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Jose the Rooster is up for AUCTION NOW for @artforbales 100% of the proceeds will go to @buyabale supporting our farmers through this extreme drought in Australia. Jose’ is watercolour, ink & feathers from handmade papers from Tibet, Nepal & Japan, vintage book & sheet music, including golden pineapples! 38x55cm 15”x22”. Unframed on watercolour paper. Free postage in Australia... *********Auction runs until 7pm AEST on WEDNESDAY, 22 August. Highest bid at that time wins. Please make a BID in COMMENTS, in $5 increments *********** ..................................
Check out @artforbales 150 artists are donating beautiful artwork which are being sold directly through each Artist’s Instagram page, so go find your favourite & buy some art & help our Farmers! @artforbales @katemitchellart @buyabale #artforbales #buyabale #katemitchellart

What a magnificent rooster in the dining room! Ladies. #cockadoodledoo #rooster #art

Heavy weight Champ!! #rooster

This little buff Sussex pullet is such as sweetheart with gorgeous colouring🐓

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I can't seem to sleep tonight so I'm reminiscing about Pooster. He's a year old now and about to get his first chance at running a flock in the next few weeks. Considering how attentive he's been to me over the last year, I suspect the ladies will like him just fine.
I'm sure he will be liked better than their current rooster, Ramses, who has earned the nickname "Ram, Bam, Thank You Ma'am" for his ungentlemanly conduct with the hens. 😂

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Filter needed, one that removes chicken poop from eggs 😁

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Always looking to get out and join the adults, but I had to put this curious baby back🐣

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