Me and coach @wartheking decided this will be the signature pose #npcteamuniverse #npc #classicphysique #roadtoclassic #myoflexfit #roadtopro

Conversation yesterday with a the girl that does my lashes that will make you laugh.

Me: When did I become so high maintenance?

Cheryl: the day you decided to start body building!

This is a lifestyle. It completely changes you. Mostly the day you suck it up and put those heels on lol!

Today I increased all my weights for bulk back for the first time in months! 30 lb one arm rows!!!! #summerslamwiththebeast #bodybeast #roadtoclassic

Little Beast Cardio this morning to start the day. Loving my new booty shorts. They are perfect for all the squats!

#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast

Aiming for my final battle week on to my first step on stage. #7daysout #roadtoclassic #relatablefitness #physique 💪🏼🙊😍

Building my body brick by brick 💯👊 #roadtoclassic #teamswedishsupplements

I see a lot of talking but not many actions. I hope you're ready to watch me thrive. #bodybuilding #roadtoclassic

These two leg sessions a week are really making the fuckin' difference! So just goes to show... If you have a body part that just won't grow... UP THE FREQUENCY AND VOLUME!!! -

Full leg workout will be uploaded on the YouTube Tuesday afternoon. #roadtoclassic #bodybuilding #fitness #tattoomodel #fitnessmodel #seoul #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuildingquotes #progress #youtuber #body #legday #nevergiveup #neverskiplegday #builtbybond #jlmcoaching

When I'm training, I'm painting an image in my head of what I want to look like. Trust me when I say this, but I'm so excited to show you all the final product and it's going to inspire the living fuck out of you all. Just wait and see... In the mean time, just try and outwork me instead of bitching and backstabbing, it only makes you look weaker. #roadtoclassic #bodybuilding

When you think you’re eating enough to grow, double it. Food is how you change your physique, you can have the best training program in the world but if you aren’t providing your body with the adequate substrates to make use of, nothing is going to happen.

A recap of the first week of my #RoadToClassic prep ⬇️

I find, in my personal experience, that the first week of a prep or diet is always the most difficult.

This transition phase of settling into your new routine can take a toll on your energy levels, mental clarity, strength and performance in the gym.

I quickly dropped a lot of water weight early on in the week and we had to pull carbs up a little. Expecting to maintain or gain a little weight on my rest day (yesterday) I actually woke up at 2.2lbs lighter this morning than I did Sunday morning. Before I began prep, my weight was fluctuating between 221-223lbs. I woke up this morning at 212lbs.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering coach @yokedup and I started prep early so we could play around with diet and see how my body responded until we found a sweet spot to cruise with. However, it also meant that performance, energy levels and strength felt low this past week compared to the week before.

Mentally, I actually felt much better earlier on in the week cleaning up my diet and could tell I was a bit more focused and mentally clear. However as the week went on I started to feel less like myself. And just because I feel its important to be transparent about this journey, have to admit that I’ve been kind of an asshole to my family the past couple of days; with little things annoying me for no good reason.

These kinds of things happen when you start to shift yourself out of your comfort zone because its…well…uncomfortable. It’s important to be proactive and recognize such things so that you don’t put strain on relationships, but it can be hard. It helps a lot when you have such a supportive group of family and friends around you, and for that I am grateful ❤️

Everyday this week is a high carb day now (except for my rest day) so the asshole-ishness should subside and hopefully I start to find a rhythm with this prep. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment any questions you have below 🤟🏼
#roadtoclassicphysique #18weeksout

Pretty sure I won't be able to move later. Round 2 Day 12 of the gladiator challenge complete with chest and tris. Since it's raining and cant run today I decided to work the booty with 80DO booty. Yep I'm just going to stay right here for a while.
#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast

Holy Crap!!!! Build back and bis plus another run with the vest! If this doesnt help, I'm not really sure what else to do. Only 12 more days to go!

#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast

Nothing like falling down during your leg workout! Damn split squats! I finished though! Beast up legs and hammer abs conquered!

Only 13 days left! I've been thinking about the past 9 months. This is the most selfish sport ever. The things my family and I have given up so I can compete are endless. This is not for the faint of heart, but I got this! It's almost here!

All I can do is all I can do and all I can do is enough.
#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast

AWOHL shoulders and arms plus hammer Conditioning done!!! 14 more days!

#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast #hammerandchisel

If there’s one thing that gets me hyped to train, it’s training with someone who fucking digs deep. So who else better to kick my arse for today’s pull session than @kuba_cielen
Regular 2 hour trips will be made throughout prep to check in and view where things are at. I feel photo/video check ins are a great tool for online coaching... but truthfully there is no view like having someone stand right in front of you.
Not taking no chances this prep, EVERYTHING will be 💯
#gasp #hardwork #nocompromise #roadtoclassic #limitless #classicphysique #ifbb #pullworkout #duespaid #motivation #outwork

Stay in your lane, the guy on the bench next to you could be lifting 60s with ease, you might be going all out on just 20s, grunting and shaking. But if you want to be Blessed to push 60s with ease, you've gotta struggle with 20s first.


Quit comparing your efforts with other people in the gym and GO HAM. Even if it means the others are gonna laugh at you, they just aren't as serious as you are, that's a it is. So do what you must to get what you want.

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Round 2 Day 7 of Gladiator Challenge!

Beast Cardio and Hammer abs in the books. I'm struggling getting through these workouts, but it just makes me want it more. What started out as a crazy idea to keep me going has turned into a reality. I'm competing in 16 days! My mindset has completely changed though. I'm not competing with anyone else but myself. Yes there are 499 other people, but the only one that matters is me!

All I can do is all I can do and all I can do is enough!

#gladiatorchallenge #roadtoclassic #bodybeast #hammerandchisel

LIMITLESS Presents the series ‘ROAD TO CLASSIC’ with Ep.01 Going LIVE Tonight at 5pm! The wait is over and prep has begun!
It’s time to show you the real work! 💯
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