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For a single mom like my sister, I’m proud that she had taken the most mature step in life and that is financial security for my niece and nephew.
While with us is Enchong, a typical 22 yr old millennial who’s up to latest gadgets, travel, staycations and more but fully understood the value of being protected while he’s working hard to achieve his goals in life.
I appreciate you both entrusting me and PRU LIFE UK with your investment and protection plan.
Financial Advisor | PRU Life UK


Learning never stops! 😀 Books to read to learn more about investing. ✔💯📖 Thank you @matatag for the book on the left! 😊 #adulting #personalfinance #investwhileyoung #roadtofinancialwellness

"Your financial grown-up moment is when you realize money is going to define your life, whether you want it or not." Choose where you are going to spend your money before you spend it, even if what you save is just a little, atleast you are STARTING SOMEWHERE. 😉

Start challenging yourself! No income is so little when it comes to your determination to become financially secured someday. 😉

This is Leslie Luistro, your Sun Life Financial Advisor of Change!
I will assist you in creating and achieving your financial plan.

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I'm always looking forward to meet you, to help you financially prepare for life uncertainties, to begin your journey to the age of maturity and to establish the life that you ever wanted to have. I know, you have doubts and confusions but let me guide you.
Your Financial Consultant,
Jimmar Constantino


Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
PM me for free Financial Consultation.


Jalan Ke Rezeki tidak selalunya lurus... adakalanya ia INDAH berkabus. #azwanjalilwealthmentor #RoadToFinancialWellness

Sweldo na naman! Mauunahan na naman ba ako ni SM nyan?:-) IPON MUNA FRIEND!:-) 1. You can put me off, but you can't put off life emergencies - death, critical illness and disability.

2. Life insurance won't keep people from dying, but it will keep their plans from dying with them.

3. It isn't easy to be old or poor, but it's a great deal worse to be both.

4. You finish the job if you live; we finish the job for you if you die, become disabled or long term sick.

5. Whatever reason you may have for not starting this plan now will only sound ridiculous to your widow/orphaned dependents.

6. Just because you stop working doesn't mean you stop loving ur wife, children & grandchildren. That's why you have permanent life insurance isn't it?


Real talk 👇

Someone you loved was taken out of the picture. He left you assets however depending on the size of his estate, you could be hit with an estate-tax payment of up to 45% after he died. Plus all these documents that you need to submit and all ugh.

But with his life insurance-- proceeds are payable immediately, allowing heirs to take care of these taxes, funeral costs and other debts without having to hastily liquidate other assets, often at a fraction of their true value. Life insurance proceeds are also generally income tax free and won’t add to your estate tax liability, if properly structured.

#letstalk **credits to another financial advisor for some of the ideas in this post 👌

This is it! I'm excited for all our JTG pastors! Thank you mommy & JTG National Council for supporting the vision of insuring our pastors future, ministries and family. Happy Pastors month to all! #roadtofinancialwellness #paramount #godisgood #gratefulandblessed #theydeserveitall

Critical illness can strike anyone, and when it does, the effects are financially devastating not only for the individual but also for his loved ones. Let us help you protect your life goals. 💯✅
#pesoadvisor #prulifeuk #roadtofinancialwellness

Good morning! 🌞 Imagine this day as if you were a child enjoying the long-weekend 'cause of 2-day class suspension due to tropical storm 😁

Anong connect sa picture at hashtags? Wait!
"When you get a salary raise, make sure that you also raise your savings, not just your spending".
- Alden Wicker

Para basahin mo yung Money tips, makakatulong para sayo yan at sa ekonomiya 👌 Binasa mo ba? 😁

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We are very excited for an evening with Jason Vitug tomorrow! As of 4/25 at 12:00 P.M. this event is sold out! #rutgersfcu #rutgersfederalcreditunion #jasonvitug #roadtofinancialwellness

My second time to attend Pru Life UK's Build Your Business. This time with my dear friends, Joco and Maine. Never failed to see and feel the importance of what I'm doing as a Financial Consultant. 😍

Thank you Sir Chinkee Tan for inspiring us. Ang witty mo po. 😊

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Will be presenting in a while. May the glory be Yours Lord forever. :) If you want your team to know more about financial wellness and that they too can start their journey to financial freedom, just let me know I will be very much willing to share. :) #RoadtoFinancialWellness #DebtFreeLifestyle #buhayFA #IamtheManfromthePru

We will be hosting Jason Vitug on Tuesday, September 13th in our Montebello branch! He is touring the country on "The Road to Financial Wellness" and will be presenting at our credit union. (click on link in bio to register) #roadtofinancialwellness #phroogal #caminofcu #montebello

Yay!!! Look what just came in... I'm super excited!!! On my 3rd month with Plexus and loving the way I feel.. better sleep, sustained energy all day...blood sugars balanced.. I love it!! :) It's also amazing what it's done for my kids... they are no longer taking their kidney meds and are strictly on Plexus products.. They are loving it too!!! Plexus is truly a life changer for me and my family health wise and financially!! Thank you Candice for introducing me to Plexus :) I love sharing these products with everyone I know. MESSAGE ME for more info on how to get started on a journey to a healthier new you #watchmeorjoinme #plexusisforeveryone #60daymoneybackguarantee #menandwomen #youngandold #plexussilverambassador #plexusworks💕 #healthyproducts #roadtofinancialwellness #plexusmommyof3 #seannalynnkahealani #shanialeighmichiko #shaimakanalee #lovinglife❤️ #newbeginnings #newyou #newfriendships

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