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We just can’t wait to meet you! Make sure you join us this Sunday at Park Plaza Victoria for our Sunday service at 10AM!
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We thank God for having Bishop @derektriplett stop by @wodwm to share the word of the Lord with us. We will flourish! #DrKi #BishopJai #WODWM #Psalm115 #Revival

Selena is giving away the dress she wore in ‘Back To You’ music video ✨
The person who’ll get this will be SO lucky and I’d be so happy for her. Imagine wearing that gorgeous dress and to have it from Selena. Marie. Gomez. Wow - a dream😍

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Loose jeans 💖 -@Cockygomeznews / alba

Look closely. See the cane in his left hand? He left the coffee shop not needing it, exclaiming “I’m not limping!” Excruciating pain fled at the extravagant name of Jesus today. There were tears, literal tears of awe and wonder. God is so good! There’s just something about that name. 😃✋🤚 #openheaven #heavencome #revival #realstuff #jesus #alwaysinawe #bethel

Neww! Selena in beverly hillsss -@Cockygomeznews / alba

My babe in live stream 😭 fuck i didn't see it! -@Cockygomeznews / alba ♡
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“Don’t ever try to judge me dude, you don’t know what the fuck i’ve been through” 🔥😫👌❤️

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