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Cosmic #soulhug #energy

Da série #soulhug Giovani Cidreira | Ah, vou escalar a montanha que achar
Ah, vou procurar um lugar e deixar pra você
E os sonhos mentem, eles vão levar você
Te encontrando em tudo o que puder.
E os lugares, eles vão pegar você.
Te guardando em tudo o que quiser...
Me escolha, risco a toa
Agora, e não corra. @casadomancha #011

La casa de los abuelos es lo máximo. #happypig #sweetbread #grandparentshouse #soulhug

Ti Po vjen qe prej se largu magji-plote e dal-ngadal. Poet I Shpirtit ❤️ #soulhug #LasgushPoradeci

I'm not sure it's possible to love this incredible women any more than I do! We met randomly at a play group and instantly connected. She was interested in joining me- but was SUPER skeptic of this whole nutritional cleansing thing. Fast forward a year- she is one of my best friends, her family is like family to us, and we have shared some of the best days of our lives together already! Court- you are for sure one of my soul sisters and I am incredibly proud of YOU and the growth you have had this year! Your family is so blessed to have you and I am so blessed to know you! Love you so much! 💗 "A lot has changed since February. For one, I've learned how to flex (what am I doing?). Seriously though, I've gained so much more than what these pictures can show. Yes, I've lost weight that I struggled with for a long time. Yes, I've gained strength and energy. Yes, I've gained confidence. The list goes on and on, but the most important thing that has changed this year is my self value. I finally realized that I AM WORTH IT. I DESERVE to take care of my self, body, mind, and soul. I am more than just a mom, or just a wife, or just a massage therapist. I love those things, they are amazing, but they don't define me. Of course I struggle with countless things, but that's okay! I have realized that I am ALLOWED to struggle! There is SO much freedom in that. I have so much to offer this world, and SO DO YOU. Even if you don't know it yet, I KNOW that YOU ARE WORTH IT, and YOU DESERVE IT.

no thanks I'm good
#soulhug #wtf #butts

When you're done with the hug but your mom is definitely not. #dog #homecoming #minischnauzer #soulhug

ABRAÇO é o encontro de dois corações! (Cazuza) #soulhug #friendsister #thankful #mädchen2015


「It's because you are more seasoned fighter」. Sometimes, small compliment like this and a piano song are what you need to brace the mælström♡

#music #song #playlist #night #nighttime #screenshot #screenshot #piano #instrumental #soulhug

La casa de los abuelos es lo máximo. #happypig #sweetbread #grandparentshouse #soulhug

Meditation is treating yourself the way you would treat a friend: with kindness, patience, warmth and compassion. It is an act of self-love and healing.
Happy birthday to @liberatehollywood’s founder, Cristina! Pictured here in the sweetest embrace with dear @autonomizer, Cristina is a friend to all of us, and a light to the community. Wishing you so much fun and success in the year ahead, magical lady! 🎉🎂🎈🎁🎊
All are welcome to my guided #meditation at #LiberateHollywood on Sunday at 11:30am. Come in and join us for a #soulhug, and enjoy the free Vegan lunch by Chef E.

• BE A FUCKING UNICORN! 🦄🌈🦋 Og hav så en fantastisk weekend smukke smukke mennesker 💋
» #godoyou | #beaunicorn | #bossbabes | #soulhug | #findhjemikærlighed

Good morning friends. Just want to give the people who are struggling a hug. May what you are going through soon pass and may you regain your strength to live your purpose ❤️🙏 #godbless

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