Associate with those better than you because you are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most.-
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Know your worth and you will reap the benefits in so many ways! 💕❤️💕❤️#latenighthustle #soulpreneurs #speakingitreal #getclearwithmary #richfriends #expert

What a dream building morning we had today at Glen & Joya Baker’s home in California. What a view of San Diego and the marina! #lifestyle #customizeyourlife #ownership #attitude #ownyourownbusiness #entrepreneurship ##attitudeofgratitude #fcamkantilata @kantilatacrown #kantilatacrown #friendship #richfriends #youhaveachoice #fineliving #luxaryliving

This is totally on target with life - and business life too! God is with me always and is my source of sustenance.
So thankful that He placed a group of professionals that serve as my business support system and a business mentor that educates and guides me. @napturalnicole and my #Richfriends, love y’all!

Living My Best Life!! 😂😂 @lilduval Shit Gone Go #Platinum... #RichFriends

Crashin' on chardonnay and Adderall
Driving head on into the Wonderwall
Every day holidays when daddy's gone
Livin' life like we're the only ones that know we're famous #richfriends @lastbookstorela @goldenvoice

when your friend owns a bar sa bahay nila! #unliwalwal #thanksforlastnight #richfriends #ozamizismyhome

#somuchfun #Traveling #with #my #richfriends #duabi #mall #shopping #remember will it fit in the carry on ... i can not put half of it in my suitcase ....
we will never get tru customes...
you told me you would not bail me out....
this is not my normal tuesday..
trials & tribulations of
traveling with rich friends...lol s @lafrompa72 @donteallfitness

My friends, THIS is my dear friend and business/technology #researcher extraordinaire who just took the plunge and decided to chase the #sidehustle of her dreams. #thatswhatshesaid as soon as she got into the student FB group community... #1k1day shows up and shows out from the first minute. If you’re on the fence about diving in, feel free to DM me. I won’t just try to convince you to get in on the
Course because I know from personal experience it is a total game changer... above all, I will push you to CHASE YOUR DREAMS. No matter how that works best for you. I’m throwing in a FREE bonus one-on-one coaching session with yours truly for joining #teamrichfriend thru the link in my bio. #builditandbefree

Do you have an amazing TRIBE 👫👬👭to support and encourage you in your blog or small business?

If not, you are really missing out on growth, profits, and impact‼️ A few years ago, I joined 1K1Day with @NapturalNicole and it drastically changed my business AND my life! 😀♥️👍 While getting to learn from Nicole one-on-one and in group settings has been a HUGE game changer, I gained something JUST AS VALUABLE... my people… my tribe!

That was a complete surprise. 🎂🎂🎂Icing on the cake.

The people I've met and worked with come from all different backgrounds and all kinds of businesses.
Some are just starting their own biz after leaving the 9-5 grind. 😀Others have had their business for years and are watching growth they never could have imagined.

There are doctors, lawyers, crafters, bloggers, corporate biz geniuses, MLMers, artists, and influencers... just to name a few.💃🏻🚴🎨✍️👮🏻💅🎸 The cool thing is that we have had the same training and are able to better encourage, support, and collaborate with each other to succeed. It's truly amazing.

If that's something YOU want in your current business, OR if you've been dreaming of launching something new and different, you really need to check out 1K1Day.
My affiliate link is in my profile, and I'm happy to answer ANY questions you have — just DM me. 😉

If you decide to join through my affiliate link, I have a couple of bonuses for you:

BONUS ONE: My Online Biz Startup Toolkit that quickly takes you through everything you need to know before you start your online business or blog. It's full of all the things I WISH I had know when I started my first online business.

BONUS TWO: My Pinterest Planning Cheatsheet and my Instagram Calendar/Hashtag Cheatsheet. These two platforms can grow you business so fast, and these tools will give you the jumpstart you need!

1K1Day will sell out soon... it always fills up quickly. So DM me if you have any questions!
And THIS is from my HEART: while I do profit from any person who signs up for this with my affiliate link (and that's a nice little treat for me), I would be sharing it with you anyway. It's pure goodness. ♥️💕

So... after much thought and consideration, I decided to take the plunge with @napturalnicole & all the other #RichFriends!!!! As military duty currently has me away from home - this seemed like the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in content that will aid in building my business and enhancing my strategy.

She can be his wife, their mom and run a business. #bawselady ❓Which color would you choose? 👇👇 .
#jundallai #bawselady #wifelife #momswhohustle

This past #Atlanta weekend was nothing short of amazing! .
Getting some private Q/A time with my business coach @napturalnicole was priceless. And I got to hang out and connect with other #RichFriends in an #oldschool adult #playdate fashion- all the adult kids were out, you hear me 😄! .
But absolutely nothing tops the cake on that last #FamilyFued question 🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😩 That expression on @napturalnicole face was #priceless.
#AskAlicia #AskAliciaGA #WealthCreators

♫Cold disparity
Electric fences hummin' like a hive without a queen
We're all tryna catch a free ride
From the temple to the tomb♬
#PortugalTheMan #RichFriends

We grow together, we learn from each other, we celebrate each other, and we work together to build our businesses to become far more than we could ever imagine.
We are #Richfriends

With our marvelous mentor @napturalnicole we continue to learn, grow, and flourish - together.

You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but IRL I have only met one of these fabulous women before this day!
Virtually we meet constantly and grow together - I am forever grateful for my 1K1Day experience! Get yours if you can here: 1K1Day.com. (I say that because space is limited.) ❤️

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