One year later and still hanging out with the Pope at Catholic young adult events 🤘🏽😍 #seek2017 #cafecatholica2018 #partyingwiththepope

I’m officially able to announce that I’m going to #SEEK2019 ✊🎉 as a @focuscatholic student influencer, which means that you can learn more about SEEK and the work that FOCUS does on college campuses here on my feed! SEEK is a conference for college students and young adults that will take place in Indianapolis this January 3rd-7th. At SEEK, people gather to ask questions about life, love, and how to discover true happiness. I’ve gone to my fair share of FOCUS conferences and I highly recommend SEEK in particular for anyone who wants to learn more about Catholicism or who feels alone in their faith and is looking for community. If that sounds like you, register through the link in bio! You’ll have at least one friend in Indy (*cough cough* me) and the opportunity to experience world-class speakers, reverent and dynamic liturgies, and live musical entertainment. What’s stopping you? #sponsored #SEEKpartner #SEEK2017

"Some women fear the fire. Some women become it." Glad I get to #seek2017 greater things with you JillyBean :)

It was a long and crazy weekend with @thehusseybrothers ... we dove head first into taking steps towards making their dream of music a reality! These guys got ‘it’ 🎶!! Their songs and hearts are absolutely incredible. Stay tuned for updates!
@shawnybgood // @evansieling // @cedrickphoto

Friends, we did it. What started as a backstage conversation between @leah.darrow and me at #seek2017 has turned into a sold out @luxconference in April.
I’ll never forget the initial phone call we had three weeks after that fateful moment backstage. We were both a little hesitant, because, come on, FOUND and CREATE a new conference from scratch? Two busy mommas? With six kids (now seven!) between us? It was all a bit overwhelming.
On that call we decided to just take the next possible step and meet again over the phone in a few weeks. And we decided to hold on loosely to the idea of the conference because if God didn’t want it, we didn’t want it either.
Well, the doors for the conference stayed open, so we took the next step and met again over the phone a few weeks later. Then we took the next step and met again over the phone a few weeks later… and so on and so forth… and now, in three weeks, the first ever Lux Conference will take place.
When God gives us big, question-mark-filled, overwhelming calls - one step at a time and permission for God to crush the project if it’s not from Him is all we can do. If He wants it, He’ll show up.
So… do you have a call you’re afraid to commit to? Just take the next possible step. If you don’t you might never know what God can do with your “yes”.

Before we started dating, I googled “how to date”, “why should I date”, and “how do I get someone to date a potato like me”. Thanks to a post from MIHI (@mihimage) saying that “dating is an opportunity to find beauty in another soul”, it gave me a lot of peace bc I’m the most awkward (and stubborn) human potato on this planet. Happy one year to the guy that said “yes” to going on a retreat with me in Texas (three days after we started talking; we hadn’t even physically met yet either oops) (shoutout to #SEEK2017), pulls knots out of my hair, treats me right, and makes me laugh everyday. PS. I definitely see beauty in his soul. #theagapeseries

One year ago today at the SEEK conference, I saw Jesus’ true presence in the Eucharist for the first time. The world is worth a personal encounter with Him. He’s waiting for you; just go and listen. #seek2017 #sls18

retreat was F.U.N.🏴🔸️#christshovelers #seek2017 (the last one gives me shivers)

Great memory from last year preparing for #Seek2017 Praying for everyone at #SLS2018!

#SEEK2017 ➡️ NYE ’17
Get yourself some friends who get lit with you at Catholic conferences, go to Mass with you, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. What a gift your friendship is to me. Cheers, 2018 🍻

Lots of artwork in my #2017bestnine, including the shirts we made for the #Hallowedding! Also #seek2017 is on here, which was fantastic!!! Lots of memories from this past year...lots of wonderful memories :D

When you're so done but you still gotta pose #seek2017 #afterparty #wallislove

It's a FULL HOUSE 🏡 @emkelseyh #olsentwins #seek2017 #mygirl

All three founders of @seekau back for celebration of our 20th birthday. #seekstagram #seek2017 #seekbirthdays #happybirthday #australiancompany #seeksuccess

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