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Dead Poet's Society | Tonight - 8 pm onwards
Grass beneath your feet, spring breeze in your hair and great cinema under the stars. Join us tonight for our second screening at the exquisite Monalisa Kalagram, Lane 7, Koregaon Park. .
We bring to you - the timeless classic Dead Poets Society. Watch the story of an English teacher who inspires his students through his teaching of poetry.
Book Now: Link in bio
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ok ok hello everyone!! this is my new account, just like to say no i’m not completely new to the whole stan ig, i had one that’s now @cosmicstilinskii and i made it 2014 but it really died around 2016 lol so i decided to start new since my followers were extremely inactive lol so here i am with my new acc hoping to gain active followers and post more often((: -
this post is from my vine days and i made this edit in like 2016 but i figured i’d share for now just bc i wanted to post something (lmk if y’all think i should keep it up lol even tho it’s trasshh & there’s legit no transitions)

O captain my captain
How I miss you so


Allright folks. It's final. Made my mind up. #ET for #president #dutch getting to 🛏. Back from space calls it a day. ☀ ❤️ 😎 Vice #robinwilliams and it's a wrap. Ciao!

So I found this thing at wal-mart...#jumanji #robinwilliams

Something to remember each day.
#education #training #movies #movie #robinwilliams

This week on an ALL NEW episode of #ThatMovieShow we take a look at the 1997 #AcademyAward #winning film that started #Hollywood's love for #Boston #Movies -- #GoodWillHunting. Find That Movie Show on the New Age POP feed on your favorite #podcast #app!

Há 20 anos estreava "Gênio Indomável", um classico com Robin Williams, que recebeu um Oscar pelo filme, além da dupla Matt Damon e Ben Affleck, que começaram sua brilhante carreira com este longa!
O filme conta a história de um rapaz brilhante, que tem um grande talento para a matemática, mas trabalha como faxineiro numa faculdade onde é descoberto por um professor e o psicólogo Sean Maguire o ajuda na sua jornada de crescimento como pessoa.
E você? Conhece este filme? Qual nota você dá? Quais lições aprendeu com ele?

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