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Episode # 13
• Part 5 •
It's dark outside now, Saumya's still missing
Rudra: That's all because of me, I shouldn't have said that to her
Dadi: We humans sometimes say those things in anger which we actually don't mean, it's ok
Police: Sir, we've some news
Rudra: What?
Police: We found a dead body in a road accident in nearby hospital
Shrenu: So what?
Rudra: What do u mean by dead body?
Police: U've to come & check if she's ur wife or not
Jhanvi: We've to check, let's go
*At hospital*
Rudra checks the face of dead body, but it wasn't recognizable but her clothes were resembling Saumya's clothes
Rudra: No it can't happen, no, Saumya? She's teasing me, now she'll call me crybaby...I know her, she's not Saumya
Shrenu: Rudra, don't break down, we know this isn't Saumya
Rudra: Yeah I'll find her out, this can't be her
*Rudra comes outside the hospital & looks here & there (in confusion)*
He sees a girl at bus stand in front of hospital
Rudra: Saumya?
The girl turns & it was Saumya
Rudra: Saumya! Thank God u're safe
*Rudra hugs Saumya*
Rudra: Are u mad? Where are u going? I..I mean we were so worried about u
Saumya: I'm going Rudra
Rudra: Going where?
Saumya: I can't tolerate this anymore, I can't be humiliated more by u,I'm fat & I'll be like this, but it doesn't mean people will judge about my character
Rudra: Saumya u shouldn't care about such people they just want gossip
Saumya: Really? It was u who said so many things about me last night, Rudra I'm not a doll I've a heart too, I didn't know ur friendship will make me characterless in everyone's eyes
Rudra: Let's go to home & talk
Saumya: No
Rudra: I agree I said wrong about u in anger but I didn't mean it
Saumya: Is it important to bodyshame me in anger? Is it important to degrade me to show urself up? Rudra, if u remember u were also fat, just becoz ur girlfriend dumped u & now u're a fit model, doesn't mean u'll bodyshame others,u know what it's true, WE DON'T CARE FOR OTHERS, BUT WE DON'T REALIZE THAT WE'RE ALSO OTHERS FOR THEM,leave it u'll never understand,it's better I should leave from ur life,I'm leaving this city
[Continued in next part]
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Episode # 13
• Part 3 •
Saumya: I respect u that's why I agreed to give a chance to this marriage but at this moment, my self respect is more important, how can I accept a person as my husband who doesn't even respect me? I thought we were good friends, at least he should've respected his friend but I don't think I'll ever get that respect from him, it's better we should end this marriage
Rudra: Great!
Dadi: Keep quiet you two! No couple ever divorced in our family & look at u two, marriage isn't a joke, Rudra I think if my friend & ur Dadi were alive today then u would've accepted her decision
Rudra: Don't say that, u're also my Dadi
Dadi: Then respect my decision at least, promise me u will give a chance to this marriage...what are u thinking?
Rudra: Okay
Dadi: Good, it's late now, everyone go to their rooms
*Rudra & Saumya go to their room & see their room decorated with roses*
Rudra: Ok just three months, we've to tolerate each other, I just said so because of Dadi, I can't refuse her, these roses, this decoration is for nothing, u sleep at bed I'll sleep on couch, are u listening?
Saumya: I'm thinking just because of this marriage u forgot that I was even ur friend
Rudra: What do u mean?
Saumya: I meant why u changed ur behavior towards me after marriage? Weren't we ur friends?
Rudra: You're my friend, but all what is happening, I think we should keep a distance from each other
Saumya: I don't think we're friends anymore, friends don't disrespect each other
Rudra: Look I didn't mean to do that
Saumya: I know u very well now Mr. Rudra Malhotra, I'm disgusted with myself that I lov..loved u once
*Saumya takes a pillow from bed & sleeps on the couch*
Rudra: I know u're not wrong, but I'm also right, that's why we are not made for each other, there's nothing between us more than friendship, & u'll understand this one day
*Rudra sleeps on the bed*
*Next morning⛅*
Saumya is getting ready for office
Rudra wakes up
Saumya notices that Rudra is awake
She tries to ignore him & comes out of room
Rudra: 😐
[Continued in next part]
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Episode # 13
• Part 2 •
Tej: Who called them?
Jhanvi: IDK
Reporter: Sir, Congratulations for your marriage, but sir, when did you get married? Why directly a small reception party?
Rudra: First, you tell we didn't call any media, then who told you about that
Reporter: Come on sir, you're such a popular celebrity, but your fans want to know who's the girl? And why you got married secretly?
Rudra: No comments
Reporter: At least, tell us where's ur wife?
Rudra: She's not here yet
Kunal: He meant she's not standing here, Saumya come here
Reporter: So she's the wife of Rudra Malhotra, but we thought your wife would be a gorgeous, slim girl, but she's a kinda...
Kunal: Excuse me, we've given answers to all of ur questions, now u may leave, security show them the path to exit
*All guests also leave*
Rudra: See, I told u, people are making fun of me & that's all because of u Saumya!
Saumya: Because of me?
Rudra: Yes, I told u already that we'll not tell anyone about this so called marriage, but first u told my family & gained their sympathy & I'm sure u called media to take my surname permanently, isn't? I didn't know ur real face, Congrats u're successful in ur plan
Saumya: Enough is enough, Rudra! Firstly I didn't call anyone, I've not even said anything about this to my mother & what's wrong with u? Do u really think I'll do this? I think u believed me but...& secondly it's not only my mistake, we both married each other, so u're equally involved in this mistake
Rudra: Yes, I don't believe u
Dadi: Rudra, calm down, at least for me
Rudra: Dadi please, I can't accept her as my wife, can't u see people were laughing, she's not right choice for me, she's so fat, look at us we don't make a match
Saumya: If u think so then what am I doing here?
Shrenu: Saumya
Saumya: Shrenu please, I don't want to force anyone
Jhanvi: Saumya, I'm sorry from his side
Saumya: No Jhanvi Auntie, why are u saying sorry?
[Continued in next part]
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Episode # 13
(Will Rumya Separate?)
• Part 1•
*In Reception Party*
Priyanka: There she comes...
Rudra turns & sees Saumya coming down the stairs
Shrenu: Kya yahi pyar hai Kya yahi pyar hai...haa yahi pyar hai
Rudra: What?
Shrenu: What? I'm singing a song
Rudra: Why this song?
Shrenu: It's my favorite, you don't like it? It's ok you'll start liking it
Rudra: Everyone has gone mad in this house
Ranveer: We never noticed that love was blossoming between these love birds
Priyanka: Chupa hua Akshay Kumar to tum ho Rudy 😂 I mean Chupa Rustom
Rudra: 😐
Priyanka: What? It was your joke
Jhanvi: This is my Daughter-in-law Saumya Rudra Malhotra
Kunal: Rudra, come stand with Saumya
Saumya: It's ok Bhaiya
Shrenu: What ok? Let me click a picture of you two...Rudy come closer to her otherwise u look siblings, now perfect
*Rudra & Saumya stare at each other 👀*
Rudra: I'm doing all this just because of Mom & Dadi, so don't take this in other way, understand?
Dadi: Saumya? Rudra? Let's do the ring ritual now, Shrenu bring that dish
*The Ring Ritual start*
Pinky: There is a rings in this dish, who finds it first will be the winners
Priyanka: & the winner will rule over the other afterwards😁 all the best, btw I was the winner 😁
Ranveer: Yeah, beware of your wife Rudra, I'm saying with respect to my experience of 2 months of marriage
Shrenu: Come on Saumya!
Kunal: Come on Rudra!
Priyanka: Saumya! Saumya!
Ranveer: Rudra! Rudra!
*Rudra & Saumya both find out the ring together, their fingers touch each other's, their eyes get locked*
Shrenu: They both won, now what does it mean?
Dadi: It means they both will have equality in their relationship
Shrenu: Aww so romantic
Kunal: This is called TAKKAR KI ISHQBAAZI
Jhanvi: Rudra put this ring in Saumya's finger
*Rudra puts 💍 in Saumya's finger*
Everyone applauses cheerfully
While Saumya notices that Rudra isn't happy at all
*Suddenly some reporters from media enter & start interviewing Rudra*
[Continued in next part]
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