Boys dance too. Come try out boys only hip hop! www.studiofivedancecompany.com/register #s5dcseason12 #s5dc #boyshiphop

Happy National Dance Day! Come reach for new heights, find a dance family that is full of love and doesn’t do drama, and grow not only as a dancer but as a whole person. ❤️ Dance, Love, Grow at Studio Five! #s5dc #s5dcseason12 #danceclasses

When you have to wait for “forever” at the studio for big sister to finish class you curl up with the inflatable candy and take a rest! 😂 #littledancebro #s5dc

No “Dance Moms” here! No crazy dance drama! Great families, nice kids, and so much love! ❤️ Be a part of the best dance family! #s5dc

Free Welcome Packs to all dancers who register for Tippy Toes and Tappy Feet or Mommy and Me classes! Space is limited! Don’t miss out! www.studiofivedancecompany.com/register #s5dc

We’ve got the Golden Ticket here at Studio Five! Don’t you want to be a part of the fun? #s5dc

Class space is limited! Register today! You don’t want to miss out! #s5dc

Where friends become family through dance. #s5dc

Mommy and Me classes are a great way for busy moms to get quality time with their little ones, meet friends, and start him/her on a a wonderful adventure of dance and arts education that will have lifelong benefits. #s5dc

Happy Father’s Day to our amazing Dads! You do more than pay the bills and drive places. Your love and support are a beautiful foundation for your daughters to build a strong identity, healthy relationships, and gorgeously successful life.❤️ Keep being the Super Heroes, Prince Charmings, and all around nice guys that this world so desperately needs. #s5dc

Headed to HOTlanta for a Studio Business Owner’s Seminar! Always keep learning and growing!!🤓#s5dc

Just couldn’t stay away #s5dc

Hip Hop. CA$H! #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

Ms. Danielle and her musical theater class. Welcome to the 60’s! #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

Wishing and watching and growing her passion. These are the moments we treasure. #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

Ms. Leah and her tween lyrical. #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

❤️ Ms. Marcia! We are going to miss her SO much! #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

We are in love with these monsters! #S5DC #WelcometoWonderland

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