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The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives located throughout Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia that are now exporting high quality coffee directly to the international market.

Coffee here is grown near homesteads and planted at low densities, ranging from 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare. Depending on altitudinal variation and rainfall distribution, the harvesting period varies from September to December while main exporting period is from January to August. Harvesting is mostly done by family labor. Freshly handpicked cherries are sorted before pulping and are sold to cooperatives for processing.

Fresh clean red cherries are supplied to primary cooperative washing stations, depulped, and fermented. The fermented coffee is then washed with clean water, soaked, then dried to a moisture content of 11.5%. #WCC #westcorkcoffee #ethiopia #sidama #fresh #washed #Treatyourself

Here's an important tool for coffee producers who live at high elevations, sometimes along nearly impassable roads. From the eastern to the western hemisphere, giant trucks like this haul coffee cherry, parchment, and green to its final destination. The bright colors and stickers definitely make this tool a little more lively!

Da série #cafeteriassobrerodas Hoje temos uma komboza vindo diretamente da Turquia!! @ozocoffeeontheroad Kombi modelo T2 de 1970. Além do espresso, trabalham com varios outros métodos de extração tais como Hario V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Syphon... Adoramos a “fachada” deles com os toldinhos!!! O proprietário se apresenta como “Eu sou um homem tentando fazer negócios livres, confortáveis e agradáveis”. Sigam lá!!
Günün kahvesi @coffeenutznet'den #ethiopia #sidama, @aeropress ile farklı bir demleme, farklı bir lezzet.🍵😋Demlemesi çok pratik. Sağa doğru fotoğrafları izleyebilirsin😉🍵👌🌱🌳
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Roasting samples of coffee is sort of like globe trotting, minus the expensive plane tickets.

What’s the best thing to do in this 30 ° C brain burning weather? Here are some tips for ya.
This afternoon we were chilling at a poolside bar having our delightful #geshacoffee by the champion master of flavors @chadbws. It is a must in the city, if you are a serious coffee aficionado, you definitely know there’s not so much chance like this - good coffee in a exclusive hotel.
Further more, we’ve got the cocktail #sweetawakening made of selected #sidama espresso by woo bar host bartender Alex Lee.
Such wonderful sets only served in @woobartpe from 2-5pm everyday before 17th of June. Don’t miss out! I gonna bring my swim suit next time ☕️😛👙

Can you go through your day without a good cup of coffee? •الحــاجـه•
تقدر تكمل يومك بدون كوب قهوة مضبوط؟
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A Long Journey of Coffee Farmers.
Heleph1933 Coffee Blogs
By Deborah D. Meet Fura & Deraro
Two young women, Furra Shetaye & Deraro Arfasa, age of 24 & 25 came to be a family with the Heleph1933 plc. These two we came across in different households, they didn't had a chance to learn when they were young. Heleph1933 Plc provided these two energetic women who live in different places with jobs on the site of its production for coffee beans.
They now are working very hard and very attentively since coffee is well known in their town.
The awareness of coffee is very high in Sidama zone, Arbegona bochishisha kebele. These two women take care of our products just like their own.
Heleph1933 Plc is also helping these two women on their education since it's the key in life, and is very proud to have such a young, hard working and strong women like Furra & Deraro. Heleph1933 is also looking forward to work with many women in this town in the future.

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Have you gotten to try our new Direct Trade Ethiopia Sidama yet? Grab yourself a bag on our website or through @marketwagon !
Notes: Honeydew Melon, Dried Mango, white Grape, with a smooth finish! You gotta try this one.

Эфиопия Динту

• Откуда кофе: Эфиопия, зона Сидамо, деревня Дори Койоа
• Разновидность: первичная арабика (она же эфиопское наследие или местные эфиопские разновидности)
• Способ обработки: мытая
• Высота произрастания: 1795-1870 м

Яркий и сладкий вкус. Ваниль, сладкие цитрусы и косточковые фрукты в букете.

095 369 80 14

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These little ones are all dolled up and ready for the Indy Cup 😍
We will be selling half pounds of some of our favorites AND if you get to our table early, you can grab a full pound of our Direct Trade Sidama! See ya Sunday 💃🏽☕️🔥

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Ethiopian woman preparing #coffee outside in Awassa. -
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