nowhere
Coordinates - 87.9808S, 131.6591W
Altitude =  2908m
Temperature = -28C
Wind speed / direction = 18knot gusts to 20knot
Windchill = -45C
Distance travelled = 1100km
Distance remaining = 2000 km

Well this was not the flying start I had envisaged! Yesterday it was cold but sunny and clear with a 12knot wind when we were dropped off. We could’ve travelled but unacclimatised to the cold and altitude we thought it prudent to spend the night here. Over night the wind picked up considerably and visibility has dropped dramatically. It’s pretty stormy outside right now and moving does not seem like an option. We need at least reasonable visibility to travel as we really must keep a visual on one another all the time as we mustn’t get separated out here. Ideally we’d also have our first couple of kite sessions in gentle, friendly wind to get used to the giant loads and this hard, bumpy surface. So we’re tent bound in a storm and it’s really very unpleasant outside! The thing which is causing us our main concern it the wind direction. For 3 years I have been studying wind models and at this location the wind almost always comes from the south. This is important as it means we can travel either north along 132’ latitude to get to the Spectre but also crucially it means on the way back we can travel East towards Theill mountains and back to Union glacier. Last week when we looked at wind models it appeared the wind was coming from the NE for most of the week. Something I have never seen before for such a long period. Right now it appears it is still coming from NE. When it clears up we can still travel to Spectre on this wind direction but if it’s still the same in a month when we head back up here it totally scuppers our home bound strategy. No point in worrying too much about weather a month from now especially when we’re currently pinned in a storm. So much for the stable high pressure and southerly winds which we were not only anticipating but banking on.

CONTINUED at www.spectreexpedition.com

#nickveaseyxray opens retrospective #fotografiska #stockholm 24.11.17 to 18.2.18 #jamesbond #007 #spectre #waltherppk #licencedtokill
Come and be thrilled

Aw so cute 😍 Have you seen Spectre?
#andrewscott #spectre

QOTD; Bond would make part of a great couple with...
(Taking in any character from any other movie or show!☄)
Me Realising it's Wednesday and not Friday...Ffs😹💞


Extraordinary James Bond Spectre lighter from S.T. Dupont with bullet hole and hidden space for secret message in the bottom📝🔒.
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Norton Dominator SS from James Bond film Spectre on display at Motorcycle Live #norton #nortondominator #jamesbond #spectre #spectre007 #007 #motorcyclelive #motorbike #motorcycles

Ищешь хорошие акции на Black Friday? Давай вместе.

Сделаем все максимально честно и круто: ты получаешь радость от реальной скидки, а мы получаем радость когда люди пробуют действительно вкусный кофе.

Итак: мы обещаем тебе свежий офигенный кофе (потому что другого у нас нет) с реальной скидкой. Ты заказываешь сегодня или в субботу. И мы доставляем в субботу. Почему в субботу? Потому что только к тому времени мы успеем расфасовать последнюю партию. Да, он у нас всегда такой свежий!

Скидки, кстати, дополнительно к тем, что уже существуют. (В скобках обычные цены). Итак, внимание!

Колумбия, Сальвадор, Сальвадор/Бразилия (2400тг) - 2000тг.

Эфиопия Арича, Эфиопия Гуджи, Кения Мутиту (3600тг) - 3000тг.

Кофеварка Philips HD7447 + пачка Колумбии (16’500) - 15’000.

Гейзерная кофеварка Bialetti Mokka на 3 чашки + пачка Колумбии (12’500тг) - +1 пачка Сальвадора.

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Per ora questo piccolo assaggio di Yambo! a ZOO. La mostra degli originali è inserita nel circuito di BBBOFF e sarà visibile fino al 6 Gennaio 2018.
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