"Hands up, baby hands up, give me your heart gimme gimme your heart gimme gimme all your looooove la la la"

I'm hoping our new carved wooden hand will bring me lottery 'it could be you' luck!! I felt our living room mantle was missing something and when I spotted this on @rockettstgeorge.co.uk I had to get it.
I really love sculpture of the human body and would love to do a course in it one day. The two black tiles on the mantle (swipe to see) are him and her sculpturesque pieces that I bought at a craft fair in New Zealand in 2001. My hubby isn't keen on them but I am very fond of them.
Have a lovely Saturday evening xx
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@libertylondon visiting @rockettstgeorge.co.uk. Oh, my poor bank balance! The lovely sales girl and I think @houseoffraser should think about inviting @rockettstgeorge to have a concession in Jenner’s Edinburgh? #london #shopping #shoppingheaven #interiors #rockettstgeorge

I find that grouping accessories together can make for the most perfect style spots – a great example of this is at one of my best friend’s home @neilsonstore. Mostly monochrome with hints of gold and real and faux plants – you simply cannot beat a great style spot! #rockettstgeorge #style #spots #styling #accessories #accessory #interiors #interior

The lovely ladies from @alexandbro came and visited us earlier in the week to host a styling workshop for the team and got us thinking all about how to use things differently... We love how they used our gorgeous new quirky Cobra door handle as a napkin weight for our rock-star tea party scene (very apt!). It showed him off so beautifully - we will be posting a blog about our styling workshop on Wednesday next week so keep your eyes peeled for some great tips from these talented ladies, and if you have any clever ideas that you'd like us to include let us know - it's been fascinating learning all kinds of new ways to re-purpose our quirky accessories and homeware! #rockettstgeorge #home #homeware #homedecor #gold #brass #accessories #accessory

Office on a shoestring. Both of us work at home part of the week so we share this space. After 3 years of this room being both office and dumping ground (and me doing all my work on the kitchen table) I spent a day on a mission last week properly sorting it. I got rid of loads of stuff and put pictures of all the places we’ve lived together (there have been a few, gypsies that we are) on the wall. This sofa was the first thing we bought as a couple, 15 years ago. It was where I sat for hours feeding our first born. It has been through the Panama Canal twice to and from California. It didn’t fit with our new living room so now it’s where we sit to read and take calls for work. The chair was bought with the proceeds of my first cooking class after I’d lusted after it for ages. The desk is the biggest bargain - 2x Ikea £5 legs with a sheet of plyboard on top - my dad keeps asking when we’ll paint it but I love the rawness of it. Now I’ve got no excuse not to crack on with my book and hopefully I’ll have a few more treasures to add to the room over the years to come. #ystcook .
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We have just launched a new 'LAST CHANCE' section on the website which is full of beautiful bargains that will soon be disappearing from our collections. Some great pieces at rather attractive prices, including this gorgeous Richmond Utility Shelf... There is now ONLY ONE AVAILABLE before it's gone from our shelves foreverrr 😭😭 If it's just what you've been looking for/dreamt about/NEED - then be the one to grab it before it's gone baby gone! #rockettstgeorge #rsg #shelf #lastone #lastchance #sale #interior #interiors #shelving #gorgeous #brass #gold

Herne hill project - this living room was on the second floor up a very narrow staircase. We had to find furniture which would fit. The pink sofa on the left is from @westelmuk so is the rug and the white side table. The two armchairs are vintage, so is the bureau and the chest. The company coffee table for a from @rockettstgeorge.

What are your bedroom desires? Create a corner of Pikes in your own home with our limited edition iconic photo wallpaper from @rockettstgeorge.co.uk - after all, why should Sunny have all the fun in the boudoir?

ALL time favourite piece, my Ibride Animal Tray - Lovebirds, from @rockettstgeorge.co.uk
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There is no doubt that my house is my happy place. My passion is filling it with memories and accessories that make me happy and remind me of great times with friends and family. It is important to make your home your own and add personal touches to it. This is my cabinet in my living room where I keep my best treasures – swipe to see it up close and personal. #rockettstgeorge #cabinet #memories #passion #objects #interiors #interior #accessories #homedecor #decor

There are three things to live by when learning to master the art of display... Curate, Curate, Curate! Art work is vital for transforming a space and showing off your personality. We put our own RSG twist on the walls when we moved in to our @libertylondon concession on the 4th floor with these gorgeous art prints by Amelie Hegardt and Peytil – these would look just as fabulous leant up against a wall at home for a more laid-back look 🖤
We talk a lot about display on the blog and they are one of our most-read posts so must be something you love learning about too! #rockettstgeorge #rockettstgeorgeatliberty #interior #interiors #art #artprint #artist #cushions #chesterfield #chesterfieldsofa #darkinterior #pinterest #liberty #libertylondon #london #shopping

What an amazing morning yesterday, spent with the lovely @rockettstgeorge.co.uk team. We got to choose from a treasure trove of RSG delights (literally there was nothing we didn’t want to buy!). We talked about our top tips and we all did some styling - it was styling heaven! Look out for the Rockett St George blog post about us - we can’t wait to see the professional photos. And can you see two of their amazing gold creatures in this pic that we took? We love these! If you’re an RSG fan, what’s your all-time favourite piece?

Happy Thursday lovely people. We had such an amazing morning yesterday with the lovely @rockettstgeorge.co.uk team. We got to choose from a treasure trove of RSG delights (literally there was nothing we didn’t want to buy!). We talked about our top tips and we all did some styling - it was total styling heaven! . Look out for the Rockett St George blog post about our @alexandbro collaboration - we can’t wait to see the professional photos. Back to my own vintage stock today and photographing too - and I definitely picked up some tips on that yesterday! X

Had a few DM’s about these faux flowers / plant / sticks whatever you wanna call them, so thought I’d put them on here too - I blummin’ love them! They’re quite statement but hey, this girl ain’t afraid of a statement or two 😏 I got them from @elizabennettinteriors in #Ashbourne #Derbyshire & despite me working with them I can honestly say with no bias that they’re some of the best fauxs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been looking for ages! They had peonies, roses and those things that look like little cotton buds on sticks (help me out someone?🤔) Stus buzzing coz before these I had some branches that I cut from the neighbours tree and they were dropping all over the place - he was losing his shiiiit about it.

We went behind the scenes at Rockett St George today to their HQs and warehouse. An amazing morning spent with the lovely @rockettstgeorge.co.uk team. We got to choose from a treasure trove of RSG delights (literally there was nothing we didn’t want to buy!). We talked tips and we all did some styling #stylingheaven Look out for the Rockett St George blog post about @alexandbro ’s collab. We can’t wait to see the professional photos of our day!

Not vintage but my favourite new thing for our own house at the moment. #rockettstgeorge #darkdecor #abigailahern #palmtree #vintagestyle #vintagehomedecor

Our very own Tina B is the queen of collections! Her home is filled with gorgeous, quirky items - from a wall of Mona Lisa art prints to Vogue magazines dating back to 1983! Tina says ‘There’s a lot of historical and sentimental things in my home that I love to be surrounded by. I’m a bit of an eccentric, I love quirky things, I’m a bit of a collector.’

Tina has taught us all everything we know about displaying beautiful things and curating collections so it was only natural to include Tina’s home in our interiors book! Chapter 6 is all about adding personality to your home through Collecting, Curating and Displaying and features photos from Tina B’s home that you will be stunned by! Click the link in our bio to read all about Chapter six.

Watch ‘Tina’s Treasures’ (linked in our MEET TINA story highlight) to get a real-life snapshot into Tina’s home and you will see why it is our most viewed video! #rockettstgeorge #homedecor #homeware #accessories #collection #collecting #home #interior #sussex

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