I'm pretty sure I enjoy dance parties a little too often...but who's counting?? There comes a time in your life where you decide you're going to take control and do what you please...& if that includes starting your day with a dance party, so be it. ❤️❤️

I know that,they are a couple in life a really handsome and only one in my life ❤#singtoo
#singtoperaya# @__singto ❤❤💘@kristtps

Picking up HusBoo's @myloveuntitled favorite latte drink from our local coffee shop which is playing some really great music: Candi Staton's "Young Hearts Run Free," Van McCoy's "The Hustle," and Change/Luther "Glow of Love." I'm getting my FULL life without a care to who's watching.
Server: "Can you just stay in here with us all day? You always bring us such joy when you come in." Other server & patrons: "Yes, we see you." "It's infectious." "I'm having a better morning just watching you." Me: "Thank you. Every day is always a good day to sing & dance. And today, I have energy to spare, so I'm leaving all of you with some. And trust, I don't look like what I've been through or what I'm currently going through but guess what, this morning, I'm singing & dancing." #asmileinthestorm #dancelikenooneiswatching #singtoo #asmilegoesalongway

👏🏼Another entire day in my pjs, including the 90 minute walk around my neighborhood and woods in which this song (and a host of others!) inspired me to stop in the middle of the street and dance dance #dance‼️ #somuchfun #day50 😳 #halfway #100daydancechallenge #singtoo 🎶 @themovementvibe #reggaemusic #reggaedancer

Singing with my girls!! #friendgoals #singtoo

I know I'll never become a #supermodel but I can walk like one , #anyday , #everyday and #singtoo ! 👌🏾🕺🏿

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