We have takers! Slightly skeptical 🤨 but seem to trust me. #feedthebeast #emu #ostrich #ostrichlandusa #roadtripadventures

There's so much wonder out there. | Shot by @andy_best at Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, OR 🙌🌞☝
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A gorgeous tent view in British Columbia | Photo by @mattglastonbury

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Petra, Jordan 🇯🇴 Photo by: @manucastrro

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Calm night in Grindelwald, Switzerland. | Photo by @sennarelax 🌞💕💙
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Mein allererstes Mal in #Arizona 😍! Ich habe mit Klapperschlangen gerechnet, Skorpionen, gigantischen Spinnen... aber nicht mit Kühen! 🤣 Kühe und Kakteen. 🙌🏽😍🌵🐄🐂🌵🌤 Ich liiiiiiebe Roadtrips!!!! 3 Bundesstaaten in einer Woche voller #Roadtrip - Abenteuer endet heute. Schnief. Aber: eine Woche voller ganz neuer Abenteuer beginnt morgen. Wenn man in einem Urlaubsparadies wohnt, fällt man zum Glück sehr sanft. Gerne teile ich in der kommenden Woche noch mehr Lieblingsmomente mit euch. Erschöpft-glückliche Grüße! ✌🏽🌤🌵
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⛵️ between giants in Antarctica | Photo by @danielkordan ✌💯💗

4350 km.
Around 30 locations visited so far along the east coast.
2 states visited so far.
3 months on the road trip.
Half way through our farm work.
Many lovely people met along the way, (especially two of them). One surfboard.
One bicycle.
Two mad travellers. @georginabastick
And so many dreams.❤
Maggy, sadly your trip is over, thanks for the memories.
Australian east coast completed ✔.
- #livingthedream

Not ready for Monday?! Runaway with one of our elite male escorts for a little summer fun! See how on our website (link in bio)! #roadtriplife #roadtripadventures #roadtripcompanion #califorinaroadtrip #getawaycar #getawayweekend #getawaytrips #hotguyshotcars #hotcars

The weekend might be almost over but we've finally got a trip around the corner! 🙌🏼 It'll be our first overnight trip since buying the RV so we are both excited for the mini-adventure and nervous about what kinds of issues we will uncover.
📍 Near Big Bend National Park (02.18)
#roadtripadventures #getoutdoorsmore #rvfamily #rvlove #travelfamily #texas

I had the most stupid accident today. On the N7 coming back from Citrusdal. Read on for the full story.⠀

We drove past this Wine Farm , that has a sign which reads “We sell CAP CLASSIQUE” which my mom enjoys as a sun downer. Just a glass or 2 max. Bear in mind though that my mom is a cancer patient and has generally lost her appetite for everything, including adventure. ⠀

So today when she announced she’s up for a drive I was ecstatic and even more so when she suggested we go in and enquirer about the CAP CLASSIQUE. Needless to say they were closed. So I reversed back chatting and smiling at my mom without looking. And suddenly the car was stuck and the back wheel was over the ledge. Besides the shock of realizing what I’d manoueverd myself into, my mom suddenly started to look all pale again.⠀

Before I had a chance to even figure out what to do next , a government vehicle pulled up. Two very charming characters offering assistance. And I have to tell you that the lady officer, a white Afrikaner in funky ripped jeans with a african male officer. It was their off time. They didn’t have to stop. But they did. They acted efficiently. They said this situation requires a “bakkie” . South African slang for a pickup truck. The lady officer called the farmer to ask him if he could come with his bakkie. She just knew he would have one. ⠀

A strapping young Afrikaner and his very pretty girl came to the rescue. Organized and totally knew what to do. The lady officer who had realized my mom was fading had also called the ambulance. The ambulance people were also friendly and helpful even though most of their equipment didn’t work. This is Africa remember.⠀

All in all it was a beautiful experience of receiving genuine help. Nobody even accepted a tip to express my gratitude. I was overwhelmed when we all hugged each other good bye that I wept . I’ve never believed in patriotism but it’s the people that give you a feeling of being “home”. ⠀

Anyway, lesson learnt. Stay focused!

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