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Jeanie Manzo and legendary surf artist Rick Griffin, 1963.. at the Huntington Beach Surf Contest.. Jeannie was Rick's good buddy Randy Nauert's girlfriend.. this is most likely what the conversation they are in at this moment when the photo is snapped... she is saying, "How do I look in my new bikini?" ..and Rick with his one good eye is afraid of it popping right out in amazement.. and at the same moment has this epiphany ..a kind of "aesthetic experience" where he sees his eye pulling into barrels and roaming the ethereal world free from worry ...and free to happily check out his buddies girlfriend's bikini... and after a little pause without looking says back to her, "yea, it looks great".... Great moments in surf history.. you heard it here ..The Rick Griffin inspiration for flying eyeballs.. photo of historic moment by Leroy Grannis ... Happy Easter.. @quiksilver_originals @benny_big #rickgriffin #surfhistory

A revolution in board design in the late 1960s ushered in shortboards. As boards contracted, so minds expanded. ‘Thinking with a surfboard’ required a new mindset of liberation from the smooth flow of longboard surfing to think in smaller, tighter arcs. ‘Surfer’ magazine cartoonist Rick Griffin fantasised in his panel that some day a board would be flipped all the way over, a head-over-heels turn, right inside the tube. Griffin had invented the first surfing cartoon hero – Murphy, a goofy longboard kid who became the surf world mascot and made the cover of ‘Surfer’ in 1962. A 1963 car accident left Griffin with a damaged left eye, long scars on the side of his face and perhaps psychological scars. Murphy and Griffin morphed into one. Then Murphy reappeared in an acid discovery in the late ‘60s to create some of the first psychedelic cartoons. At ‘Surfer’ magazine an overnight revolution changed the graphic design from hip and cool jazz-inflected advertising to acid-soaked fantasy. Between 1965 and 1967 Griffin illustrated the epic Griffin-Stoner adventures for ‘Surfer’, providing a social tapestry to the counterculture scene he was leading in San Francisco. Griffin also created the original logo for ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, and produced album covers for the Grateful Dead (Aoxomoxoa), The Eagles (On the Border), Jackson Browne (Late for the Sky) and Quicksilver Messenger Service (Sons of Mercury). Griffin's cartoons were also published in the underground magazine founded in 1967 by cartoonist Robert Crum, ‘Zap Comix’. Alas, Griffin burned out early, a casualty of rock ‘n’ roll and a love of motorcycles. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1991, aged 47. But Griffin’s surf film posters for ‘Pacific Vibrations’ (1969), ‘Five Summer Stories’ (1972) and ‘Blazing Boards’ (1983) are powerful sources of inspiration for surf artists around the world, leaving a legacy of an hallucinatory style to cartooning where meticulously detailed black and white shading turns into full colour living wet dreams, deeper than deep barrels and outlandishly radical performances#rickgriffin #surfart #murphy

Turned a few pages of an early surf mag and found some inspiration... #rickgriffin

#RickGriffin in all his glory.

I'm so excited about the new logo that @aaronhorkey is doing for me that i had to post this rough cut. I've been following Aaron's work for almost 20 years now and he is definitely the best in the business, an absolute master of the pen. I see Aaron as the carrier of the torch that was lit by #RickGriffin and I can not wait to see the final finished piece here. To say I'm honored would be a massive understatement, I'm totally blown away and in awe of your skills as the master draftsman that you are.💫⚡️✨💥⭐️🔥#aaronhorkey #thechambersproject #longlivetheking #holygrail

Hot & Glassy! #rickgriffin #alohatozen

Rick Griffin s crying eye on Brian Chambers #rickgriffin #art #tattoo

Had fun hanging up this surfboard for an awesome couple this weekend. This was my personal board painted as a tribute to the late Rick Griffin. They came by the gallery and had to have the board. It reminds them of their two Labradors running out of the surf at the beach. The dogs were the star of the show that evening! @foreverstokedart @stonemansurfboards @boardbrainsfiberglass #rickgriffin #pacificvibrations #beachdogs #labrador

A room full of Rick Griffin & Harry Bertoia art at the @chestercountyartassociation Art as Change exhibit. #rickgriffin #bertoia


Bantu kawan jualan,

Vans x rickgriffin
Size 8,5us
Kondisi 9/10
Lengkap box

Harga 2,250,000
Nego sampe deal 😊

Minat WA aja 087777707787
Atau klik link di bio.

#vans #rickgriffin #vansvault #offthewall

Rick griffin's 'Tales From The Tube' comic book, included as an insert in Surfer Magazine, February 1972. 💙🌊#rickgriffin #talesfromthetube #psychedelic #psychedelicart #surfermagazine #gratefuldead #hotandglassy #swellmel #gleekzekethepeak #vegansurfer #surf #1972

Beautiful 1976 European Limited Edition reprint of an early Rock Griffin classic. Complete with numbered stamp. MINT.

For Sale: $150 plus shipping.

Part one of six in a new interview series with legendary surf photographer @artbrewer is live now on Journey. Dive into an “enhanced” 1969 road trip from LA to SF with artist #rickgriffin. Link in our bio #outerknownjourney

Sketch and finished art, huge transformation. Alpha Omega surfboard, a tribute to Rick Griffin one of my favorite artists. Board shaped and finished by @friedman_flyer_surfboards. Over 160 hours to complete...biggest undertaking l have ever painted.

#jexoart #jexoapproved #surfart #surfboardart #kustomkulture #alphaomega #rickgriffin #friedmanflyers #australianartist #melbourneartist

Today in 1968: Iron Butterfly at the #Fillmore West. #PosterArt by Rick Griffin & Victor Moscoso

A little bit of inspiration in a black and white illustration created by Rick Griffin. ✨🖋What a fantastic artist he was, and he was one of the finest rock poster designers as well as a wonderful comic artist growing up in the surf culture of California. 🌴🏄🏻‍♀️🏄✨🎸✨
#rickgriffin #art #illustration #rockstar #penandink #drawing #drawings #legend #legendsofrock #music #musicartist #surf #beach

A #RickGriffin poster that I actually own.

Rick Griffin Master artist, cartoonist and creator of Surfer magazines Murphy at his home/studio in San Clemente, 1976

Original 2nd printing of the now infamous Rick Griffin Flying Eyeball poster for the concert at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, CA from 1st-4th February 1968. Performers were Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and Albert King. Jimi Hendrix and the Flying Eyeball are images indelibly linked in the psychedelic poster art of the late Rick Griffin. Mint condition and mounted in a frame, this piece measures 57.5cm tall x 37.5cm wide. Can be removed from the frame for shipping if required. In the shop now and online later this week - DM for pricing. #jimihendrix #flyingeyeball #psychedelic #rickgriffin #iconic #music #1968 #sanfrancisco #california #madeinamerica #eyeball #flying #musician #poster #posterart #artist #legend #mancave #hendrix #forsale #1stdibs #newstock #homealchemy #ferndown #dorset

A room full of Rick Griffin & Harry Bertoia art at the @chestercountyartassociation Art as Change exhibit. #rickgriffin #bertoia

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