Най-доброто усещане след дълъг работен ден: удобни дрехи 🧘🏼‍♀️
Best feeling after a long day - putting on loungewear 🧘🏼‍♀️
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Over 42 years of experience in motor #rewinding Muscat Oman

#rewinding back to the day when to be a #breakdancer living in the #rainforest seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan. ¡¡#happybirthday Fern!! 🌱🌱🌱 @kashayakombucha

ONAM. 2K17
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Delightful view to behold.
Dreaming of serenity away for awhile but not really going far.
This will do for today. Trying to get hold of sanity.
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Transformador de Alto Voltaje🇬🇹💡⚡⚡⚡
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It feels as though I live between two realities. I often feel torn.... worried that the deeper I go into the wilderness, the more sensitive I become, the more my body yearns for the rhythm of nature, and thus the further away it takes me from being able to function in our modern society. But there hasn’t been a choice really, only a loud voice calling me back time and time again. Calling me deeper into the way of the wild, into the place where time is non existent and the layers of the past and future stack upon each other into a present moment of eternity. Just as she is able to reflect my shadow, she calls me into a place of the deepest orgasmic bliss, expanding my understanding of self until it shatters and each sound, each smell, each surge of sensation become a part of me as it ricochets through my perception.
Colours become brighter and crisper, birds and crickets create a symphony beyond perfection, yearning for me to sing in perfect harmony with all of creation.
Old faces gaze back at me. Their wise eyes holding mine, reflecting a knowing of things I only ever imagined to remain a mystery. And yet with more knowing the questions and mysteries expand as my curious heart desires more, hungry to be intimate with the unfathomable magic that is life.
So I hold the questions, not seeking answers but offering my prayer, open to receive whatever guidance she perceives I’m ready for. I become full, overflowing with passion and inspiration to share and shake us back into rememberance.
And then the time comes, the mischievous clock, waiting around the corner calling me to re-enter the world of human designed order. So I step back towards the city, placing each foot with trepidatious care. I feel my expanded mind recoil in reaction to abrasive stimuli, but my heart remains wide this time. Each time my quest is apparent, she challenges me to bring the wild overflowing naturegasms back into this existence, into each interaction. Weaving the bridge of reconnection. And so I crack and break and grieve the suppression of the wild, yet somehow she holds me through to open, again, to the mystery, with a cheeky knowing smile.

Four brand new coils made from scratch. #witmermotorservice #coils #rewinding #manufacturing #custommade

Here you go, fomo queen! A dedicated post only for you, just because it's your birthday. And also because you deserve every inch of that smile on your face, it reflects likewise ✨
Selfie feat. Baba Moore .
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You know, as time passes technology is constantly changing right beneath our noses. I was born in an Era where the 90's were #ALLTHAT. And for that reason alone I thank #MTV for bringing us artists to the screen that is apart of my OWN personal influence today. Many of us know the artists and many of us just know their music. But do you know both 🧐 I've learned a lot within this short time. Nonetheless, I have began crawling. Being a newborn Artist was a time of dependency, learning to trust, understanding new environments, "getting shots" left and right. It was a time of healing. It was some shitty days in between. But through it all I wouldn't trade the strength and knowledge I've gained. A lot of us already know what happens during this time, no need to reiterate. So with all of this being said it's about that time to board the plane 🦅
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