It is I, your indisputable ruler and object of maidly desires, DENKO VON TRAPHOUSS, gracing you with my presence once again~ <3

There are only 17 days more until my lowly pawns and I will be reunited once more in the pursuit of Denko passion~

So here's a little fact about the number 17: In the village of Rialogenlasschlenbitzbenbergenbordoozle where I was known to wreak havoc on the local townsfolk in the divertissements of my youth, you had to be 17 years of age to own sheep and procure the title of "Shepherd". Considering I was already 382 years existent by that point and my history with the village, you would think I was a shoe-in, but... for naught, as the townspeople found myself to be "over-qualified" for the position. So, I amassed an army of android sheep to reign terror on the townsfolk of Rialogenlasschlenbitzbenbergenbordoozle to show them just how "over-qualified" I really was. <3

Keep checking in to this page as I continue to improve the Welcome Home brand with my unparalleled image, my lovely little mortals <3 and Ill see you all at Snafu-Con 2017, October 6th from 2-3 PM!

If you chose to be so indolent in your procurement of entry into "Snafu-Con", the pre-registration has already ended, but I'm told you can still register here: https://snafucon.com/registration, or get your badge at the con.

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