Here it is! Numbers 40-31, this post is my projections for NEXT YEAR FYI, and here’s my thoughts
40- Pro Bowl year for him, and I expect him to repeat his stellar year
39- (Original- I expect him to be a true #1 for LA ) New- The Kyrie-Juju duo can help propel NYs Offense
38- Top tier corner for NE who’s just getting started
37- Saints #1 and I expect their offense to roll this year
36- great rookie year, I expect it to continue
35- Newly acquires Safety for Philly who is a top tier safety
34- Stud HB for Carolina, could be traded soon tho
33- Big time HB for the Bucs
32- Elite LB for Baltimore, a total stud for them
31- Elite HB for Pittsburg, gonna lead them with Beathard
Thoughts? Please leave opinions below —>
Too high? Too low? Just Right?
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BOA NOITE!🌃Você controla algumas coisas da sua vida e não controla outras. Se pararem de tentar controlar ou mudar coisas que não estão sob o seu controle. Então, se livrarão de muita frustração e ansiedade na vida. Só há duas coisas que podemos controlar: os pensamentos e as ações deles. O resto o que os outros fazem ou pensam de você, como se comportam, você não pode controlar nada disso. Mas, se pararem de tentar controlar, de tentar corrigir ou mudar de alguma forma, se decidirem isso que você não tem controle das coisas ou das pessoas e até mesmo da vida das pessoas; nada de ruim acontecerá com você. Você se sentirá melhor e mais feliz!
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Rashaad Penny has the upside to be a Top 10 back in all formats this year. He possesses the potential to have the most carries out of any Rookie RB in 2018. On an offense that just lost Jimmy Graham that had 10 TDs on the Season, they’ll need to find someone to fill that hole. Penny is going in the late third/ early fourth, and I think he’s worth the ADP. -
Penny is one of my favorite RBs to target this year, and my second favorite Rookie RB behind none other than Saquon Barkley. Rashaad ranked #1 in College RBs with a 54.5 Breakaway Percentage with 31 runs going for 15+ yards. Many questioned the Seahawks for drafting Penny so early when great linemen like Will Hernandez and Braden Smith were still on the board. Each year Seattle ignores the O-Line, whom ranked 25th in Pass Blocking and 30th in Pass Blocking Efficiency. While yes, this is pass blocking and not run blocking, this still causes for caution. I believe Penny can do it all, whether it’s running the ball inside or outside, or catching the ball from the backfield or slot. But one thing he struggled with is pass blocking ranking 62nd out of 64 which could get him time off the field with Pete Carroll’s high praise of Chris Carson, but I highly doubt it. -
Another thing to add to his volume is the departure of Jimmy Graham. Yes, I mentioned he had 10 TDs but 7 of those came from 4 yards or CLOSER. That is exciting for the rookie because I don’t think those extra TDs go to anybody else but him. Say Wilson struggles behind the poor Pass Blocking and teams start loading the box, Penny still ranked Number One in most YAC with 8+ defenders in the box with 4.40. Russell Wilson has had to deal with the poor Offensive Line most of his career, so I don’t think that’ll be as much of a problem for Penny, but it sure does bode well either way. -
If planning on taking Penny, I suggest getting an RB in the first, WR in the second, and depending whether your third rounder is early or late, maybe even reach to get him. Depending how training camp goes we will see in what way things turn out but in the most recent ESPN ADP Update, Penny is within 10 spots of J. Howard and Ronald Jones. In Penny We Trust! 🧙🏼‍♂️

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