Montreal, Canada Survivor Series November 9th 1997 one of the most controversial nights in all of sports entertainment history. Infamously named “The Montreal Screw Job”. A very real situation behind the scenes bled it’s way on screen for the world to see. Loyalty & trust was broken, feelings were hurt & bridges were burned that night all for what money, a disagreement.? Did Vince McMahon screw Bret Hart? Shawn Screw Bret? Or did Bret screw Bret??

When your kid is already on you about a wrestling event in March of next year!
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Eric Bischoff the genius behind WCWs high point & almost put WWE out of business. WCW went out of business by 2002 & he is now the the General Manager of WWEs flagship show Monday Night Raw. Enter in November 2002’s Survivor Series & Bischoffs history making creation of the first ever Elimination Chamber. 2 miles of chain, 10 tons of steel designed to punish the 6 participants in this match, all for the coveted World Heavyweight Championship.

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